The arrival of Adam Clendening via the waiver wire to a team
fighting injuries might not signal anything in particular coming on the horizon,
except the Oilers are actually healthy down the right side of the ice. But it is
difficult not to project change to Edmonton’s defense happening in the short

By the simple fact that Edmonton’s defense is atrocious, we
know that change is coming. We’ve known that for a long time. There isn’t anybody
who looks like a legitimately elite, top-tier talent patrolling the blue in
Oilers silks. Because there’s no work-horse/stud/some-other-farming-reference that
means everyone else is going to be exposed from time to time.

The right side of the defense has not been immune to this at
all. So we’ve been waiting for change and now with Clendening added to the mix
the Oilers seem prepared to finally make a move, and not necessarily to get a right handed defenseman back.


Eric Gryba came to the club with just this year left on his
deal. He inches forward every day to unrestricted free agency. I think he
stands a good chance to get earn a favourable deal for a player of his caliber.
For the same reasons I think he will likely get a three year deal from someone this
summer, he is probably also going to earn interest before the trade deadline.

Gryba has three qualities that NHL GMs absolutely love.

1) He’s a right-shot

2) He’s big

3) He hits people

I’m not going to argue that Eric Gryba is a top four defender,
but as far as third pairing players go, he gets the job done. For a
contending team he could be the inexpensive depth player they are looking
for to help solidify their blueline and/or add depth in the event of injury.

Is Gryba the player soon to be out the door? He’s not a
marquee guy, but he can play a rough brand of hockey and that’s important
during the final 20 games and playoffs.

Of course, for those exact same reasons the Oilers might
themselves want to extend an offer to Gryba that keeps him in Edmonton.


Mark Fayne has had a very up and down season with the
Oilers. He struggled greatly fitting into the system McLellan wanted the club
to play at the beginning of the season. He looked lost positionally, which
leaves Fayne with very little else to offer on most nights.

Those struggles, however, were not exactly lessened by the
coaching staff giving him easier assignments. He remained in a role that saw
him take on the toughest opponents available every night until one day the club
decided to put him on waivers and send him to the AHL. He and the remaining two years on his deal at $3.625 million were not picked up by any other team in the

That might suggest that nobody wants Fayne, but the reality
is that all NHL teams need to consider money in and money out. The waiver wire
is money in with no money going out. Not many teams can pick up a healthy sized
contract without moving someone out first.

Even though Mark Fayne has bounced back and is again playing
some good hockey, we should consider the possibility that he is not long for this
town. Now that he is once again playing solid hockey he could have swayed some
of the clubs that may have passed on him earlier this season.


The most obvious name on the list for Oiler fans is JustinSchultz. Since Clendening is in many ways a Justin Schultz-like player there is
every reason to believe that it’s #19 on the way out of town soon.

Clendening is a college trained, slight, offense-first, second
round pick with a reputation for awkward defense. He also makes roughly $3.2 million
less than Justin Schultz. Ahem.

The trouble with Justin Schultz has always been that the ratio of
risk:reward has been skewed too heavily to risk. To make matters worse, he’s
trending the wrong direction. His offense has never been worse than it is right

It makes sense to overlook the odd strange choice in the
defensive zone if he’s making plays that lead to goals elsewhere. However, that’s
not the reality for Schultz today.

Making things even worse for Schultz, he’s an RFA at the end
of the year which means the Oilers have to give him a qualifying offer to keep
his rights. That qualifying offer has to be made at roughly $4 million dollars,
which is incredibly high for a player of Schultz’ ilk.

There are not many pundits who see an Oilers defense in
2016-2017 that features Justin Schultz. It makes the most sense for the team to
move him for whatever they can get at the deadline (or sooner), even if it
requires retained salary, than it does to let him walk away for nothing in the
summer. For a team that might want him, they could see him as a gamble that could pay off huge dividends if he finds his offense again.


The Oilers have four RHD as we speak, plus Griffin Reinhart who played the right side in the WHL, Sekera, who can play either side, and Brandon Davidson who can play the right side as well. They have some flexibility in that regard and they have two players on expiring contracts with some skills that other GMs could conceivably want over the short term.

We don’t know what is going to happen but it seems extremely likely that it will happen quickly. Perhaps happening as soon as the all-star break is finished. It just doesn’t make any sense, to me, to keep Justin Schultz around past the trade deadline. If they do keep him then they could really only trade him after the post-season so the acquiring team has the right to sign him at his inflated qualifying rate. Since the Oilers would be verifiably insane to do that themselves it really doesn’t make a lot of sense for anyone else to do that either.

