GDB 40.0 Wrap Up: Coyotes @ Oilers


I’m taking over the Wrap Up tonight because it’s Jeanshorts’
birthday and Baggedmilk is helping him celebrate at The Pint. I’m not saying it’s
an unofficial OilersNation party and things will get out of control but any time 2 or more Nation employees are in
a bar together we have to notify the Fire Department. It’s a Bylaw. Thanks, Iveson

The Oilers came into this game falling all over themselves
against Division rivals. The worst of it is that it has been mental errors
undoing them for the most part. So would the Oilers be able to get the job done
against a terrible Coyotes team that somehow bumbled their way to 2nd
in the Pacific Division?

Hells yes they do! But it wasn’t all pretty along the way.

Darnell Nurse is the future of the defense (along with
Klefbom) but he’s an NHL rookie. That means there is going to be a learning
curve. For all of his talent, and it’s incredible, he is still learning his
position at the NHL level. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a great
player for the Oilers. I mean that. However, right now he’s a trainee taking on
a massive role with his club. For every great rush up the ice there are going
to be two head scratchers in his own end.

On the first goal Nurse was in front of the net and the puck
came from the corner. He failed to break up the pass or tie up the man. He was
basically just standing there. On the second goal he blocked a shot directly in
front of the goaltender and he couldn’t get back up into position when the puck
moved to a Coyote. If he had let the original shot go through to the goalie
Talbot might have smothered it up to end the danger.

Those are just errors of inexperience. They’re going to
happen to every NHL rookie blueliner and Nurse is playing more than any other
Rookie D in the league.

The other big feature of this game were the unbelievably
sick mitts of Jordan Eberle. It is magical how quickly Saskatchewan’s favourite
son can raise the puck. On both of his goals tonight he showed the kind of
ability that made him an NHL All-Star in the past. He and RNH have been
challenged by some of the media guys as being soft, but they can be on my team
any day of the week playing the way they did this afternoon.

Lastly, we need to talk about how strong Leon Draisaitl is
on the puck. He showed everything that made him the 3rd Overall pick
in tonight’s game. He was fast, strong, creative, and showed awareness at top speed
that most players don’t have at three quarter speed. The future is bright for
the big German.

Let’s Wrap.


  • Did you guys see McDavid practicing?
  • Klinkhammer got back in the lineup after a long
    while out
  • Hall and Draisaitl still got it! Always slick
    passing from Leon.

  • Khaira walked into a scrum in front of the net
    and all the Coyotes became Bambis.
  • That Eberle snipe on the PP was vintage Jordan Eberle.
  • Louie DeBrusk is the best between period analyst
    on Oiler telecasts. I’ve always liked his energy and he honestly sees some good
    things and adds a player’s perspective.
  • Taylor Hall might be fast. I’m not sure because
    my TV had trouble picking him up.
  • Khaira is much more assertive physically this
    year than I’ve ever seen him at any level
  • Steve Downie is still not a bright guy. Took a
    dumb penalty for unsportsmanlike after chirping a Ref.
  • Hunt isn’t just good at shooting on the PP. He
    can move the puck very well.
  • Hall took over 4th in NHL scoring.

  • RNH skating at top speed in OT is a thing of
  • The Oilers dominated 3v3
  • PARALYZER!!! Hendricks has skillz
  • Nuge gets 30 extra minutes of PS4 tonight for
    that Shootout goal!
  • Seriously, did you see McDavid practicing?


  • That dummy Arch is doing the Wrap Up
  • Tobias Rieder seems to be doing better than Kale Kessy, but
    I still have hope.
  • Nurse failed to cover Downie on the 1st goal.
    That was a rookie play.
  • Pouliot’s two 1st Period penalties. Woof.
    Although the 2nd was pretty weak.
  • The Sportsnet Panel still not convinced Taylor Hall is in
    the upper echelon of stars.
  • Hall, top 10 in NHL scoring in 3 of last 4 years apparently needs
    to be more consistent.
  • A Vancouver Canuck is to blame for Canada not advancing at
    the WJC. Classic Vancouver.
  • The 4th line got caught out for the 2nd goal and
    it was a complete collapse.
  • Nurse once again was caught making an awkward play on that
  • Shane Doan, nicest player in the NHL…
  • Refs missed a nasty elbow to Draisaitl that was obvious
  • That Duclair goal was siiiiiick. Too bad it was for the bad guys.
  • The Davidson pinch that lead to that 2v1 was not the thing
    to do with Arizona’s best weapons on the ice
  • The Coyotes are 16-0-3 in their last 19 games against
    Edmonton. What. The. Hell?
  • Justin Schultz blowing that chance in OT from Hall and
    Draisaitl. Siiiigggghh.


