Our final stop along the AHL trail is the Atlantic Division. Eight teams deep with many Stanley Cup contenders, this could be the lushest area of the AHL for a team trying to procure emerging talent.


Last year’s looks:

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  • R Henrik Samuelsson. Big winger familiar to Oilers fans for his fine work with the Edmonton Oil Kings in their championship seasons. Has a range of skills and can play any forward position.
  • D Phillip Samuelsson. Shutdown defender with some experience, at 24 still young enough to have a career.


  • C Alexander Khokhlachev: Undersized skill forward who is a fine playmaker. He is not a great player away from the puck and that has stalled him in the Bruins system. Consistent offensive performer in the AHL, no points in nine NHL games—making him (possibly) the modern Guyle Fielder.
  • R Seth Griffith. Unusual player, as he is small and lacks top-end speed but remains a prospect of note. Why? Great hands. He is 23, has 51 points in 40 games and badly needs an expansion draft.


  • R Rocco Grimaldi. Very small forward who is something of a buzzsaw, Grimaldi is in year two of his pro career and is running in place a little. That might make him available.


    • L Conor Sheary. Small skill winger has seen a lot of time in the NHL this year (22, 3-1-4) and is an impact player in the AHL.
    • L Scott Wilson. Another small winger, more than a point-per-game in the AHL and 12gp, 0-1-1 in the NHL. Similar players.


    • D Connor Carrick. Impressive offensive defender who plays with an edge. Has some NHL experience, could be available because the Caps have to be loading up for a long run.


    • C Alan Quine. Impressive offensive prospect with a reputation for not minding his own end. He has been a very good offensive player in the AHL for coming on two seasons now.
    • D Scott Mayfield. Massive defenseman (6.05, 218), doesn’t bring a lot of offense but does have shutdown potential. Righty.
    • D Ryan Pulock. Huge point shot makes this righty defender an attractive option for a team like Edmonton. Skating an issue.


    • G Magnus Hellberg. Acquired from the Nashville hit factory for goalies, the 24-year-old Swede looks good. The Rangers appear set at the position so Hellberg could be available.
    • R Nicklas Jensen. Acquired from the Vancouver Canucks last month, he caught fire a little and could still have a career (he is 22). He has size, speed and skill. Under the radar player might be worth the investment.


      • L Taylor Leier. Small winger (there is a trend in this division) who has great speed and is showing enough offense to be considered a legit prospect.
      • R Peter Straka. A bigger winger with some offense, he comes with something of a two-way reputation.
      • C Cole Bardreau. Agitating center with some offensive talent. 29, 7-10-17 this season.

        • Lowetide

          I think we will see him either come back in the fall with an extra gear, or the Oilers will package him up over the summer. They won’t send him away for a single return because the optics would be very poor. Suspect they are in for the long haul with him.

      • Lowetide

        It is fine to make mistakes for 2nd and 3rd round and above, but how do you not get fired for offering a #16 + #33 for Reinhart. In one of the so called strongest draft in a decade.

        Whoever is responsible should be fired. McDavid can only erase mistakes up to a point.

        • Lowetide

          I remember people getting angry at me when I said it was an overpay at the time of the draft. Seems to have subsided. I still like the player, he just wasn’t worth that package.

          • Theboon83

            To be fair, there were also lots of us in agreement with you that it was an overpay.

            Reinhart trade was bad at the time and it’s only getting worse as time goes by.

            Korpikoski has brought nothing to the team and is wasting a roster spot

            Nilsson’s gamble didn’t pan out. Looks bad since Neuvirth and Enroth were available as UFA and guys like Raanta were available

            Letestu isn’t an upgrade on Gordon by any stretch

            Not saying I’m losing faith in Chia, but I’m less than impressed by his work so far

            • Dwayne Roloson 35

              The Reinhart trade was definitely an overpay but i like that Chia took a risk. He pretty much traded some players that will only crack the team in 2-4 years for a player that had some NHL experience and could potentially be a 3rd pairing guy in a year or so. He was trying to make us better now by trading the future.

              I know there was a blog about Korpikoski being bad but 15pts in 47 games is decent for a 3rd/4th line guy. He’s just a streaky player who might not show up some games but at least there’s some production .

              Bringing in Nilsson is super low risk and can’t even be looked at as bad. He had a great start and most people were saying he should be the #1 at the start of the year when he got hot.

