Chris the Intern Investigates: Farewell Rexall Place

Intrepid reporter Chris The Intern headed out to Rexall Place before the final game at the old barn, to see what people had to say about their first game at Rexall, favourite Rexall memory and more! 

We want to hear from you too! What was your first game at Rexall? What are you gonna miss about the old barn? What AREN’T you going to miss? Any random stories or confessions you want to get off your chest? Let us know! 

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  • Chipper

    I will always remember December 14, 1979. It was the Oilers first NHL season and they were playing Montreal. My Dad and I drove in from Fort Saskatchewan for the game. It was about minus 30 C and Dad dropped me off as close to the doors as possible and he went and parked the car and walked in alone through the bitter cold to meet me in the Coliseum. Montreal were the defending champs and had won four cups in a row. The Oilers played a great game and won 5 – 3. When the siren went off to end the game, my Dad jumped into the aisle and punched his fist high into the air. It was a very uncharacteristic public display of emotion from him. Dad had grown up listening to Montreal on the radio, and seeing them pretty much every second Saturday on Hockey Night in Canada. They were never his team, he always liked Chicago. And now this upstart expansion team, OUR new NHL team had just beaten the dastardly Flying Frenchmen from “out east”. We walked back to the car together recounting the goals and saves, slapping each other on the back and grinning like a pair of fools. I don’t remember it being that cold on the way back to the car. It was a game we talked about frequently until Dad passed two years ago.