 Scoring Sum




Hey, It’s Jeanshorts’ birthday. It’s only fitting that we
end this off with a tribute to a guy who’s taller than you think he is and now
older than we ever thought he’d be. Happy Birthday, Jeanshorts. I hope you liked
that book I got you last year.

‘M’ is for Montage from Dead City Pictures on Vimeo.

  • Jay (not J)

    Feel the Oilers are very close to breaking out into a playoff contending team. Seeing many good things from the forwards (Eberle, Draisaitl) and the development of some of the young D men (Nurse, Davidson).

    Looking forward to seeing what Chiarelli can accomplish before the deadline. If he has success it could bode well for the OIlers.

  • Serious Gord

    For the second game in a row Shultz did not play the most minutes on d for the oil.

    In fact tonight only gryba played fewer minutes (unless I’m missing someone).

    So under the circumstances it would seem that tmc is limiting his play as much as he can.

    One wonders what his minutes will be if/when klefbom returns. And is he really better than Reinhart?

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      The Oilers are closely watching Justin’s playing time. He must be rested for the All Star Game.The NHL is expected to have a Fan Recount for Captain of the Pacific Division.
      Schultz is the favourite to win the honour. The Oilers are just preparing Justin to join John Scott
      as a Captain.
      This is quite obvious!!?

  • Speed Junky

    19 is traded. and a lot of other guys too. need HEAVy playing.

    need to SHO Heart.

    Ebs goals are breath taking.

    no look pass by Leon is amazing how much chemistry him and Hall have.

    best part is McDavid will return and put us in the play offs

    oilers just need better Total Team defending. yes back checking

  • BlazingSaitls

    The HNIC talking heads discussed the Oilers captaincy tonight. Friedman was the only one to say Hall deserved to be in the discussion. Hrudey, Kypreos and ‘Strombo’ all had McDavid.

    Nurse and McDavid are the only untouchables on the Oilers imo. I have no wish to see Hall, Nuge or Ebs traded but its going to cost a valuable player to fix the D. There are other issues but its triage and the D is the most urgent issue.

    I don’t think Hall is an untouchable, and I highly doubt he’d be traded anyway, but I think he should be the Oilers captain. Nurse and McDavid are both potential captains in the future but for now I say the Oilers should reward Hall. When he’s healthy #4 is near unstoppable. He’s a “driver”. What Hall is doing this year, in McDavid’s absence, is a rare shining light in another dark season.

    #4 for Captain

    • The Soup Fascist

      Friedman has more hockey IQ in his left toe than Kipper and Hrudey have combined.

      What Strombo knows about the game he could write on a thumbnail – if he uses block letters.

      For the love of God, punt Strombo and give Ron McLean more airtime.

      • MontanaMan

        Friedman has excellent insight and writes a good column but has never been in a dressing room and doesn’t understand the dynamics and requirements of a captain. Hrudey and Kypreos understand that it’s more than being the top scorer. Nobody knows who the true leaders are in the room but I would struggle to think of McDavid as the next captain. His time will come but I would throw an ‘A’ on him and let a veteran take the ‘C’.

        • D-Unit

          Why does there even need to be captaincy talk? I don’t think having A’s only is costing wins. No need to rush into making Hall or McDavid captain.

          Really the only people able to make the decision are those who are in the room and have real insight. No media member, former NHLer or not, have true insight and knowledge of the team enough to say anyone should be captain.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      Bennet has been real good for us this year, as in a beast (see last game we played against you guys). He has just been snakebit…. (call it an excuse if you want, but if you watch him play you’d see that the points will come). I am a little concerned that Leon has come along so quickly… it gives you guys so many options down the middle with Mcdavid and RNH….. why haven’t you moved one of these guys (not Mcdavid obviously) for a dman?

        • KACaribou

          Making a general judgement about a 19-year-old is a little out there. The kid was getting over 2 PPG his last part-year in junior.

          He’s creating chances every game. There could be a lot of disappointed people here one day when it all comes together.

          I like Leon as a player, but to run down young Bennett is just not fair. Both teams did well in this draft.

  • Anton CP

    Hall is having a very good season.

    What almost nobody talks about is how much Draisaitl has contributed to Hall’s results.

    Draisaitl is a tremendous young talent and a world class playmaker. Time after time he makes beautiful passes at exactly the right time and Hall cashes.

    There is no doubting Hall’s talent but Draisaitl is making one hell of an impact.