              Gordon doesn’t put up any points he has 2 apples this year. He plays defence and wins faceoffs.
              Letestu has 7G and 9A and he can also win faceoffs.

              You’re just focusing on the negative. Chia signed Sekera who is our best D-man. He also acquired Talbot for only a few picks(#57, 79 and 184th pick in the draft.)

              One of the first things Chia did was fire Ontario amateur scouts Brad Davis and Kent Hawley, pro scout Semenko, plus the director of coaching Billy Moores.

              He’s done a great job and taken risks instead of sitting on his hands.

              • Anton CP

                Korpikoski and Letestu have been terrible 5×5. Coppernblue have done a bunch of articles on them, so I’d just say to go have a read. Re: Gordon, he doesn’t play very much in the offensive zone, so it is tough to score from your own end. He would have had value in that he had an expiring contract and would have been an ideal rental player for a playoff team. Some people looked only at the contract for Gordon, but would you rather pay $3m or less for a season of Gordon or $2.7m this year and $3m next year for Korpikoski? I still think it was a terrible trade.

                Reinhart hasn’t cracked the top-7 in Edmonton, and given that they paid a similar price that Calgary paid for Hamilton, an actual top-4 RHD, they seriously overpaid. The other thing with the prospects, if they had selected a Barzal, with his production this year, he would have been a valuable trade piece. Since this was just an evaluation year anyways, the trade never made much sense to me.

                Nilsson was decent to start, so credit for a cheap pickup is warranted. He outplayed Scrivens to get the job, so no real complaints. Talbot was brutal his first two months but has gotten better. I would have preferred one of the UFA goalies, but it’s not the worst acquisition.

                If I was scoring, full marks for Sekera and Gryba. Partial marks for Nilsson and Talbot. Failing marks for Letestu, Korpikoski and Reinhart.

                Not the worst GM the Oilers have had, but the team is in 29th, and the defence is still bad. You’re the only person I’ve seen say he’s done a great job.

              • Chopsucky

                @Dwayne Roloson 35 is right, PC made moves and is watching without spending money. The moves that worked, (Talbot), will stay. The rest will go at no cost to us as it was going to be a losing season anyways.

              • Dwayne Roloson 35

                1st I’d like to commend you on being a poster on ON that takes a disagreement with another poster and point by point offers a differing viewpoint without feeling the need to slam or insult the original commenter.

                I don’t know if this is your regular mou but speaking from someone that avoids coming here and reading the comments.. This was a breath of fresh air.

                Why is it that we are all fellow fans here can’t have this type of interaction more often?

                In regards to your conclusions on Chia. I think the key to this year was that although he picked up Sekera. When u include the loss of Petry. It was only a small step forward on D. I believe he was sold by Bob Green/MacT/Howson/Lowe that Reinhart was a full time NHL’er ahead of Nurse. Chia’s failure was in putting too much trust in the existing group including the new Head Scout Green.

                I agree this is a fail on his part but considering the circumstances its somewhat expected. However, this is now. Between this Trade deadline, the 2016 Draft, and Summers Free Agency is when we can fairly assess Chiarelli. Lets give him this 1 full season. He will now have a better picture of the players. I hope he now realizes who’s advice not to listen too as well. But I think with the shiite show he was handed he deserves that much.

              • a lg dubl dubl

                Iirc Boston wanted Nurse as part of the trade for Hamilton, PC would have been hung if he made that move, so to me that was a good move by not making a move.

                I do agree that the Korpikoski trade was a head scratcher, even a bit worse than the Gagner for Purcell trade, hopefully PC can trade him this summer. That said I don’t mind the Lestestu signing just because Lander has been completely abysmal. I’d hate to see the line up without Lestestu and with the injuries this season Lestestu is an upgrade over Gordon. Remember when there was Nuge, Gordon and then “mud”?

                This summer is when I’ll really assess PC and his work.

      • Theboon83

        That is the thing that bugs me the most about the Reinhart deal. The kid is fine and a good prospect but he’s a left shot. You have two other prospects in Mayfield and Pulock who are both right shot why not them? you know why? Reinhart played for the Oil kings and Bob Green saw him good there.

      • Theboon83

        The GM and others were so enamoured with Reinhart all they could think of was Jr. hockey, they forgot to look at him in the AHL. If your a slow skater with no offence in the AHL why would anyone think things would change in a much better league.