He seems destined to be a short-term rental for the last 20 games of the season.

As for Gryba, I think he will have the most value as a trade asset but that the team might genuinely like him as their sixth defenseman moving forward.

    • cbk780

      Sadly there’s nothing logical that says this will happen in fact the oilers brass and coaching staff are employing some kind of twilight zone never tested and far from proven reverse psychology with him, the worse he plays the more minutes he gets, trading him is light years away from the current reality.

  • monsterbater

    I have a question for Oilers Nation. Why do fans love this “core” so much that whenever their is any mention of trading one of them, that post gets destroyed.

    I honestly want to know the reason behind supporting a “core” that has not won any major individual awards and has not come close to sniffing the play-offs.

    • monsterbater

      Try mentioning areas of improvement for those players and you get a ton of criticism.

      Nuge is terrible at faceoffs.

      Hall turns over the puck way too much.

      Eberle has been a disappointment all year.

      Now I’ll get more trashes than likes.

        • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

          I leave trolling up to other folks.

          I just happen to agree with Raj, that you can’t suggest trading any of the Klowe core except Jultz or people get angry. You also can’t criticize any of them, or people get angry.

      • Señor Frijoles

        I agree with all that you wrote except Hall. He has been far better this year at turning the puck over, although he needs to stop the toe-drags and deke attempts.

        But Nuge is known as a two-way center yet he is consistently a 45% faceoff man. I’m sorry but when I hear of 2-way players, I think Toews, Kopitar, Dats, Berg, Barkov and even wingers like Hossa and Erikson.

        Nuge has potential but he has not proven to be anything more than a 55 point, small injury-prone center.

      • Agree that RNH is below average in face offs and Eberle is having a terrible year.

        Interesting thing about Hall and turnovers. He is ranked 24th in the NHL with 45 turnovers this year. That’s pretty high but you might be surprised with some of the names that have more. They include stars such as Subban (who lead the list with 75), Burns, Doughty, Seabrook, Chara, Karlson, Benn, Byflugein, , Joe Thornton, and Geudrau. The moral of the story? Maybe Players who have the puck on their stick a lot and try to make things happen will turn the puck over more.

        • Van isl Oiler

          I like the way Hall has improved his play from previous seasons. I’m not one of those guys who think that Hall should be moved. There are very few players in the NHL without areas of improvement in their games. Hall’s turnovers are one of his areas of improvement.

          I think there are two types of players: those who have the green-light to carry the puck, and those who will dump the puck in. Unless there is an odd-man rush, you’re not going to see Lander carry the puck into the o-zone on a regular basis. He’ll dump it in.

          The turnovers for puck-carriers is higher than guys who dump it in. I’m not comparing Hall to those players. Out of the players that carry the puck on a regular basis (Hall, Nuge, Drai, McDavid, Eberle), Hall turns it over the most. He is showing signs of improvement in this area, but it is still an area of improvement.

          • .

            Sorry I misread your post.

            Hall’s 7th. RNH is 21st and Draisaitl is 95th

            Total–Takeaways Per Game–Takeaways Per 60 Min

            1 Mark Stone OTT 78 1.63 4.84

            2 Jeff Skinner CAR 52 1.02 3.88

            3 Patrice Bergeron BOS 48 0.98 2.93

            4 Evgeni Malkin PIT 47 0.98 3.00

            5 Jonathan Toews CHI 42 0.79 2.41

            6 John Tavares NYI 41 0.93 2.80

            7 Taylor Hall EDM 40 0.80 2.39

            8 Joe Thornton SJ 40 0.83 2.68

            9 Dustin Byfuglien WPG 39 0.80 1.97

            10 Eric Staal CAR 39 0.76 2.37

          • .

            I’m not a Hall hater but I do have problems with his tendency to shoot the puck in low % areas, to give it away and his hockey IQ compared to other gifted players in his class. This did surprise me, though. Good to see.

            And . . . 2nd last place 😕

          • Jay (not J)

            More time without possession = more opportunity for a take away.

            The only way you can get a take away is to not have the puck. So by Hall playing for a truly terrible team he has been given more opportunities to take the puck away.

            But the turnovers are all his fault
            Don’t let people tell you it’s because he plays on a lousy team that relies on him to gain zone entry by carrying the puck in.

