Nation Christmas Party 2015

What is this article about? How about the greatest work Christmas party you could ever imagine? On Friday, we had our annual Oilersnation Christmas Party. This was a three-part event, jam packed into one day that consisted of some shinny, puzzles, and beer!

Our first stop was the Riverdale ODR which is conveniently located approximately 45 seconds away from the office. It was cold and windy, but no matter what the weather is like, there’s nothing better than shinny on an outdoor rink. The snow was a minor obstacle, as we had to scrape it a couple times before the real puck started.  Even Baggedmilk, who has hands like Nikita Nikitin, was having troubles dangling in the pow. Once we started though, there was no turning back. Elbows were flying, ankles were breaking, and most of the crew was bagged after five minutes of skating. Who knew a group running an internet company wouldn’t be so fit on the ice? 

Breakout Entertainment

After a sweaty, intense 60 minutes of play, there was no time to rest as we were off to our next location, Breakout Entertainment Edmonton. I wasn’t here for the Nation Xmas Party 2014, but the crew was out at Breakout last year as well. They had a blast, so Breakout kindly made some room for us to attend again. 

For those of you who have never been to Breakout Entertainment, they are located in Mayfield and have a series of live-action rooms where your team must, yes you got it, “Breakout” from. Our competitive juices were still flowing from Hockey Day in Riverdale earlier, so the group split up into two teams to see who can break out of their rooms the quickest. Everyone was so confident going in, but of course neither team broke out successfully, and we all left as losers. 


Things were intense before we even got in our room. As one of the Breakout staff pulled away our first group member, Michelle, to give her instructions, the rest of the group was stuck waiting in the hallways of Breakout. We were all a little nervous and on edge when all of a sudden, BAM! The lights shut off out of no where and we were spooked, ESPECIALLY Josh from sales. “This is it, here we go!” is what we were all thinking to ourselves, we were pumped! Until I accidentally leaned back off the light switch and the lights came back on very anti-climatically… Classic light switch mishap!


My team has the pleasure of being trapped in the Bomb room… You want me to give you the down low on the Bomb room don’t you? Well you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Let’s just say that Jeanshorts and I trapped in one side of the room trying to solve the puzzle along with our teammates trapped in other mini rooms wasn’t the most productive 45 minutes of our day. This may come as a surprise to many, but we didn’t bicker like an old married couple like we do in the office. 

Before you knew it, the bomb exploded and we all were dead. But IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! Thankfully, the other group also failed their room. They were in the Mayhem Ranch, and may have gotten a little further than we did. I think solving missing person cases would be much easier than breaking out of a submarine with a bomb on board. Even in real life – you can’t drown while looking for missing people! Overall we had a blast at Breakout Entertainment. 10/10 would definitely do again.

The Pint

Our third and final spot to the Nation Xmas Party was obviously the Pint.. Is there any other place to go? Drinks were had, gifts were exchanged and stolen, drinks were had, chicken strips were destroyed on my part, and more drinks were had. The best part about spending nights at the Pint is when we come back to the office Monday morning. Once everyone is back together, we can all piece the night together with each of our small memories from it. Better yet, I find out of all the stupid things I did and said… like order urinal cakes with Jeanshorts & Baggedmilk’s faces on them. To be fair, BM ordered urinal cakes with my face on them BUT I DID IT FIRST! I think we can all blame our hangovers on the Squire for bringing in the drinking game, DRINKO, for our gift exchange. You’re damned right we opened it up right there in the Pint and played all night. 


We would like to thank the Riverdale Community volunteers for creating and maintaining a kick ass out door rink for anyone to use as they please. As well as Breakout Entertainment Edmonton, and The Pint Downtown for making our Christmas party a day to remember! The Oilersnation staff would also like to wish all of our readers a very happy, and safe Christmas!