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The Oilers began their final ten-game stretch of the season with a 6-4 victory over the St.Louis Blues on Wednesday, and with the playoffs once again out of reach they are playing out the string, but Todd McLellan has challenged his players to do something they haven’t done in a long time: finish the season strong.

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The Oilers have not won at least five of their final ten games since 2008, when they finished 6-3-1, and McLellan mentioned character and desire a lot leading up to the Blues game. He believes he can use these games as a teaching tool, but it is also an opportunity for his players to show him and GM Peter Chiarelli what they have, or possibly what each player doesn’t have.

Playing well in the final ten games of the season will not guarantee success next year, but the losing has to stop at some point. McLellan wants to instill a competitive effort now so hopefully his players know what it takes to win when next year begins. There is no magic switch they can flip. They need to learn how to compete and win, and I like how McLellan is approaching the final ten games.

Here’s how they finished the last six years:

Year    Record     GF     GA           PP                       PK
2010    4-5-1       29       35     6 for 40 (15%)       7 on 39 (82%)
2011    2-6-2       18       31     9 for 34 (26.4%)   12 on 46 (73.9%)
2012    4-4-2       21       25     3 for 20 (15%)        6 on 45 (86.6%)
2013    3-7-0       25       28     2 for 31 (6.4%)       6 on 36 (83.3%) **Outscored teams 13-3 last 2 games)
2014    4-6-0       24       34     5 for 25 (20%)        8 on 38 (78.9%)
2015    4-5-1       26       36     2 for 16 (12.5)        7 on 23 (69.5%)

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2013 was the worst collapse. The Oilers were one point out of the playoffs with 12 games left (25% of season remaining in 48-game schedule), and they got crushed. They went 1-9 in the first ten games scoring a measly 17 goals and allowing 33.

Some will suggest these games mean nothing, but I disagree. The Oilers have to learn how to play with a consistent competitiveness. They’ve been unable to do it for years, so instead of waiting until next season, McLellan is still harping on them now. Hopefully it pays off next year.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.14.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.14.25 PM

Oilers lineup courtesy of

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Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.01.58 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.02.09 AM

Canucks lineup courtesy of


  • No lineup changes for the Oilers. McLellan wants to play a few more games with three centres before he moves Draisaitl to the wing and loads up his top-six.
  • I’ve been watching Iiro Pakarinen very closely the past few games. I like his energy and feistiness, but he is not a good fit with Hall and Draisaitl. Too often he has made wrong decision with the puck. He will dump it when they have clear possession instead of passing it or carrying in the zone.  He likely will move down once McLellan moves Draisaitl to the wing with RNH at centre and loading up the top-six. I don’t mind Pakarinen as a player, he just isn’t a top-six guy, which isn’t really surprising to any of us or the coaches, I suspect.
  • Kassian is also not the answer long term either. McLellan has been working with him on the PK, and we should expect to see #44 get some shorthanded minutes. He wants Kassian to get comfortable in the bottom six. “He is skating better now, which is expected after a long layoff, and I like his aggressiveness and willingness to stand up for his teammates. We’d like him to be a bit more consistent. I see him more as a bottom-six forward moving forward,” McLellan said when I asked him about Kassian.
  • The Oilers play the Canucks three times in their final nine games, and they face the Calgary Flames once. Before they can compete with the likes of LA, Anaheim and San Jose, they need to beat the Flames, Canucks and Coyotes (whom they play one more time as well).
  • I don’t agree with the notion it was Martin Marincin or Griffin Reinhart. Reinhart could clear waivers this year, while Marincin couldn’t. Hypothetically, if they didn’t acquire Reinhart and kept Marincin, would he have jumped ahead of Davidson early in the year? I don’t believe so. And if he didn’t, then he likely would have been sent to the AHL and possibly claimed on waivers. I saw it as more as a battle/decision between Davidson and Marincin.



The Canucks are playing some iffy hockey lately and that bodes well for their shot at the Zurich Zapper, Auston Matthews. Edmonton is coming off a pretty big win against the Blues so they’ll want to follow that up against a banged up Canucks squad. Oilers take it in regulation.



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GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers win 5-2. The PP stays hot with two PP goals.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: All three lines score a goal.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Nurse scores his first goal in 40 games and the Oilers improve to 5-2-1 when Nurse registers a point. 