            I dream of the day when the Oilers have a Dmen that can make a pass to Hall when he’s at full steam.

          • Natejax30

            Sorry about the previous post, I hit the post button by accident. It’s cocktail hour here, anyway as I ways saying.

            You seem to come across as guy who is down on Hall but a fan boy of Nuge.

            The blog today included a big summary of Hall’s high giveaway stat (24th in the league) and high take away stat (7th). I don’t see any cherry picking here.

          • AJ88

            Sorry, missed that….am I a Nuge fan? To the point of not wanting to trade him but it may happen.

            Just gets annoying that people really don’t have all the tangibles of a player when it comes to trading. Stats do have a large influence but there are other tangibles such as leadership, work ethic, team first attitude, respect, etc. What would you do with a player that may have great stats but is a poor leader, does not respect his teammates and is deterrent in the dressing room? It would be interesting to be a fly on the Oilers dressing room, it is a reason I don’t get too involved in the trading discussions, too much we do not know.

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            I am good with Hall but when you are a defensively poor team there is more opportunity for take-aways. I would love to see that number drop because we had the puck more.

          • .

            I think the takeways question is answered by AC, but it doesn’t make my point less valid.

            Out of the players that handle the puck on a regular basis, and excluding players that don’t carry the puck on a regular basis, Hall turns over the puck the most.

            It’s an area for improvement by Hall.

        • AJ88

          Don’t compare forwards turnovers to defenceman turnovers when trying to evaluate Takeaways and turnovers. Compare apples to apples….

          What do you think Nuge’s Faceoff percentage is against 22 years and younger center, if you are expecting him to be a 55% FO guy at this stage in his career, consistently up against the #1 centre’s in the league, you are dreaming. McDavid will have a tough time for a number of years as well in the FO circle due to the people he will be up against.

          • AJ88

            I did not express any opinion wrt whether RNH might improve his faceoff% with more experience, just agreed that it is not a strong point now.

            I agree that comparing d and forward give aways may not be completely valid. The point I was trying to make was that Hall does have a high number of give aways but that almost all of the high turnover players are high end players including a high end forwards.

            BTW since you ask, as RNH has now has taken somewhere north of 3 000 faceoffs in the NHL, I’m not optimistic we will see a quantum improvement in this area.

      • Jay (not J)

        Don’t fear the trashes. People have opinions, that’s what this is all about. I don’t think that many here will argue that Nuge is a subpar faceoff guy or that Hall could do a better job of keeping the puck on his stick or that Eberle is having a crap season (I blame all of the off ice horsing around with Giordano, myself). I think that other areas of Hall’s and RNH’s games redeem them though but improvement is always a good thing. All of that being said, love or hate these players one or more is probably going to have to move out in order to improve the team. Some people will be hung up on the pieces that we lose, but if Chiarelli does his job right we will forget about them pretty soon after the puck drops in October.

    • AJ88

      I think, for me, that the reason I would hesitate trading away any ‘core’ players is when I consider the return that any of them would get. I would argue that all of them (save Hall, because he’s one of the only players putting up good numbers, and McDavid, because nobody in their right mind would trade him) are either underperforming and/or have larger contracts than their current play justifies. Teams aren’t going to want to give up a lot for such players.

      If you’re not going to get anything of value coming back, I think that the safer play is to wait until they get out of their funks before you consider trading any of them. Here, the player can go in two directions: 1. Their play improves. In this case, you have a player worth trading for value, or keeping if they fit in with the direction the team is headed. 2. Their play stays the same/gets worse. In this case, I can argue that they should no longer be considered ‘core’ players.

      In summary, to answer your question: You can’t trade any of the ‘core’ players, because their current play isn’t good enough to command returns that will significantly improve the team.

      • .

        I can actually support your claim because you backed it up with a logical explanation. I do however feel that for someone like Nuge right now, you could get a Shattenkirk and for an Eberle you could get a Vatanen.

        Reason being, the Blues need a center (Backed impending UFA) and the Ducks need a scoring winger.

        • .

          Other than McDavid, if we get an acceptable return, I don’t have any issue in trading any of the other players away.

          If the players you mention are what we can realistically get in return, I would at least consider it. I’m not entirely sure that’s the case though.

      • cbk780

        There is no doubt that the generous contracts given out by Lowe/Tambo/MacT does devalue some of the players. But this does not mean they should not even be considered as trade possibilities.

