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Another week is in the books, and that means the Nation Report Card is here to let you make your feelings known about the week that was for the Edmonton Oilers. As usual, it’s been an emotional week around the Nation and there have been some ups and downs that need our judgement. My friends, it’s report card time. 

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Worst Hockey Coaches

I’m always looking for suggestions on events to vote on for next week and if there’s something you want the Nation to vote on just hit me up in the comments or on Twitter. The report card can always be improved, and your suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. After all, it’s more fun to judge a wide variety of Oilers news than just the players and coaches.

Until then we vote!


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    Even with the frustrating categorical entries of injuries (Klef and Gryba) and the PK, Shultz finds a way to remain in last place.

    Given that his play has improved every so slightly lately, we might want to add the Zika virus, Kanye West, American Politics, and ISIS so Shultz could move out of the basement and go live on his own?

  • Fuzzy

    Oh we are a fickle bunch! Going through the rating, I found myself second guessing my choices more so than usual. I attribute this to yet another disappointing season and not just because we are on the outside looking in regarding playoffs.

    The team comes across as dysfunctional at best.

    I sense that the fan perception of our management has slid somewhat when first obtained last year. Are we giving up on the GM/Coach this quick?

    All situations considered, it has been 10 long years of pure disappointment for the fan base and for us lifer’s, it has been horribly challenging to remain optimistic about this franchise.

    When does it get better?

      • Morgo_82

        Katz now has zero to do with this, he put Nicholson in charge and he hired the right pieces. You can blame the old regime(s) for this crap, I know it’s getting old but this time the build will be done correctly and we just need to be patient (I’m aware that everyone is out of patience including myself). Chiarelli isn’t going to make any knee-jerk reactions and is going to remain patient to get what he wants. Other GM’s are waiting for him to enter panic mode so they can pry one of our top forwards away from cheaper but that isn’t going to happen, that’s why trades haven’t gone down yet. This will be the last season of losing and I truly believe this, as painful as it is.

    • Morgo_82

      It’s hard to say this TEAM is dysfunctional, when core pieces of the team are injured throughout the year. The entire roster has yet to play a game together.

      • vetinari

        Respectfully disagree.

        Hall (358 games), RNH (304 games), Eberle (402 games), Yakupov (229 games) and Schultz (246 games) have all had hundreds of games of NHL experience, have played with each other for at least three to five seasons, and have yet to demonstrate that they are capable of taking the team onto their shoulders, lead and win.

        McDavid in less than a full season has shown more leadership and more ability to control a game than all of them (aside from Hall when he is at his best) combined.

        Some of these pieces need to be exchanged for veterans who care, who can lead and more importantly, who can execute. And I suspect that by July 5th, at least two to three of these names will be gone.

  • Morgo_82

    I was hoping to vote on Clendening but it looks like Oilersnation whiffed on putting him on the report card, kinda like he whiffed on that puck last night which led to the empty net goal and kinda like the ref whiffed on Hall’s goal. Which by the way, ref’s we don’t need your help, we can lose on our own quite easily enough.

    • Fuzzy

      I think the ref also whiffed last night when Yakupov was tripped after the play.

      If an Oiler pulls that stunt, it is a penalty all game long.

      Need more consistency in the calls from the refs.

      Maybe Wideman was on to something??

  • MillHoodsHockey4Life

    Wow to think any of you thinks any one from this organization at this point needs a thumbs up your all idiots,this organization needs to be hammered by the media on a daily basis. No reporter no media has the balls to say it to their faces ” you suck and you always will start over cause you don’t know what your doing ” please ya think rishaud, priciipei and stauffer say anythiing to this degree know cause as long as the stupid fans keep plugging the seat everyone behind the doors is just laughing at you. If they don’t unload all if not most of Ufa s at the deadline and then get rid of the black holes in the line up in the summer yes I mean the hall eberle Hopkins then time and time again this team will not go anywhere . People of Edmonton take off your rose coloured glasses. Any professional team in sports would have seen the righting on wall by now it’s over try something different. Grow a pair Edmonton they are done

  • Oil City Roller

    Anybody preaching patience is a blathering idiot. What this team needs is a full out fan revolt. Boycott games, stop buying merchandise. Storm Kingsway and hurl turds like a bunch of crazed monkeys. More billboards. More people calling out the writers that can’t get their noses out of the Katzhole. More rage!

    We’ve listened to these idiots for years and where has it got us. But, but, it’s new management the Kool-Aid swilling dunderheads will cry. The same old clowns are still in place and the new clowns aren’t getting it done. But, but, it’s an evaluation year the sycophantic toadies will cry. How long does it take a guy who went to Harvard to figure out guys like Shultz suck like a hoover. But, but, you can’t make trades during the regular season the brainwashed lackwits will cry. That’s complete crap, big trades have been made on several occasions this season.

    We must rage against the Oilers and we must rage against those who enable the shame.

    • Spydyr

      I said the boycott Oilers stuff 3-4 years ago,

      I have not been to a game in that time nor have I purchased a product that would put a penny in Katz’s pocket.

        • Spydyr

          Perhaps if more people put their money where their mouth is it would have an effect.

          At least some of us have the balls to back up our words with action not curt replies.

          • Jay (not J)

            Dude you are here every day. You have been bought and sold like the rest of us. You can create whatever little cover story that your self denial requires but if you’re not down for season’s tickets at the new building it’s not because of a conscious choice, it’s because you can’t afford it. And if you haven’t realised yet exactly what our little Tier II opinions are worth to ownership then keep your boycott going and see where it takes you.

