Ebs Ugly Sweater Winner Announced

Screenshot 2016-01-28 13.17.33

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. While Jordan Eberle and the Edmonton Oilers have been soaking up the sun on their all-star break, we here in Edmonton have been nervously biting our nails wondering who’s going to win the signed Eberle jersey and Oiler tickets. That’s what i’ve been up to anyways.

Well Ebs is finally back in town and he has picked a winner. Drumroll, please! *stomps feet* – A big Oilersnation congratulations goes out to Brad for his beauty picture of his full ugly suit. Brad not only gave us an ugly sweater, but he went above and beyond by also gave us an ugly jacket, pants, and tie! Makes me wonder what kind of socks he was wearing. 

EBS1 copy (1)

Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of Eberle actually picking the winner like Gio did, but I took the liberty of putting together the image that I had in my head of the exact moment when Jordan Eberle picked the ugliest sweater. You can thank me later.


We had an amazing amount of entries for this contest, which made it a lot of fun looking through all the photos to come up with the finalists. It couldn’t have been an easy decision for Jordan to make but he, without a doubt, chose a good one. ATB and Oilersnation thanks everybody who entered. Stay tuned for more contests from yours truly, and ATB Financial.