    • Natejax30

      Because they are our core, ad we love them…especially little NUUUUGE.

      That’s why.

      It is a love for a hockey team, that turns into a passion for the players. We wear their jerseys and we follow their stats and we cheer and shotgun beers when they score. We meet at the coffee pot at work and talk about the great game or the frustrating loss. They are our kids heroes. And we want nothing more than for them to win and not be separated…

      It’s not the best “core” in the NHL, but it’s ours. And nobody, I mean nobody is allowed to talk bad about our core, except us.

        • .

          Escalation of commitment refers to a pattern of behavior in which an individual or group will continue to rationalize their decisions, actions, and investments when faced with increasingly negative outcomes rather than alter their course. The related term sunk cost fallacy has been used by economists and behavioral scientists to describe the phenomenon where people justify increased investment of money, time, lives, etc. in a decision, based on the cumulative prior investment (“sunk costs”), despite new evidence suggesting that the cost, starting today, of continuing the decision outweighs the expected benefit.

          I think many would argue that this behaviour has affected Oiler fans (and any fans) when it comes to their favourite players.

          I was answering a question about the untouchable core, and I think this kind of behaviour goes part way in answering that question.

          • Natejax30

            OMG…just add to this to AC88s comment!!!!!!

            Excusatory Statistical inputs brought into the Organisation to fill the Gap created by Wayne Gretsky and Mark Messier leaving with the Oilers System “book” in their heads created an orgnisational climate in which

            And you have been given the answer to what has been sinking the Goodship Oilers for decades.

            Officer Frank Murphy is gonna love this one….lol…I sure did….lol.

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            Seriously??? Unfinished sentence structure and spelling the Great One’s name (Gretzky) wrong. Never mind the gibberish that you spew. Yikes…

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            What is in question is whether the player or the system is at fault. It is easy to blame the player because statistically and visually his actions on the ice resulted in a goal against the team. When enough of these mistakes are tallied, the player becomes the scapegoat of the team.

            As for the system, it is relayed from ownership (Katz) and the executives (POHO) which in then passed down to management (GM & company), then to coaching, and finally to the players. Oilers fans would be livid if the Oilers switched to a traditional 1-4 trap system. The executives and management attempt to bring in the right pieces (players) and tools (methods of analysis) for the coaching staff. As for the coaching staff, they are responsible for the execution of the system and dynamic management of players.

            Statistical analysis in this regard, attempts to produce quantifiable relationships which is player-focused. The value is then put into those who have the highest level of scoring ability through indirect measures of possession.

            If mainstream analysis is player-driven, then clearly the player is at fault. This can be illustrated by the revolving players obtained in free agency and trades. If the changing role players are not improving the team, clearly it is the fault of the core skilled players.

        • .

          Think Reinhart.

          They gave up a lot to get him in a very deep draft. If it becomes clear he isn’t going to be a top-4 D, then the Oilers should be willing to trade him.

          The fact they over-paid to get him should have no impact on what they move him for. So if the market value for a 5/6 D is a 4th rounder, then move him for a fourth-rounder.

          Or they can do what they did with Jultz. It’s been clear for a while that he isn’t an elite top-4 defenceman, and he’s paid too much to be a 5/6 D. They should have been willing to walk away from him.

    • Time Travelling Sean

      The lost seasons it cost to acquire them maybe. They were/are brutal and overvaluing the core to an extent reflects how hard those/these seasons have been.

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      Numerous reasons.
      1. The coach chosen often never had a clue, Eakins tops that list.
      2. The GM tended to sign long, bad Defensive contracts.
      3. Our D is one of the worst.
      4. Sure we could trade players and get back a bag of pucks but until all the management parts were in place we could not know what we had as far as players.
      5. Now that management is secure we have to allow them time to discover what we have and then time to fix that.
      6. When we have a legitimate top 4 defense we can really work on the forward core more.
      7. The forward core was very sloppy in coming back and fulfilling their Defensive responsibilities that was /is a coaching problem. This is the first coach to really deal with that.

    • Natejax30

      For starters, I am only answering your question, this is my thought on all posts I have seen on this topic, not specifically yours. (not sure if I have read any of yours, anyways)

      For me, most of the trades are unrealistic and do not consider the many aspects of a trade.