          • Spydyr

            It will give me peace of mind. Something you may not understand.

            You assuming I cannot afford season tickets is beyond ludicrous. I just have better things to do with my money like a week long golf trip to Kelowna this spring.I would go to the tropics like most years but hey we were just there in November

            I have been an Oiler fan probably since before you were born , so yeah with your permission I will continue to cheer for the Oilers.

    • Seanaconda

      I honestly don’t know what having the fans that do wanna go to games boycott the games will change… we’ve gone through three gms and like a thousand coaches in the last couple years. I guess it could make Katz force a gm to trade a player but why even have a gm if he doesn’t get to make the moves he wants to make. We could fire chiarelli I guess but it’s only his first dang year. We have to stick with someone or this will just repeat year after year. Katz heard the fans where mad already . That’s why we have chia now.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    At this point you can’t blame Schultz. He is clearly in over his head. Most teams wouldn’t allow him on the big club. They would likely season him in the AHL until he earns it, plays his way out of hockey, or is traded as a prospect for a prospect or picks.

    Put him on waivers. His trade value is weak at best. Hopefully he shines in the A and we can swap for a pick or prospect.

    I don’t think he will make it at the top level though. The kid just doesn’t have the fire in his belly. You can almost get away with that as a forward if you have exceptional talent, but not as a NHL D man.

    Pete and Todd are an improvement to our club; however, I’m losing some confidence on this one.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    Rumours of PK Subban starting in trade talks on hockey central today. It sounds crazy but if you can’t dream as an Oilers fan you probably have boycotted already.

  • Seanaconda

    For those of you wanting to trade Hall……..please give your heads a shake. The last time I checked, apart from McDavid, only Hall drives the play consistently in the right direction.

    Trading a player like Hall is pure foolishness, and I refuse to believe that PC is that stupid.

    Subban would be nice but we have other players ( Nail, Justin draft picks) that could be used to get this player. If you look at the Habs and who is driving that team and playing solid, it is not Subban.

    • Jay (not J)

      No way is Subban worth Hall. In fact without Carey Price behind him Subban is looking overpaid and exposed. I would get frustrated watching an Oiler push his face on camera every chance he got as well. It’s hard to cheer for someone who obviously wants it so much.

    • MrBung

      Pay attention….. Subban just happens to be the leading scorer on the Habs at the moment.
      Might not be saying much about the team, but you cannot take that away from him.

      I agree with you on the Hall situation for sure.When # 97 was downm, there were many games that the puck would not have seen the other end of the ice if it were not for Hall.

      PS,,, Hall is not pouting, he just has big lips.

    • MrBung

      A player of Hall’s calibre (aside from McDavid) may help shake lose a player like PK Subban from a team.

      Got to give, to get.

      And right now, almost everything should be on the table. The Oilers are dead last in the league…again…sigh

  • moosewacker

    I thought the hardest to rate was Chiarelli. I know it is hard to put out this tire fire in 9 months, but really was expecting some more tangible signs of improvement. Maybe getting actual NHL defencemen by trade, or getting them to come to Edmonton is a hell of a lot tougher than we all realize.We will see, but it is hard to believe that guys like Franson, Runblad,Ehrhoff etc. are not better than the clown show the Oiler’s blueline is now.

  • Seanaconda

    It would either just get us another new gm and coach or it would make chiarelli make brash decisions that he wouldn’t make if he wanted the team to win a cup. Chia wasn’t my first pick for gm but I would rather stick with him for a couple years and see what he does instead of having even more of a management gongshow.

  • MrBung

    Well if you people your going to get a stud d man with the likes of eberle or Hopkins your sadly mistaken to soft no heart at best 3rd like maybe second line players on any team that have any decent d man. Face reality hall gets you what you need do it anytime from here to start next year

  • MrBung

    I laugh when I read and hear the comments that Nicholson, Chai and McLellan are running the team.

    If anything has changed in the last year I don’t see what it is.

    KLowe, MacT and Howeson are pulling the strings behind the scene. Why else would they still be employed by Katz

    • Seanaconda

      Cuz he’s rich as heck and he’s a fanboy that wants to be friends with people he used to idolize? The only reason I want lowe and mact fired is so people will stop with the conspiracy theories. People will probably think they are still in charge till they are dead tho. After that only the hardcore crazies will think lowe is a zombie gm.

    • Seanaconda

      Cuz he’s rich as heck and he’s a fanboy that wants to be friends with people he used to idolize? The only reason I want lowe and mact fired is so people will stop with the conspiracy theories. People will probably think they are still in charge till they are dead tho. After that only the hardcore crazies will think lowe is a zombie gm.

  • Seanaconda

    The guy is rich nuff to buy his favorite childhood team. Who wouldn’t have the guys you loved as a kid working for your team. . And if you can’t get the ones you really like ( Gretzky and the other retired jerseys) why not hire their friends so they come hangout ? .

  • MillHoodsHockey4Life

    To evaluate the Oiler Train Wreak by a thumb up or down does not seem to be questioned? Fans watching at the rink or at home should think of a NEW System.. Maybe some ##’s would be a start — 100 -80 – 60 – 40 – 20 – or ZERO? Recent Edmonton history saw an Edmonton teacher possibly Dare to give as low as ZERO for inadequate work or missed assignments. 20 — 40 maybe where many will end up this year with the odd Zero for Fails to Compete.Thumbs DOWN for the present system given for the Evaluation Method. Train Wreaks can required a Inquiry or Commission. The Oilers may need this!!