Connor McDavid Nominated for the Calder


In a surprise to no one Connor McDavid has been nominated for the Calder trophy. McDavid is going up against defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere, and 48-year old Antemi Panarin. Who will win? That is yet to be seen. Who should win? It’s obvious.

Games played. This whole thing is going to come down to games played. While no one would argue that Connor McDavid is clearly the best rookie to play in the NHL this season, his broken collar-bone will likely prevent him from taking Rookie of the Year. We may not agree with it, but life’s not fair. Anyway, according to the rules at

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The Calder Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League.

Finishing the season at 1.07 points per game sounds proficient to me, right? Not only was Connor McDavid the only rookie to finish the season at over a point-per-game clip, but he is also the only rookie expectedly to literally carry his team. Connor McDavid was the Oilers’ best player, and arguably one of the best players in the entire league. Best rookie? It’s not even close.

While I don’t think that Connor will win the trophy in the end, I would still bet Wanye’s money on him being the most impactful player among these three. At the end of the day, the Calder Trophy really doesn’t mean anything in terms of his career, and I would bet that a fair chunk of us Oilers fans are just annoyed that this is the only trophy that the franchise has yet to win.

Connor McDavid was our golden ticket to finishing off the trophy case. Unfortunately, the number under his games played column is fewer than that of Ghostbear and Panarin even though he is the most dynamic of the three players. As much as it would be nice to finally cross the Calder Trophy off of the Oilers’ to-do list, it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next first overall pick.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2015-16 Edmonton Oilers NHL 45 16 32 48 18 -1
NHL Totals 45 16 32 48 18

Why he should win?: He’s the best rookie. Period.

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Why he won’t win?: Games played, bruh. For real.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2014-15 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 2 0 0 0 0 -2
2015-16 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 14 2 8 10 6 -2
2015-16 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 64 17 29 46 24 8 6 1 1 2 4
NHL Totals 66 17 29 46 24 6 1 1 2 4

Why he should win?: Succeeding on defense, as a rookie, is much more difficult than it is for a forward.

Why he won’t win?: Games played could affect Ghostbear as well.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2008-09 Chekhov Vityaz KHL 5 0 1 1 2 -3
2009-10 Chekhov Vityaz KHL 20 1 7 8 16 1
2010-11 Chekhov Vityaz KHL 40 5 16 21 8 -6
2011-12 Chekhov Vityaz KHL 38 12 14 26 49 1
2011-12 Kazan Ak-Bars KHL 12 1 4 5 4 5
2012-13 Chekhov Vityaz KHL 40 11 7 18 22 -9
2012-13 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 3 0 0 0 2 1 14 2 7 9 0
2013-14 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 51 20 20 40 30 21 4 0 0 0 2
2014-15 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 54 26 36 62 37 18 20 5 15 20 4
2015-16 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 80 30 47 77 32 8 7 2 5 7 14
NHL Totals 80 30 47 77 32 7 2 5 7 14

Why he should win?: He shouldn’t. He played over 200 games in the KHL.

Why he won’t win?: He will win, and I demand that Patrick Kane’s name be inscribed on the trophy beside his.

  • Hockey Buddha

    All this talk about the KHL and WHA makes me wonder how long it will be before the KHL and NHL form some kind of a merger. It seems like a natural course of action. I’d really love to see the NHL expand into Europe. I kind of wonder why it hasn’t happened already.

      • Hockey Buddha

        That’s along the lines of what I was thinking. Not a lot would really change, except the draft. Add a couple of more conferences. Not every team has to play each other. But North American teams could go on a two week European tour during the season, and the European teams could play in N. America for a couple of weeks each season.

        If you shortened up the regular season (82 games is far too long anyhow) and involve more teams in the playoffs initially, I think you could have some more meaningful hockey games, and the end result could be that your team not only wins the Stanley Cup as the best team in the NHL, but it could also win an International title, by beating the best team in the KHL.

  • Wintoon

    What a bunch o whiners. Most of you sound like Leaf fans or, worse yet, Canuck fans.

    Are you all so desperate to win something, anything, that this mean nothing trophy is worth whimpering like little kids?

    Really pathetic.

  • MorningOwl

    McDavid doesn’t qualify, as he missed a major chunk of the year. I realizr that Oiler fans expect these things gifted to them, but unlike ice time on the Oilers, awards must be earned.

    McDavid is an “also ran” courtesy nod kind of consideration (unless you start cherry picking stats… Oiler-fan -kind of stuff), Conner is a footnote for the Calder. I know – Oiler fans will wet the bed over this.

  • kormega

    McDavid vs PO teams – 18 pts.
    McDavid vs non-PO teams – 30 pts.