      Most of their deals over value the Oiler player, give little to no thought about the other teams needs, how finances, contract term or the like comes into a deal of this size. To put it blunt, their deals do not make sense.

      And what is “The Core”?

      To me, the Oiler’s have two cores – Lowe’s and MacT’s core – Hall, Ebs, RNH, Schultz, Yak – I agree, some / maybe even most, will need to be traded for higher priority pieces, cap space, etc. but lets be realistic, right now 2 will be selling very low, 1 is IR and 1 you may get at best, well, not much. Leaves one guy. The names I have heard would not be enough and the guys you really want, he would not be enough. So, the deal gets more complexed and I see those being very tough to do during the season.

      As for the other core – McDavid, Dras, Nurse, Klefbom, I would not move any of these guys. Unless the offer is a huge over paid, moving these guys would just be stupid.

      Sorry for the essay, but the next time I read a core trading post I could actually see happening, I will gladly hit the cheers button.

      • Serious Gord


        I see that you have caught the “blame everything on lowe and MacT” disease.

        I presume you must know that of all the players in your 2 cores only McDavid was not acquired under Lowe. I feel comfortable in saying that of all the players you named the only one that can considered a substantial failure is Shultz, a college free agent that was persued by about 29 teams; an NHL defenceman that no less than 3 head coaches have trusted enough to play 20/25 minutes a game.

        I agree that he has to be moved, but i predict that many on this site will be very surprised at what return he will bring in trade.

    • Natejax30

      I agree with you buddy, it’s not like the kids aren’t good. They are excellent hockey players. Currently it is the wrong mix and this needs to change. The skills right now do not compliment each other. So I’m all for trading a core guy if it means improving the overall team. This should be a no brainer for anyone.

  • monsterbater

    Once the Oilers ship out Schultz (I personally think he is brutal but will shine on another team), who do we as fans make the next goat? Horcoff, Souray, Petry, etc were the goat’s of the past.

    My money is on some other bottom pairing or bottom 6 guy or Yakupov. Why? Because Oilers fan’s refuse to blame or trade the Original Core 3 of Eberle, Nuge, and Hall.

    • bazmagoo

      I agree Raj. Any one of the original “core” should be moved out if the return is right. That’s a big if though, teams are aware the Oilers are still desperate and will be looking to take advantage. In my opinion our new core is McDavid and Draisaitl, anyone else on the team could be moved. Considering we are 29th again and tied with Columbus in points for 30th, I don’t know how anyone can argue against this logically.

      • wiseguy

        Any player should be traded if you get the right return. Lindros (the next one back then)was traded and Quebec / Colorado did well.
        The problem is that all the players we want traded are the ones we are disappointed with – therefore they aren’t worth much. The ones that are playing well – we don’t want to trade because of that. Like the stock market, you just don’t know the peak or the bottom price.

        At the end of last year everyone would’ve traded Draisaitl for Hamonic. Now if the same deal was on the table now they wouldn’t. There is the conundrum. Our needs haven’t changed but somehow out opinion has. If Hall has a bad year next year everyone who says he’s untouchable today will want him traded for a #1 dman. You may get one for him today, but not when he regresses.

  • Natejax30

    Sekera – Shattenkirk

    Klefbom – Hamonic

    Davidson – Gryba


    Reinhart and Nurse in Minors playing big minutes every night getting ready to be the future of the franchise and be ready when injuries come – it’s called depth…and we should get some. And bring our young studs along correctly.

    • Señor Frijoles

      What did you give up in order to add Shattenkirk and Hamonic to the roster? Sure, looks great – why not Roman Josi and Shea Weber too? It’s easy to insert great names on a paper roster and say it’s fixed – not so easy in the real world.

      • Natejax30

        Hamonic wants Western Canada. Chia could put a package together, especially if they end up losing Okoposa…it’s not out of the question. It’s actually quite viable…

        Shattenkirk – The Blues are in a cap crunch. I would watch this one very closely. We have a good draft pick coming this year, and we do have some nice minor prospects…this is not out of the question.

        These 2 men could be oilers. I see by your tone that you think this D lineup is ridiculous, it is the farthest thing rom it, actually.

        I don’t want Weber or Josi, and these 2 guys are not on any trading block…the real world is telling me that Hamonic and Shattenkirk are indeed available, and I believe we MIGHT have the assets to make it happen.

