GDB 51.0 Wrap Up: McJesus

Hey guys, it’s emergency backup goalie Cat with your post-game recap! 


This is me right now. I’m celebrating things. So are you, most likely. 

Normally, I’m a big fan of a fancy, detailed, in-depth recap. I think that you guys pay us click on our mediocre articles for quality, and that includes things like analysis, stats, charts, and scorching hot opinions. 

I’m still reeling over the return of McJesus, though, so that’s out the window. 

Instead, I think we need a recap that’s purely gifs. Sound good? I think that sounds good. 

First Period



Second Period

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my go

There’s a second view, in case you weren’t already writhing on the floor in a puddle of your own happy tears.

Wait. We got underrated Benoit Pouliot AND a McDavid assist?!?!?!


Literally me right now.

Third Period

Another McDavid point, and one for my personal long-time favorite, Jordan Eberle. (No, YOU’RE getting emotional right now).


I’m not going to try and bring everyone down, so I’ll make this just a quick reminder that Columbus is horribad and he might have more trouble against literally any other team in the NHL. 

Still, we couldn’t have asked for a better return of the prodigal son. It’s proof the Oilers did good by their most precious treasure, giving him ample rest and recovery time before bringing him back in. Obviously, it’s paying off. 

Boring Stuff (Stats and not McDavid Things)

For those who don’t care about the shrine to McJesus, here’s a few thoughts on… well, literally everyone else: 

As always, I was impressed by Leon Draisaitl and his opportunism. He’s been great for the Oilers in momentum-building situations, and his goal was certainly one of those. Whether you would have called icing or not is beside the point — the best players take those ‘maybe’ moments and capitalize on them, and that’s what Draisaitl did. He’s got 13 goals and 38 points this year for a reason: kid’s gonna be good. 

I was also impressed by both Benoit Pouliot and Jordan Eberle, although not just for scoring. Eberle’s a name that’s been tossed around as a potential trade piece this year (again), but it’s obviously not affecting his play too much. If the team does choose to ship him out, he’ll fetch a nice, rewarding return. As for Pouliot, I’m still salty that the Bruins (whom I have a mild East Coast preference for that dates back to my childhood) didn’t keep him around longer. He’s been an underrated player in my mind for a while, and he was one of Craig MacTavish’s best signings. 

I remain a huge believer in Cam Talbot, and I expect apologies to everyone who wanted to throw him out of an airplane earlier this year. (I mean it, too).

Possession could have been better beyond the first period, but the team did a good job of making the shots that they did take count. Overall, it was a great welcome back game for McDavid; if the team can keep looking like this against tougher opponents, this season may not be lost after all. 

  • Wax Man Riley

    Nick Foligno had a good game. Wish he was an Oiler.

    Talbot had a good game.

    Good for Reinhart.

    Hall – great play of the off-side goal.

    Eberle can do better. He’s a magician with the puck but he’s got to do better in the d-zone.

    That #97 – WOW! And what’s amazing is that he’s going to get better.