Celebrate the volunteer, parent, coach or organizer who keeps the game going and asks for nothing in return. 

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Recently by Jason Gregor:  

  • ubermiguel

    Facing the Canucks three times and the Flames twice, this year’s schedule had the makings of a great playoff run in the final stretch…except all the Canadian Pacific Division teams decided to suck this year. I hope the Oilers finish ahead of both the Canucks and Flames if only to shut their fans up a bit.

  • Kurt

    Jason. You had Todd Mclellan on the air yesterday.
    My question. If you have been watching Pakarinen so close the last few games and strongly believe he should not be playing with Hall of Draisaitl, why did you not bring up your concerns/ideas/expert hockey sense with him about it and question his decision making? It would be nice to know why he thinks 26 is playing that high in the lineup instead of others (like 44).

    • Jason Gregor

      I had McLellan on to discuss Sports Central mainly.

      When we got into a few hockey questions, Pakarinen was not a priority. I wanted to get his thoughts on what I deemed more important. We know he isn’t a top-six forward long-term, so I didn’t want to waste one of my few questions with him live on a player that I think we all know the answer to. Me saying I’ve seen enough of Pakarinen isn’t questioning McLellan. It is voicing my opinion. The only other option is Kassian.

      I asked him about Pakarinen last week when he was first promoted. I doubt his answer has changed in a week. He likes him on the forecheck and on the boards.

      I asked him today what he wasn’t seeing from Kassian to have him out of the top-six. And he shared some valuable information that he wants Kassian to get comfortable in the bottom six and they are working with him on being a PK guy. So it is more about getting Kassian comfortable in a role they believe he can excel in longterm than keeping him in the top-six where they don’t expect him to. So by doing this, Pakarinen gets a chance to show what he has. I wrote from what I’ve seen he isn’t the answer.

      • Kurt

        Well I think it’s safe to assume that Pakarinen isn’t the answer to completing the top 6, nor was that ever in question. He was brought to this team to fill out the bottom 6.
        Kassian and Pakarinen are not top 6 NHL’ers. We know that. Seeing how it’s after the trade deadline though, those 2 are the only real options to fill that winger position until it’s decided to move Draisaitl or RNH to the wing.
        To bring it up is just stating the obvious IMO.

        • Jason Gregor

          So now the comment was obvious, but I was supposed to ask McLellan about it. Seems you just want to complain. I have no issue with you questioning what I write, but be consistent with what your complaint is. Don’t let the losing get you down. Ask Wanye or BM how to stay upbeat despite the losses. They can help. Have a fantastic day. The Oilers will be better next year (not sure how much) which will make most posters happier.

          • Gordon Bombay

            That’s assuming they make trades and sign new players in the offseason, been waiting a few years for that. Or am I the only one who thinks the same team will equal the same results next year

          • Oilerchild77

            I’m pretty sure PC is gonna make some changes. I don’t think it will be a total tear down of the old core, but I think at least one of them goes now that they have a GM that isn’t afraid to make deals.

          • pkam

            The Oilers have been making trades and signing new players in the offseason in the last few years.

            Only two players, Hall and Eberle, are from 2010-11 roster.

            From 2011-12, add RNH and Lander so 4.

            From 2012-13, add Yak so 5.

            So 18 of the 23 players are added since 2013-14.

          • Gordon Bombay

            sorry impact players, better now? Talbot looks good, not seeing much else. We can debate the spare parts all you want but obviously there not working out

          • Gordon Bombay

            Yes we need to sign, trade for or develope some players that will make an impact on us finishing in the mid teens as oppose to 29th. How can any oiler fan not want that ?

          • pkam

            Wonder how many impact players were available for trade or in UFA market in the last 2-3 years. And how many do work in the new team.

            Sekera is the better UFA defenseman last offseason. Is he considered an impact player in your standard?

          • Gordon Bombay

            Seguin and Jones come to mind. But I guess they aren’t making any impact on the teams they were traded too. Yup draft and develope. Hall, Nuge and Ebs seem to be working out just fine. Next years our year right ? Or next or maybe next.