      • Natejax30

        I would first see if Okoposo is leaving NYI. If he is Yak or Eberle would be the centerpiece heading back. If not, I would find out who the Islanders want and see if a 3 way deal could happen. Maybe Eberle to Anaheim, Vatanen to NYI, Hamonic to Edmonton…who knows, I am just optimistic.

        Shattenkirk – this years first and pick a prospect from Bakersfield. I think (and I’m not a GM, so I don’t know) that St. Louis will be looking to replenish their cupboards in behind Tarasenko…That’s what I would do anyways. I think they are deep enough on defense right now, and I think they want to get younger.

        I don’t have any idea how we find the money to re-sign Shattenkirk after next year though…

          • .

            Gheeze.. Too much overvauling of Harmonic…

            He is good. Better than Petry. But he is a #3 dman who is paid like a #4 dman and that is what makes him valuable.

            He would be an upgrade to the Oilers no doubt…

            But a 1st and Eberle and on and on…

            Chia overpaid for Reinhart.. that’s not a trend that should be followed (he also overpaid for Conolly in Boston). Ironically, Barzal and our 2nd round pick plus Musil should have gotten Harmonic.

          • .

            Hey everyone… Chia traded Boychuk for 2 second round picks and 3rd round pick….

            Pretty sure Harmonic is not going to garner a larger haul…

            But then there is Reinhart…..

          • Natejax30

            Oh Gord…don’t be so serious, we are fans, not GM’s…unless you are really MacT????

            You would say our first round pick (maybe a top 3 pick), Eberle and a prospect of NYI’s choice plus “more” would be required for Hamonic? I think if Kyle walks out the door, they would definitely look at Eberle and a pick for Hamonic…it’s the right age group for Tavares, and I think Ebs would be highly successful in the Eastern Conference.

            What exactly do you think Shattenkirk is worth with 1 year left to UFA? He isn’t Doughty, Stamkos, or Karlson…I believe he is worth about a first round pick and a good prospect or young really good roster player. If St. Louis was looking at trading him for help RIGHT NOW, then yeah, we don’t have much to offer that they want and we are willing to part with because they couldn’t make the cap work. From what I read they are worried about having to pay him after next season. With the play of rookie Parayko, Shatty MAYBE comes available…and we could possibly offer a top 3 pick Plus whatever else it takes to get 1 year of him until Free Agency and hopefully extend him.

            I still don’t see how this is ludicrous?? Help me Gord, What would it take to get these 2 guys?

          • a lg dubl dubl

            For Shattenkirk, I’d offer Davidson and next years 2nd (1st if he resigns).

            For Hamonic, he might be a bit tougher because Snow wants a “Hamonic” back, so pick your poison; Kleffy or Nurse going the other way. Only way I see Snow taking Ebs is if Okposo doesn’t resign.

            Maybe Ebs gets you Shattenkirk then you can offer Davidson for Hamonic instead.

            Just my opinion.

          • Jay (not J)

            Much as we may like to see it, I would be shocked if Chiarelli was able to bring both in without giving away more than he should. He should be able to do one (or a similar 3rd option) though and realistically, with the development of Klef, Nurse, Davidson and the continued strong play from Sekera, 1 should be enough.

      • .

        I would trade 1st round this year and RNH and Eberle for Shatt and Har.

        The Oiler would be way better.

        Top 6 forwards McDavid, Hall, drai, Pou, Yak and Purcell (lower $ amount).

        Top 4 defense would be Shattenkirk, Harmonic, Sekera and Klef.

        this would fit under cap and the Oilers would be pushing for playoffs next year.

        I know the price to acquire 2 top defensemen may be high but you have to look at what is left.

        • Natejax30


          Concept is good, but for me, I see a few speed bumps,

          St.Louis is beyond cap maxed. You would be taking on money / someone to move the Oiler contacts. (Cap issue?)

          Shattenkirk has this and another year left until UFA. Not saying it can’t be dealt with (more money), but it’s a gamble. Harmonic is a beauty.

          Being the Oiler’s, are either of these guys worth Matthews? That’s a tough one for me. I know I would be sick if the Oilers’ traded pick became the golden card.

          A 19 year old & a 20 year old centring the top two lines. Seems like taking a few steps back. Talented guys, one’s a quick study, but inexperienced.

          NYI wants defensive help back…. not our strong point.

          There are way better options than Purcell.

          • Serious Gord

            I would also be sick if the Oilers would give up the chance to get Matthews.

            However I remember thinking Oilers should not give up first overall or first round picks and they kept them all and we are still in last place.