        These people are suppose to be professionals. Imagine doing that in your job as a professional

        • Spoils

          Bob Green is the one that made the call here. Possibly all the OBC had something to say. But the crux of all this is Chia being relatively new in these parts decided to put his trust in the people you should be able to trust. But all Bob Green could say is how he knew what Reinhart was made of from his time on the Oil Kings… Another hire that has no clue as to what due diligence is all about.

      • Jaxon

        Target Madison Bowey, grab Riley Barber with him and take back 2 contracts.

        The Get:
        Madison Bowey (0.703), Riley Barber (0.693), Brooks Laich (4.5), Jason Chimera (2.0), 2nd Round pick.

        1st try (wishful thinking):
        Justin Schultz (3.9), Lauri Korpikoski (2.5), Griffin Reinhart (0.863), Mitch Moroz (0.875), 2nd Rnd Pick

        More Likely to get it done:
        Mark Fayne (3.625), Mark Letestu (1.80), Griffin Reinhart (0.863), Mitch Moroz (0.875), 2nd Rnd Pick

        I think Caps would do it, but should the Oilers:
        Mark Fayne (3.625), Matt Hendricks (1.85), Brandon Davidson (0.585), Mitch Moroz (0.875), 2nd Rnd Pick

        Madison could be a top tier RD in the NHL in the not too distant future. That’s the only way to get that type of player without spending a ton in free agency or trading away valuable core players. The Capitals plan to go deep this year and will want to add some insurance.

        • Chet.

          Yeah, because Washington really really want’s to get rid of the Chim Dogg
          and a hugely important, experienced defender on their roster.

          Please leave and never come back.

          Oilers need a blockbuster for a stud D man this offseason. Wait it out buddy.

            • Dwayne Roloson 35

              Why because it appeals to you?

              If you don’t think this team needs to dish one of Nuge, Eberle, or even Hall in the offseason for a stud righty D, then you’re “one of those” fans.

              Team needs a leader on the back and to get rid of the failed rebuild’s shtty attitude in the locker room.

              You give this team a Shattenkirk or a Harmonic and they become a playoff team. Not necessarily a cup team, yet, bt a playoff team. just watch buddy.

              You’ll remember when “You’re an Idiot” predicted the future that you could not comprehend.

      • Chopsucky

        Reinhart has looked good in the AHL, and good in the NHL, i am not sure why people are declaring his season a failure i guess its all about optics, and when the Oilers management sent him down to the minors it looks like a knock on his play but as always Oilers make very few decisions based on hockey.

        A lot of Oilers fans have found themselves addicted to prospects, and when they hit 21 or 22 like Reinhart they move on to the next. Reminds me of my younger years when I worked at a convenience store with the guys that would spend half their pay cheques on scratch and wins looking for the big payout. I like Rheinhart and i would put him and his career against the 16th pick and the 33rd any day, and I am pretty confident I will be right. The same people of course will try to cherry pick their list of players they could have picked in those spots but for every Jordan Eberle there is a Jesse Niinimaki, and an Alexei Mhinkov. Who don’t get a sniff at the NHL.

      • Chopsucky

        I don’t know where this Chia trashing is coming from. Do all the hater’s forget that he still shares notes with MacT and Howson?

        As for Reinhart.. it’s far too early to call him a bust. He’s 22 and really isn’t that bad for his age and the start that he he’s had to his career. It may be an overpayment but like Rolly said in a comment above, Chia was probably pressured in to grabbing something after Hamilton got traded and heavily based on Bob Green’s experience with Reinhart.

        Just think if we were winning games and the mood was high. Management would be praised for letting a 22 yr old develop properly.

      • Anton CP

        I don’t think that Reinbart is a mistake, Davidson wasn’t on anyone’s radar and no one knows for sure if Nurse is ready. The supposed 3 left D was Sekera, Klefbom, and Reinhart.

        Reinhart is only 22 and it will take longer for D to be ready. Not very often that a D drafted outside of top 10 can be ready in less than 3 years.

      • Devils need offense ?

        Yakupov & Shultz for Larsson

        Jets Trouba behind Buff & Myers on depth chart ?

        Purcell, Fayne and 2nd round pick for Jacob Trouba


        Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Reinhart for both Ladd & Trouba

        Re-sign Ladd & Trouba with RNH, Yak & Shultz MONEY!!