            Sekera is our best d man, pretty sad but it’s true

          • Shredder

            Hey, I’m not one to defend a guy who just wants to complain, but I have to say that the whole “the Oilers will be better next year” is a VERY old line and not worth repeating. I’ve already figured out how to stay upbeat: STAY AWAY FROM THE OILERS. Not including Beer/Food/Excessive amounts of merchandise bought, I’ve spent over $18,000 on just tickets to the Oilers over the last 6 years. They’ve given me a few good moments, but a whole lot more disappointment. 6 years of season tix and I’ve decided I’m done – my last game is this Sunday. I’ve also cancelled cable, since the only TV I actually watch is hockey. Best thing I’ve ever done, I’m already down 5 pounds and it’s only been a couple weeks.

            Some advice: don’t respond to every hater, there’s about a million of us in this city. I ask people in my family who are high school kids about the Oiler and they laugh at me. They haven’t even been inspired to play hockey, other sports are more interesting. One playoff run between their ages 6-16 would have changed that.

            And yes, I’m bitter, so complaining is a bit of a relief. It’s the only reason I come to this blog really.

          • chickenStew

            Yeah, who needs nature, fresh air, exercise, unconditional love, self respect, and not having to dish out any money?

            Don’t you know you could be at a club surrounded by sweaty 20 year olds covered in axe body spray, listening to a computer.. I mean DJ.. playing stripper music while you fork over cash for the privilege?

            Jeez, get real old geezer..

          • Gordon Bombay

            Yup half naked 20 something year old drunk chicks sounds like a crappy Friday night. Enjoy your bike ride and trip to ikea in the morning with the old lady

          • chickenStew

            Most grown men realize pretty quickly that drunk 20 something year old girls are not exactly the most fun thing to be around.

            I do understand that you must still be a slave to your hormones, but for those of us who have put puberty behind us, life is so much better!

            You might get there someday. Good luck 😉

          • Gordon Bombay

            Let me guess your wife wears the pants in your household, good luck with that bud. Maybe one day you can regain your man card. Can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend then riding my bike, going to Ikea and shopping for groceries. Life must be a gift that keeps on giving

          • Oil City Roller

            Listen to this big wheel! Let me guess, tonight you will put on the Lucky 13 tee shirt, Crooks and Castles ball cap, and diesel jeans then head out to Whyte Ave. At the bar you will spend your weekly 7-11 paycheque on bottle service because you are a straight baller.

            I would bet a cool hundy that the last ace you saw was when you walked in on your parents getting it on.

          • shaner

            its time for you to put on your best “affliction” gear, make sure the sticker is tight on your straight brim hat and meet up with your buddies in there moms basement, crush some vodka red ballz and go act tough at the clubs…….the same way we all used to at that age

          • Gordon Bombay

            Sure thing bud. Enjoy the weekly visit to ikea in the morning. You and the wife can debate over which table would look best in your rented apartment. Then its back to the warehouse Monday where you get paid to sweep the floors and the old lady can bag other people’s groceries

          • shaner

            that s actually pretty good, but you forgot the “nice little saturday” part where I also work on the late 70s trans am in my garage and pump trooper while me and the boys sneak some “coors light” (trying to keep the lb’s off) while the old lady is not looking, all the while listening to the baby monitor because “its my turn”……………….

          • Gordon Bombay

            Waaaaahhh what’s the problem don’t make enough money at work? My 7-11 pay check has gotten me a house, 3 cars and season tickets to watch this tire fire fist hand. Sorry for spending my money on things more fun then a new bike and a dinning room table. Save your “cool hundy” from the sounds of it you need it more then me

          • No I think it’s awesome when someone has multiple cars. I imagine they’re all somewhat higher end too. At the very least one of them has to be a dodge srt of some kind, right!? Although I’d have to say I’m not sure that if a person doesn’t have 3 cars then he’s stuck taking the bus. Surely one car alone is enough to not take the bus.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            There is far too much piss in this comment. It’s lost all meaning.

            Also, this has gotta be the most clownshoes comment section I’ve ever seen on a GDB.

            Get your s**t together, people.

          • To quote the immortal Joe Strummer, “I don’t think highly enough of you to hate you”

            Now pay attention to your date and the game. But just so we know you’re not lying about the season tickets, can you make yourself obvious when the tv cameras are on you?

