Thanks For Reminding Us

There’s no excuse for the performance we saw last night. Instead
of making a statement about the future of this club, the Oilers opted to leave
the fans with a scrap-book with cut-outs of failures a decade in the making.

Remember those times none of us showed up to play?

Remember those times we made replacement level goaltenders
look like All-Stars?

Remember those times we traded quality defensemen for magic

Remember all the fears you had about our sieve-like goaltending?

Remember them? Do you? Guys?

Yeah, we remember. Thanks for taking the opportunity to
remind us again though. Not sure it was needed, but no Oiler season is complete
without breaking our hearts in April. Mission Accomplished!

The mood of the fans after the game was foul. The frustration
was palpable enough that a lot of people gave their permission to the team (not
that it was needed, though it was given anyway) to trade everybody not named
Connor. Can you blame them? The second last home game of the year against the
city’s natural rival and they lay an egg. Pathetic.

It wasn’t just the fans who were angry about the way the
game unfolded. Todd McLellan had an epic rant about the bullshit (his word)
that his team has been up to for the entire season.

He was clearly embarrassed by the effort the players gave. Again,
who wouldn’t be?

Still, it’s times like this where I’m glad the Trade
Deadline has passed. Lord knows if a lot of people had their way the Oilers
would tear this whole thing down and start over. Trade Hall. Trade RNH. Trade
Eberle. Trade them all.

The Edmonton Oilers are in danger of throwing out the baby
with this filthy bath water. And make no mistake, this bath water is truly
rank and there are a lot of babies.

We’re looking around for people to blame this performance on
because surely someone has to bear the responsibility for this mess. And it’s
true, the players themselves have no excuse for their effort last night, but
let’s not confuse last night’s game with this whole season.

Jordan Eberle is to blame for that wretched attempt at a
back-check, but he didn’t assemble this defense. He didn’t injure all of his
most skilled teammates. There’s a lot of wrong with this team but the biggest
problems are about who’s not on the roster more so than who’s on it.

Going into this season there were a lot of outsiders looking
at the defense wondering how success was at all possible. On the most
optimistic evaluation of the blueline the Oilers still needed at least one more
impact defender.

Now with 50% less feet!

When Schultz failed to take a step forward, that one more
impact defender quickly turned into two more impact defenders needed. Then
Oscar Klefbom goes down to a broken hand and follows up with a nasty staph
infection. All of a sudden the Oilers are down three impact defenders.

There’s no long term success down that many quality
blueliners. As a quick reminder, the only two Oiler defensemen in last night’s
lineup who HAVENT spent time in the AHL this year were Sekera and Pardy – And Pardy
has only played 21 games.

It’s important that we separate the individual game from the
entire season. The two are not one and the same. Blast Hall. Blast Eberle.
Blast Nugent-Hopkins. Blast everyone involved in last night’s tragedy of a
game. But let’s take a minute to remember that it hasn’t been this bad all year.

Just the other day, McLellan was talking about how he was
happy that his team wasn’t “folding their hand” at the first sign of adversity.
I know it’s not popular to say this right now, but the Oilers don’t need to rip
down this rebuild and start over just because of a bad Saturday night game.
They need to make changes. They need to move someone who is very talented up
front to fill more pressing holes on defense, but that’s not the same thing.

Change is coming to the Edmonton Oilers. They can’t keep
going forward as is and hope to be a Stanley Cup contender. We knew that before
the team wasted my Saturday night playing the role of Spoiler to any possible
nostalgia I might have experienced.

  • madjam

    Last night was a reminder of what our team truly has been all year and last ten years to be honest – a cellar dweller once again . As fans we are disappointed that they could not do better . Even playing above their heads (maxed out) , this club is still at bottom of league . The cup is still basically empty and last night was a good reminder of just how far the club is truly still away from being a legit contender for a playoff spot . Consolation prize this year was our new toy – McDavid . Hopefully we lose last two games and get another bright new toy like Auston or one of the top Finns to watch next season .

  • Total Points

    It appears that Hall, Eberle and RNH also asked for a trade at the same time that Yak did.

    The three negotiated their contracts together (asking for 6M each).

    They come as a group

    I believe that they will leave together

  • McRaj

    Bradleypi is probably a relative of the core or MacT and Lowe. Throw him out of here. Or maybe he just accepts losing and wants Nolan Patric next year as well. If we’re fair weather fans then you are a pathetic fan.

  • OilCan2

    This season is another train wreck of injuries.

    We need five months of healing and horse trading to be even close to the middle of the pack.

    Connor McDavid sure has been fun to watch.

  • Blame whatever you like, the Oilers don’t know anything about how to win and what it takes to win consistently. Unfortunately our young vets (read 4-93-14) were saddled with the pressure of carrying an NHL team to victory against the big strong men of the western conference, and to nobodies surprise it didn’t work out. So now you have an old core that only knows losing and a new core that is beginning to go down the same road.
    It is critical that chiarelli removes the losing mentality from the team. How he does it I don’t know but games like last night simply cannot happen. It will likely involve trading some we don’t want to see traded, and some long talks with TMac on what tools he needs to succeed with the team moving forward.
    All I know is that if the team is back next year with the roster largely unchanged, I don’t see the team moving forward regardless if everyone is in perfect health all season.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    some pretty asinine comments on here! all i saw last night was a team full of players that didn’t looked like they cared whether they are traded or not, they weren’t going to work hard to try and win that game last night, they just folded their tent and went home. after 10 years of this crap i have had enough so let the trading begin!!

    • Randaman

      You are correct sir. At least six players either reaffirmed their trade request or put in their own request by their actions. They have been asking for four years now in some cases.

      Requests granted I hope.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I hate having to miss an Oilers game…but after seeing the score I hate to admit it but thank goodness I missed it!

    I hope this might be the last year of the ghost effort games we have seen all too often for the last number of years… I love my Oilers when they play with effort and heart – but when they don’t even bother showing up despite the fact they’ve had the worst record in the league the last ten years…that is just too frustrating to be able to watch, even for me!!!

    Can’t wait to see the changes Chiarelli makes to our roster for next year. Hopefully the biggest changes he makes is in the front office, and immediately too. Sorry, but I just don’t see a reason counting the ineptitude of the past, to keep former management around. I don’t think those are the advisors he needs around every day, and hope that becomes a thing of the past as well now! (Want more of the same, then keep doing what you’re doing!)

    The definition of crazy is…

  • Ed in Edmonton 1

    There are a few things you can count on from the Oil over the last few years. that is the Oil that have been “lead” by the core.

    1. Once every 2 to 3 weeks there will be a no-show.
    2. The higher profile the game the worse they play
    3. A 3rd period lead is panic time. No such thing as a safe lead.

    How many of the core will be gone, no-one not even PC can know. But whatever happens none of the “core” will be in a leadership position next year (here or anywhere else). Each has ability and can contribute in a supporting role, but not as leaders role where they need to show up every night or want the game on their stick.