Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – March 22, 2016

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I was excited when I thought there were no new injuries from this past week. Actually, I’m pretty sure that an injury-less week has only happened once this season. This may still be the case for tonight, and it will all depend on whether Patrick Maroon plays or not.

Pat Maroon missed Monday’s practice with an illness and was deemed doubtful for tonights game against Arizona. Right now, it’s sounding like he won’t play. From what I’ve learned over the past couple weeks of being sick myself is that if you skip the extra curricular activities with your friends, in hopes of getting healthy again, it won’t work. So Patty might as well dress tonight and clap a couple geno’s bar-down ya-know-what-Im-sayin? 

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Has anyone ever thought about what it would be like if we had every single player on our roster injured at one point or another during the season? Since we’re officially out of the playoffs I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to think about this sort of stuff, so don’t be afraid. The NHL would HAVE to give us an award for that, right? I’m pretty sure no other team has done anything like it. The Oilers could be game changers! 

I’m not saying we should get into conspiracy theories about HOW we can get these players injured to claim the theoretical prize from the league, but if it was going to happen, we only have 18 days left to figure it out. In order to secure a perfect record of injuries, the following players would need to get injured. (I’m talking players we’ve had since the beginning):

  • Taylor Hall
  • Leon Draisaitl
  • Mark Letestu
  • Darnell Nurse
  • Anton Lander
  • Mark Fayne

On another note, hats off to these guys for being the only ones not missing any games to an injury or illness this year… so far. These guys are the real MVPs, and should be admired by all for their willingness to play, and luckiness to not have a 220 lbs linesman fall on their knee or something related. 

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Actual Injuries

Besides Patrick Maroon, there were no new injury’s from this past week, so here is an update on the guys we already know about. 

  • Benoit Pouliot remains on the IR with his long term shoulder injury after crashing head first into the boards, a few weeks ago. No timeline on his return. As i explained last week, would you really rush any guys back from injury at this point in the season? There’s only a handful of games left and we are officially mathematically eliminated. 
  • It has been over a month now since Eric Gryba injured his knee. His initial timeline was a month, but as of now he is out indefinitely. 
  • Brandon Davidson is still out with a lower body injury and has no timeline on his return. The fact that no one is even talking about it makes me think he won’t return at all this season. 
  • Andrew Ference has not played with the team in a very long time, and will not in the future either. If you are just finding this out now, you should probably go back and read all my articles. 
  • We still have no word on when Oscar Klefbom will return this season, if he will even return at all. I’m sure he’s dying to get out on the ice again but Oiler’s staff will not rush him back. This sucks cause I’ve had a beautiful picture of him saved for like a month for his return. By the looks of it, I’m never going to get a chance to use it. 
  • Adam Pardy is still week-to-week with his hand injury after blocking a shot. He has been skating so hopefully he will be returning before the end of the season. Jonathan Willis touched on his injury a bit in an article last week and this is what McLellan had to say about Pardy’s injury:

Adam wants to play, badly. He’s got a hand injury from blocking a shot, and he’s able to skate so he wants to keep his legs going and his conditioning up as much as he can. The minute he’s good to play we’re going to put him in, because we’d like to find out a little bit more about him. He can’t run the risk of greater injury to himself and hurting the team, and I think he understands both of those situations. He’s very noble, he wants to maintain that conditioning level and we’d welcome him back quickly.

But seriously, have injury problems? Our friends at Capilano Rehab Centre will gladly help you out. You can contact them through their site, or call (780) 466-1104.

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