          • Gordon Bombay

            Section 205, 222 at the new rink. Hit me up next time you get tickets. I’ll be the one in the white or orange 97 jersey. Maybe I’ll buy you a drink

          • I don’t know. I live in Calgary. They have AB/InBev there as well as molson-coors, and I wouldn’t drink that either. I assumed the NHL had the same garbage in all their arenas. I like people who drink bad beer though. You know they’ll do whatever tv tells them.

            Oh..sorry, I guess they call themselves MillerCoors now. Either way, drinks with no flavour are for people with no taste and that cannot be denied.

          • Gordon Bombay

            Didn’t know this was an alcohol fansite but I’ll take the bait. How is Budweiser (#1 selling beer in the world) a bad beer? Or are you a home brew kinda guy

          • It’s a bad beer the same way a Toyota Corolla isn’t a Bentley continental. There’s far more corollas in the world than bentleys, but it doesn’t mean they’re a better car. More people buy McDonald’s burgers than Wagyu beef, but it’s not better meat. Im not specifically a home brew kind of guy. I own a brewery called 4th Meridian brewing. Im a craft beer kind of guy.

          • Considering we only started the business Last week our sales were zero.

            Tell your craft brew home brew analogy to guys like Rogue or Lagunitas.

            Anyway, what’s wrong with people who make their own beer from grain? We mash it, we boil, we ferment, we age, we bottle or keg. The exact same process anyone else does and more often than not it yields a superior product. Why do you think multinationals are buying up craft brewers?

          • i suppose I’d have to agree if every other business that was ever incorporated was little more than a hobby. Is every business a hobby when it’s new?

            Also, not to be a dick, but most literate people would have used “than” not “then”…..but maybe you’re right…it’s more of a hobby right now, but THEN is will become a business. Maybe that’s what your meant.

            Now, feel free to whine about me mocking your atrocious butchery of the English language, but let me advise you that it’s exactly what I expect you to do. You cannot resist taking the bait. You’ve responded to everything I’ve posted on here. Despite the fact that you were at the game with your hot half naked drunk 20 yr old, in one of your 3 cars. I’m sitting at home with the flu. I’ve got nothing better to do tonight. Go have another $8 4.5% corn mash swill.

          • Gordon Bombay

            There 8.50 actually and rexall has sold a few more of those 4.5% corn mash swill then you have. My bad though maybe 4th meridian will be the next Budweiser.

            Yea I got season tickets but never said I went to the game. Season has been over for a while now incase you didn’t notice

            I don’t think any man would complain about a half naked drunk 20 something year old but what do I know. Maybe like a fine wine women get better with age. But I’ve yet to see it.

            As for the then vs than I could care less, if you wanna spell check everyone’s comments go ahead. I suggest you spend more time getting your “buisness” going

          • I’m not really aiming to be the next Budweiser…I just want to run my little operation, and have a quiet life out of the oil patch.
            You also spelled business wrong. And…you’re still replying to me…so clearly you have absolutely nothing better to do. Realistically you have no idea how much time I’ve put into my project, so why even suggest I put more time into it? And why mock someone for taking a risk, and for doing something they believe in? What’s wrong with someone believing in themselves?

          • Gordon Bombay

            Your the one bashing all of the other beers out there. Once your product makes it out of your garage then talk. Or is it than talk??? Can you spell check this for me

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Can you and Gordon Bombay just exchange numbers already? The sexual tension is high enough.

            Seriously though. You’ve been at for like 2 days now.

          • Kurt

            no. I’m saying it was obvious to any fan that both kassian and Pakarinen were never the answer for be a top 6 winger. They’re there because that is all we have at the moment until they get a good enough of a look at the 3 C’s.
            The losing hasn’t gotten me down, it’s the bloggers writing nonsense.
            The whole point you made about Pakarinen didn’t even have to be said.
            Yeah it’s your opinion but it’s not a new thought. I’m just surprised it took 71 games for you to see he’s not the player to round out the top 6.
            Hope you had a fantastic night.

  • freelancer

    Gregor, you think it’s more likely MacLellan moves Draisaitl to the wing over RNH? I know Draisaitl saw some time on the wing earlier but to me it makes more sense to keep Draisaitl at centre and move RNH to the wing.

    Draisaitl has looked stronger on the dot and maybe moving RNH to wing will allow him a bit more space. My two cents anyways.