    Panarin being an old Soviet is a funny argument though, because he was actually born two months prior USSR dropped)

  • That's My Point

    NHL wouldn’t give Gretzky the Art Ross trophy because he had less goals than Dionne also??

    Goals are worth more?

    Also don’t forget when the Nuge was Calder snubbed after tying for the most points as a rookie in 20 less games.

    Then Yak had the most points and also scored more goals than any rookie and was snubbed also.

    NHL HISTORY states: McDavid doesn’t have a chance.

  • IronX

    Further to me saying that the Ghost is the one who really deserves the award, by reading all this none sense now I hope McDavid doesn’t get it.

    Why do we get so hyped up about our player getting a trophy when our team sucked eggs and was 29/30 terrible and Toronto made a real effort at being worse, otherwise we would have been last.

    Do we really want to keep focusing on individual accomplishments instead of the team’s? That keeps fostering an entitlement culture and a carelessness for winning.

    If McDavid is the competitor I think he is , he doesn’t even want the Calder, he wants to make strides towards the cup. How do you stand up in any podium when your team (this is a team sport) finished close to last?

    If we are going to discredit Panarin because he is “old” let’s be careful on how we evaluate our “young core” too. They all have more experience and Panarin is a lights out player and news flash: it is very difficult to adapt to the northamerican game, look it up. Look how many KHLers made it successfully in the NHL the first year

    Come on guys, we are better fans than this. The Ghost for Calder. He earned it, he made his team better

  • AJ88

    Really can’t believe why ON is so concerned about the rookie of the year award. There is only 1 trophy to set your sights on. Looking at the bigger picture do you think the Oilers and McD are going to care that much, one way or the other? The Ghost would have my vote.

  • Rob...

    It does seem stupid that rules stipulate the minimum number of games played to qualify as a ‘rookie’ however voters are suggesting that McDavid shouldn’t win because he didn’t play enough games. Panarin qualifies as a rookie despite being much older and despite playing in a professional mens league for 6 flipping years, I get it. By the same token, Conner qualifies despite playing less than 50 games. In both situations voters should not be using those conditions to exclude the candidate as the potential winner. Look at who the best f’ing rookie is and vote for them. Enough said.

  • Spiel

    I think the voters will go with Panarin simply because of the points margin, McDavid will be the best player going forward, but I think on the whole Gostisbehere had the most remarkable season given position and how he impacted games for his team.

    • Rob...

      In a petty way I absolutely do not want Ghost to win it, given that Philly is the team that busted Connor’s collarbone basically taking him out of true contention in the eyes of the voters. Screw Philly and screw their fans. I hope they rot in the basement of the NHL for the next decade.

  • Dinojr

    Voters are quick to discard Panarins age being an issue. Why is that any different than games played? Seem like pretty equal issues to me. They should cancel out

  • Cletus Spuckler

    1. competent or skilled in doing or using something.
    “I was proficient at my job”

    synonyms:skilled, skillful, expert, experienced, accomplished, competent, masterly, adept, adroit, deft, dexterous, able, professional, consummate, complete, master…..

    Simple Definition of proficient
    : good at doing something

    I don’t see anything about games played in the definition of proficient……..

  • kormega

    McDavid GWG – Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Minnesota, Vancouver

    Panarin GWG – NYI, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Colorado, NYR, Boston

    Sorry Ghost fans but he’s not in debates here.

  • Curcro

    Thought you might enjoy this…

    “I disagree, but I adjust d stats because I think they’re more important (trauma from not having them). The degree of difficulty playing NHL defense is far higher, not to mention McDavid gets to play on a line with Eberle, Panarin gets to play with Kane. Ghost got to play with AMac.

    “Win Today and We Walk Together Forever”
    “It’s only gonna get phunner”
    “Cornell isn’t an organization. It’s a loose association of independent fiefdoms united by a common hockey team”

    by css228cornell on May 3, 2016 | 5:15 PM up reply”

    … so there you have it McDavid was good because of Eberle hahaha… what a load of rubbish.

  • Gordie Wayne

    I am at the point now where I don’t care about the Calder Trophy when it comes to the Oilers. We all know who the best rookie is anyway.

    One year when the Oilers least expect it, a 5th round pick will come out of nowhere and win it.

    Maybe that someone will be Ethan Bear…he is killing it in juniors right now.

  • misfit

    Even though it wouldn’t surprise me to see Gostisbehere win it, I actually think Connor is more likely to win the Calder than Panarin.

    I just worry that too many of the people who vote on these things are more afraid to look biased than making sure the trophy goes to the player who actually deserves it. Because of that, I could see a lot of the voting going something like this:

    “Well McDavid was by far the best rookie this year, but I can’t vote for him when he had almost 30 fewer points than another player in this class. So obviously I must vote for option C. He’s the 3rd most deserving candidate, but I won’t look bad if I pick him.”