WWYDW: Upgrading the Fan Experience


With Rogers Place set to open up in the fall it got me to thinking about what I hope is included in terms of amenities and the all around experience of being at the rink. Ticket prices are going up, and, as a result, I think the quality of entertainment at the rink should also go up and that’s where I need your help. I want to find out what you would do to improve the fan experience at Rogers Place, and for you to tell me what needs to be there and what would annoy you if it was left out of the plans.

For me, Rexall Place was a great ol’ barn but it wasn’t without its warts. The concourse was too small, the bathroom/beer lines were too long, the seats were too small in both width and length, and it always seemed to take forever just to leave. That’s not to say that I didn’t love that place, but there was definitely room for improvement and that’s what we’re here to accomplish. Essentially, you and I are going to put the finishing touches on this billion dollar space Costco and ensure that every night at Rogers Place is a great night regardless of what the score ends up being when you leave. 

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Free wifi


If there’s one thing that should be an absolute must at the new arena it’s free wifi. I don’t know how many of you are stuck in the same situation as I am, but whenever I’m at the rink my phone is basically useless. Sure, I can respond to text messages and play Angry Birds, but I want to tweet videos of the drunk guy that looks like he may fall down the stairs, ya know? Maybe the Oilers are getting killed the game is boring and you don’t want to go home because you spent a fortune on your tickets, but you’d like to throw on a quick episode of Friends to kill the time. Free wifi. Get it done. 

Road games reenacted with holograms so that every game is a home game

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Do you ever wish you could go down to the arena to watch games even when the Oilers are on the road? No? Okay fine. Just humour me here for a minute. Imagine that you could go down to Rogers Place to watch the hockey game and have it be broadcast onto the ice via hologram? How cool would that be? It would be like watching a game in virtual reality! Seeing hologram Connor McDavid torch pixelated defenders is a taste of the future that I think we’re all ready to see.

Private bathroom


As an avid beer hydrationist, there was no line more annoying than the bathroom line in between periods. To combat this problem, I think Rogers Place should have private bathrooms that are available for rent. Hear me out on this… Imagine you’re at your seat and you feel like your bladder is set to explode after your sixth crack beer, but you don’t want to wait in line. Now imagine that you have the option of renting out one of the many (fictional) private bathrooms for a set period of time. So what do you do? You pull our your Rogers Place app, find an available bathroom, and reserve it for the next 15 minutes for a nominal fee. Killer idea, right? Sure, some plumbing and further construction may have to occur for this to work but this is the kind of forward thinking that will make this arena successful.

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Flight attendant button


If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do during a game is get up from your seat to go get more beer. Sure, you could argue that taking a trip to the beer vendor prevents three hours of liquid courage from rushing to your head all at once, but I’m incredibly lazy and I need a flight attendant button of some kind. I need someone that is fully dedicated to my hydration. Just imagine the life of luxury you would be living if you were able to have your beers/burgers/nachos/entire menu delivered to your seat without paying to be in the rich sections? *whistles* That’s good living, my friends. Good living indeed.

Have the kitchen underneath the seats for tube food


I understand that some of you may think the flight attendant idea is a bad one because you wouldn’t want waiters cruising all over the place with food on a tray so I came up with a backup plan. What I’m proposing is that all concessions be moved into the bowels of the arena, and that orders are made through an iPad looking thing that’s attached to your seat. Rather than leave your seat to go get food you would simply place an order through the attached screen and your food would be shot up to your chair in one of those cool mail tubes. Not only would your food arrive to your seat without the unfortunate hassle of using your legs to go get it yourself, you wouldn’t even have to move! Not to mention, when you’re done with your dishes/food wrappers you just stick em back down the tube and they get blasted off into the sun… or something like that. 

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Alright so maybe some of my ideas may not be possible, but this article is all about YOUR ideas. Did I miss an obvious ‘must have’ for Rogers Place? Is there something that you’ve always wished was at the arena, but feared your deepest desires would be overlooked? This is your opportunity to show your creativity and build an experience for your fellow fans that will be the envy of hockey fans around the world. Say your piece in the comments and I’ll pick a couple random commenters to win a NationGear tee just for your troubles. Sound good? I thought so.