    • Jason Gregor

      McLellan said the other day he would move Leon to the wing and RNH to the middle. Draisaitl can take faceoffs if need be, that is easy, but RNH will play the middle when play is on.

  • Doug Weight

    Watching Barzel(SP?) at the world Juniors, you cant help but think we may have lost that Reinhart trade. Again to early to tell but that is shaping up to be a huge miss for Chirelli

    • Bandwagon jumper

      Only time will tell on that trade. Personally, I think Chia was influenced by the old guard into thinking Reinhart was NHL ready. That is a mistake he won’t make again.

      • btrain

        I think its time to move on from blaming the old guard for things that Chia is responsible for. Its his ship now and to suggest he made this trade because of the influenced of others, undermines his ability as GM. But as you said, time will tell with Reinhart. The kid could still turn out. Especially if they can bring in some 1st pairing guys to help shelter his development. If he does emerge as a useful NHL defensemen, do you give the old guard credit?

    • Oilerchild77

      I’m not too worried. There’s some more gems in this draft to be had. They needed better organizational depth on defence, so they made the deal. Good trade? No. Probably not, but whatever. Another teenager in the top six wouldn’t help them anyway.

    • Ed in Edmonton 1

      Barzal is putting up some nice point totals in the Dub, but his showing at the WJHC was not impressive. 1 goal and 2 assists in 6 games.

      As a Daman GR had 1 goal and 2 assist in 9 games(over 2 years) at the WJHC.

      Barzal is doing well in the Dub, when he stepped up in class he was pretty ordinary.

    • Jason Gregor

      Reinhart looked very good at WJC when he played. I don’t see any correlation to Barzal at WJC guaranteeing he will be a very good NHL player. We’ve seen many excel at WJC who couldn’t make the jump to NHL.

      It is way too early to write off Reinhart. Majority of NHL defenders are not consistent at age 22. Two years ago no one thought Davidson would play.

      It will be up to Reinhart to keep working hard, and hopefully for him he puts in the work in the off-season to improve his leg strength.

    • Oilerchild77

      Yeah. That must be it. He just up and and refused to play. HE HAD A STAPH INFECTION! Do you have any idea how serious that is dude!? People have died from those. And he hasn’t skated in like two months. Not in game shape. Get educated about what’s going on or get off the site.

      • Hockeyfan

        Wow, don’t be such a sensitive muffin. Just because your team can’t sign desirable free agents, your 1st rd picks are no good and most high profile trades just want out don’t get mad. I’ve seen old women overcome a staph faster than that with commoner medical care.

        • Oilerchild77

          I didn’t realize you were a medical care professional. Wouldn’t have guessed that with your ignorant and uneducated tone. But maybe that’s how professionals talk in cowtown.

        • Oilerchild77

          And Andrej Sekera. Yeah, you’re right, he wasn’t the most desirable free agent dman on the market last summer at all. And Cam Talbot was a brutal trade right? Hahaha

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            You can’t have it both ways, either he’s a high profile free agent signing or he’s not. I was pissed when we didn’t win the bidding war on Dougie Hamilton, but man does that trade look shaky these days.

            All we had to give up for Sekera was cash and swallow a smaller cap hit than Dougie.You guys gave up 3 decent picks for what looks to be a serviceable #4 Dman. I haven’t seen the Flaming Toilet Seats ripped off that bad since they decided to trade for Ladislav Smid.

          • pkam

            Whether Sekera is overpaid is debatable, you know what is not debatable? Engelland is overpaid.

            Only idiots will fail to see that Sekera at 5.5M is a much better deal than Engelland at 2.9M. I’ll take Sekera contract over Engelland contract any day.

          • Oilerchild77

            Check the numbers kid. Talbot has been one of the top 5 goalies in the NHL over the last two months. And that’s behind a weak D. I don’t think Ortio or whatever the other useless AHLer you have going down there could do that.

          • Oiler Al

            “Hockeyfan”, you should change your monicker to something other than Hockeyfan, because all the real, hockey fans I know are not total idiots, if you catch on that is.

        • Gordon Bombay

          When was the last time the oilers made a “high profile” trade? Just curious as I haven’t seen one in a while. Talbot nope, Reinhardt nope, pronger was 10 years ago

  • S cottV

    I think Kassian is destined to play as the 3rd line winger – next year. Probably where he should be, assuming we solidify top 6 at right wing.