            At the end of the day the Oilers need more help on defense and veteran forwards.

            If Oilers keep draft picks the soap opera will go on.

            Oilers need to keep 5-6 top forwards, 3-4 top defense and move all others on, like Chicago has been able to do.

            Fill in all other positions with 1M dollar players

          • Just a Fan

            Don’t expect the draft pick to be moved (if it moved at all) until after the lottery and the pick is known. Even then picks are usually only moved on draft day when a team wants to move up to get a specific player.

    • GeneralJultz

      I don’t think anyone would disagree Shattenkirk and Hamonic would make our d-corp miles better.
      What would be the price though?
      Maybe Eberle + for one of them? And even that would mean a severely depleted depth on right wing. Yakupov, Purcell and maybe Draisaitl isn’t enough depth.
      Same thing on the right, Pouliot doesn’t have enough value and without Hall our depth sucks.

      • Natejax30

        Totally agree…but I think we have come to the realization that we can replace wingers easier than D-men. Believe me, I am one of the biggest Ebs fans going…

        I just wouldn’t trade Nuge…I think this past month (or even earlier) shows we are not deep enough down the middle without him (or someone like him).

        You would think with all these high end draft picks that we could have put some sort of depth in behind them…good grief we picked 1st and 31st…lol…

        I really do think that lack of depth is the reason we are where we are in the standings this year, injuries aren’t an excuse, but when you have no depth, they become a reason really quickly.

        Anyways, I was having a ton of fun with trade ideas today – just fun. I hope we can keep our core together and have success.

    • GeneralJultz

      One can dream. There is no way that Oilers can hold onto Nurse/Klefbom in order to shake lose Shattenkirk and/or Hamonic.

      If Chia can pull off the above defence without losing either of those, I will be very impressed.

    • TKB2677

      That would be great. Can you explain to me how you think they can get both Shattenkirk and Hamonic?
      Are we talking kidnapping? Does Chiarelli have blackmail material on both Armstrong and Snow?

      I could see maybe one but the Oilers don’t have the assets to get both. Not without gutting their team.

    • Señor Frijoles

      I agree with you 100%. Mcdavid is the 110% untouchable no matter the return. Drai, Hall, Klef, and Nurse are the next closest 90% should not be moved unless you are getting an Ekblad or Doughty straight up in a return. Everyone else is in play and major moves must happen in order to contend.

  • Spydyr

    The problem I have with the Oilers defence being atrocious is that it has been atrocious since the human rake left a decade ago.

    The incompetence of the Oilers organization know no bounds.

    Before you say ” hey new Gm new coach this year”

    I will look at the results.

    Now your going to say look at the injuries. Allow me to retort.

    The Oilers lead the NHL year after year in injuries. Perhaps there is an underling factor involved. Maybe research that or IMO the Oilers have been much to weak and small for far to long.

    They don’t stand up for each other and the entire NHL realizes this and takes liberties with Oiler players because there will be no push back or repercussions.

    • Natejax30

      This is already changing. Chia has brought in some guys who do stand up for their teammates. The oilers have more snarl this year then I have seen in seasons past.

      As for trading the core and not getting a good return this is BS. Edmonton is desperate to improve but other teams are just as desperate to take that next step that could bring them Stanley and they will pay handsomely for it. This logic goes both ways.

  • .

    Gryba also has three qualities that NHL GMs pretty much hate:

    1. He’s slow.
    2. He can’t make the 1st pass or clear the zone.
    3. He’d rather shoot a dog than shoot the puck.

    I think that the pros and cons are nearly a wash, but if I’m a team trying to stay in or get into the play-offs, then the cons would really give me pause, especially 1 and 2. I’ll be surprised if he’s tradeable on his own for more than a 3rd round pick.

    As for staying with the Oilers, I only hope that clearing the zone, making the first pass and more offence from the D are all higher priorities than they seem to be at present.

    On Shultz, It’s hard to imagine that just last fall he was featured as one of the Oilers Top 100 players of all time–#94 if you will. I can’t imagine he’ll keep his place in the Hectogon.

      • .

        The Shultz entry was authored by Brownlee. I don’t know if it’s an editorial vote or what, but I tend to agree with you–it wouldn’t be hard to find 95 Oilers who I’d rank ahead of Shultz.
        Hell, there are 20 on the current team and three more on the Condors.