    Yak – is just in the way, otherwise Kassian would be in the 3 RW spot right now.

    Not sure I like the way McLellan has handled Kassian.

    Disappointed – but not surprised that Hall did sweet _ all, to adjust his game to give Kassian a shot at some success on the Drai line.

    You would think Hall would give his old Mem Cup associate a bit of a break with Kassian going into a contract negotiation, by playing ball in a different way – to give him a chance. He has Kassian low to easily slip it back along the boards to him to preserve possession. But no – Hall limp dinks a pass into the middle and away they go on a counter attack. This kind of thing happened several times.

    Even in the St Louis game there was a part shift where Kassian was on the ice with Hall. Kassian makes a nice play and him and Drai roar into the zone looking like a couple of panzer tanks, but again – Hall is in possession – another limp dinker and were done.

    Hall ought to show more leadership, but no it’s really not in him.

  • Shredder

    I think it’s funny flames fans come on to a blog about the Oilers and the Canucks. I guess I understand, they probably just want to learn how to feel bad for themselves…

    • Gordon Bombay

      It’s because there aren’t any fan sites in Calgary, go to flamesnation. It’s Jeffoftheday, hockey fan and fire scorpion talking to themselves. They only come here cause people respond to them

  • Scratch

    Well here goes again, another game we should win in a walk against the puke Canucks. I wonder if we’ll continue our successful plan of crapping the bed once again, one good thing it is not on HNIC but with our luck the Vancouver broadcast team will do the game and add to the misery

  • camdog

    “Hypothetically, if they didn’t acquire Reinhart and kept Marincin, would he have jumped ahead of Davidson early in the year?”

    Hypothetically if the Oilers knew they had Davidson would they have traded for Reinhart? Realistically a team brining in 3 kids Klebfbom, Davidson and Nurse doesn’t doesn’t trade 2 high picks for a maybe.

  • OTOF2

    Yakupov gets his first assist in 29 games and now he thinks he has game again. He’s bound to overplay the puck until he coughs it up and causes a goal against.

    • Rheal1 "Ontario Oilers Fan"

      So what should we do with the Yakster? Trade him at the draft for nothing?
      I’d wait another 12 months and get more for him. Ya know after a bunch of coaches maybe the guy from Tatarstan will finally see 30+ goals combined with the right C? That’d be better than a 2nd round pick now.

  • Rheal1 "Ontario Oilers Fan"

    I’m moving back to Edmonton in 3 months. I shall soon change my avatar to “Real Oilers Fan”.
    Man I need an Orange #4 jersey…..
    BTW Anyone knows if the Tilted Kilt restaurant by WEM shows Oilers games?

    Go Oilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • .

        Ebs created the first turnover from the Nux attempted zone clear and pressured the D; next attempt went to McD; he flipped the biscuit wide to Ebs who had cleared the zone and then Ebs fired a snipe from the dot. Not bad for a soft guy who’s one goal behind the team leader in goals despite playing 13 fewer games.

        Not sure if your sponsor is supporting or ridiculing Ebs, but it’s not a goal that anyone else is scoring with McDavid right now.

        • West

          When McDavid came back from injury, and Eberle was scoring goals, there were lots of comments here on ON that anybody could be scoring those goals because they were all open nets courtesy of McDavid. I was calling those people idiots in a round about way.

  • Seriously Bored

    Awe Gordon Bombay are you bradleypi in disguise? You two sound the same when you get upset with people. Everyone needs to stop arguing didn’t you guys know we are all ballers here at oilersnation?

  • Reg Dunlop

    Is it awesome that, now that Davidson is out, Oesterle is our best Dman? Or is it a tragic indictment of Oiler mismanagement? I think that those 2 homegrown youngsters will prove to be a wonderful, cheap 3rd pairing in the future.

  • GK1980

    Watching oesterle and Reinhart tonight and both played relatively well. For the oilers, is the system play more important than acquiring a top RD? Both is the obvious answer but can a good D system make a mediocre D look good?

    • McPucker

      A poor system can make a good D look bad.

      A good system not applied properly can make a good D look bad.

      It takes all 5 skaters to make a D system work. Why are they just buying in with 10 games left?