  • TKB2677

    Personally if I had a choice, I would keep Gryba and get rid of the rest. To me, Gryba is a perfect 3rd paring guy. He’s big, tough, strong, hits everything that moves, can break up the cycle, clears the front of the net, play on your PK, gives you everything you he has, good guy, good in the room and he’s cheap. If you play him 3rd pairing minutes and he keeps it simple, he’s just fine. The big thing I see in him is he has a dimension and he goes out there shift after shift and does that. Plus its a dimension that has value in the NHL and something the Oilers lack.

    In Schultz, he’s a one dimensional player who’s dimension isn’t elite so if he isn’t bringing that dimension, he does nothing else for you. He also lacks compete, isn’t hard on the puck and shows an unwillingness to make changes in his game that are necessary. The changes he needs to make in my opinion aren’t something that can be coached. He needs to make the mental decision to take it upon himself to compete more and be more engaged in the play. I would trade him for pretty much anything the Oilers can get. I view him as an addition by subtraction and the Oilers will never take a step forward while he is an Oilers. Especially at his price point, I don’t see how the Oilers can bring him back.

    In Fayne, he’s been a big time disappointment. I thought he was a good signing. I thought he was going to be a steady, top 4 guy that was good in his own end, wouldn’t score a lot of points but made up for that with good defense and being able to at least pass out of his end. It could be a case that he is an Eastern conference guy. There seems to be some guys that just are better suited for the other conference. He seems to have lost any sort of defensive ability. He definitely gives you zero offense, his ability to make a pass out of the zone seems worse than I hoped and given his weak defense, he’s no where close to being a useful player in my opinion, especially at his price point. If you can get anything for him, I would do it because I see him as a 3rd pairing guy and that is a lot to pay for a 3rd pairing guy.

  • GeneralJultz


    I think Fayne’s cap hit is a big part of the problem in moving him.

    If they were willing to retain some salary, I’m sure that there would be a bunch of teams interested in a $2m – $2.5m Fayne.

    Is this realistic in your opinion?

  • Spoils

    what do people think of Josh Morrisey?

    He’s left shooting 20yr old, he was a first team all star at his WJC, and he’s in the deep on d Jets system (myers, trouba, buff).

    what would he cost, or is he too young?

    • 24% body fat

      1. Too much cost, jets are high on him and drafted him early relative to his rank

      2. Left Handed. We are as stuffed at Left Side as the Jets. Nurse, Klef, Sekera, Davidson and unfortunatley Reinhart.

      3. Tinordi, A chia/oilers type was available for cheap and oilers didnt go after him

      Do not expect left sided D to be added unless one of Sekera or the two stud kids (nurse, klef) are traded

  • TKB2677

    The ones that should be in play to upgrade D are forwards.

    We want to keep the good defensemen that we have, Sekera, Klef, Nurse.

    The only way to up grade defense is to trade forward or the #1 pick or free agency.

    The forwards that could give a top D are McDavid, Hall or Drai. Not sure I would want to trade one of these.

    RNH and Eberle are not trade-able due to their high salary at 6M, especially Eberle.

      • .

        They are not trade-able for value that most Oiler fans expect.

        Most Oiler fans expected that RNH could be traded for a defenseman like Jones.

        They can be traded but not for what most expect, as you say – eat salary or bad contract.

    • AJ88

      That’s a losing defense right there.

      Oilers have to move on from their love affair with davidson and use him to upgrade…

      And Reinhart will likely play another 19 NHL games in his career.

  • yawto

    Question is, can the Oilers get a bit more for Schultz or any other defenseman for that matter because of Petry last year. Will teams think the potential defender is better than his stats because of the Oilers suckage effect? Will teams hope they are getting a player who will excel with better players around him?

    Oh yeah, and, McDavid. Nothing else just McDavid. Less than a week. Squee. This injury made it almost like having two deal with two off seasons back to back.

  • AJ88

    All three D mentioned are up for grabs. Playoff teams will need depth on D and as we all know we have to draft that STUD D. (is that you Darnell? or Oscar?)

    The Oilers will get roster spots and draft picks or young prospects. Bon chance PC.

  • AJ88

    Schultz is a disgrace to the Oilers sweater and fan base.
    Just releasing him makes the team better.
    All the stat nerds rationalize for him but he is an abomination of a hockey player, just like Gagner.
    But don’t expect Chiarelli to do anything.
    He wallows in inaction.