The North By NorthGretz Podcast – Goodbye Taylor Hall


This week the boys wax poetic about the loss of Taylor Hall, how much they dislike the Taylor Hall trade, what they’re going to miss about Taylor Hall and Chris The Intern gives his advice on how to forget Taylor Hall (plus a bit of Adam Larsson talk too) before a Taylor Hall heavy edition of #AskTheIdiots. Taylor Hall. 

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  • bcoil

    While you are discussing this trade you may wish to note that Dennis Potvin is on record as saying that although he thinks NJ wins this trade for the next two years that after that and over the length of their respective careers he thinks the Oilers win this trade hands down. He is very high on Larson and thinks that over time he is the better player in this trade.

    • Mitch92

      The Oilers essentially have traded a player whose best years are behind him for a player whose best years are ahead of him. Once Oiler fans get a look at Puljujarvi playing with McDavid and Lucic hockey will become fun again and Taylor Hall will become a distant memory to a dark time.

      • Zarny

        Best years are behind him? Are you really that dumb? Hall is 24. The best years for an NHL F are, on average, from 24-29. His best years are literally still in front of him.

        This is the kind of farcical mental gymnastics you need to delude yourself with to justify pissing away an elite F to not get a top pairing D.


    • BubbaZanetti

      Potvin isn’t the only one. There’s quite a few “hockey people”, guys who have actually played the game that have said similar comments.

      I wonder if it has something to do with the fact they played the game and understand what it takes to win ?

      Of course, that’s the same reasoning for the talking suits who hate the deal ?

      What could Denis Potvin possibly know about playing in the NHL….Seriously ??

  • #1 overall waivers pick

    Taylor Hall got traded to a team that has no chance of making the playoffs.

    The Long Game Ray Shero Must Play to Rebuild the Devils

    New Jersey Devils Have Long Rebuild Ahead Of Them

    Devils have failed in their defensive rebuild

    Lichtenstein: Devils Simply Lack Talent, With A Long Rebuild Ahead

    New Jersey Devils Prove That The Rebuild Is Here


    Ray Shero says his task is rebuilding Devils, not replacing Lamoriello

    While Kings have been a model of stability, much has changed for the New Jersey Devils in four years

    Early Success Complicates Devils’ Rebuilding Job

  • madjam

    We are no longer the Hall Oilers , as a new attitude has been installed with additions like Lucic , Maroon , Kassian and even Larsson . The club simply was not going in a positive direction under the leadership of Hall , and make no mistake he was our leader for better or worse . Will the new direction bring us better results as a team is the question ? If Puljujarvi works as well as expected or hoped for , then this year we may see upper movement even on the offensive side of things . Hall , the player , will be sorely missed , but Hall the face of the franchise not nearly as much , unless we continue to occupy basement of league .

    • Stack

      I don’t disagree with you but personally I see it as we are no longer the Mactavish/Lowe/Tambelini Oilers. The only positive thing to take away from those losers running this franchise into the ground is McDavid. I feel that a competent GM could have taken Hall Eberle and Nuge and built a solid team around them. The only reason I feel bad for Hall is I think he gave it his best and incompetent management wasted his talent by never surrounding him with the right supporting cast. Now Hall is going to a team that is in the process of a rebuild, Hall may not see a playoff game until he hits free agency and signs with a playoff team. We are now the Chiarelli Oilers and say what you want about the moves he’s making, he is making them, he’s not being a chicken poop like Mac T was.

      • madjam

        Had we kept Hall , and just added Puljujarvi and Lucic , would the attitude of team changed sufficiently enough to make us a competitor ? That would have given us a decent base around Hall , Eberle and Hopkins I believe . Seemingly Chia felt the head of team had to be sacrificed to enact his attitude change . Looked like Hall was gone either way ,and it was just a question of to whom and for what . He did much the same with Seguin . Hall for Larsson to initiate the attitude change and later Lucic to fascilitate it . Who knows for sure if others are in that Hall bout as well ?

  • Jofa

    Seriously guys, enough whining and moaning. The Oilers are getting bigger, tougher to play against and building a new identity that doesn’t involve a decade of being pushover losers. Larssen improves the defence significantly and is trending up. And the Oil just added Milan f’ing Lucic. Move on from Taylor, as the team itself is better now than it was at the end of the season.

    • kiaora

      For the first time in a long time I’m really excited about the season. we finally have a GM who isn’t making decisions with a view to “win trades” or “pleasing basement dwelling stat analytic bloggers”, but rather, has decided to implement his vision. By getting much bigger, much stronger, even our smaller players like Nuge (if he isn’t traded) and Eberle will be more effective with more room to play. Teams won’t just see a one dimensional rushing attack to defend against, they will face up not just against brilliance (CMD), but also against responsibility, hard work – we have some “Ryan Smyth” back in the team, they will need to sacrifice, feel some pain to try and beat us. I’m sure we will have bloggers on ON whining all year about how our improved results aren’t a result of the Hall trade and Lucic addition, but we will have improved results, this year we aren’t going to be in the running for last, and it’s because of this trade that PC had the guts to do. All the best to Hall, I’m sure he will do great, and that’s a good thing, but we needed a new direction. Bring on the season, Lets go Oilers.


    Anyone watch the Chiarelli/Lucic presser yesterday live? The Oilers T.V. cameraman accidently turned the microphone on 10 min. early!(He even did a sound check and didn’t realize it was transmitting live)

    So we got to hear Rashaug, Greger and others conversations off camera. I was just waiting to hear some “F” bombs(thought I did a few times) or throwing guys under the bus.

    Gregor was talking about someone still in Oilers management(before Chiarelli) who bad mouthed Hall and can’t believe he’s still employed.

    Anyways, it was cool being a fly on the wall.


    As much as I loved Hall in the points column I HATED him in, preventable giveaways, constantly losing puck battles, his patented stick poke check that rarely worked and left him either flatfooted or falling to the ice, on team Canada on his phone 99% of the time instead of being in the moment with his teamamtes and most of all when he would see one of his teammates being tag teamed/punched in the face and simply walk away.

    This is why I never bought a Hall jersey and why I never shed a tear. He was just a point producer to me and nothing more.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    @Stack….MacT never would have traded his “big 3” because he was in love with them and was convinced that he could win with them….all the while having no clue how to build a winning team around them. honestly, i know guys like MacT, Howson and Bucky are still under contract and to a certain extent have been put in roles they can now handle, but with the new arena upon us, i don’t know why they don’t purge this franchise of these guys and start as fresh as you possible can?

  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    I liked Taylor Hall he was easily my favorite Oiler to watch on a dismal team, his effort was almost always there. I wish him the very best and hope he has a great career. In four years he can come back if he wants this team should be a whole lot better by then. Right or wrong this team appears to be better but proof as always will be in the games ahead. Milan is a super charismatic fellow and welcome to Oiler nation.

  • oil.99.97.11

    Six years ago almost to the day, my daughter was 12, we were Oilers fans living in Calgary, and we ran into Taylor Hall in a local restaurant shortly after the Oil had picked him first overall. My daughter was immediately smitten, but far too shy to go ask for his autograph. When he caught her looking at him, he gave her that big Hallsy smile and a wink. Next day, she had me out buying her a #4 Hall jersey.

    She had never witnessed Oilers glory like her old man did growing up in Sherwood Park in the early ’80’s, but she had heard the tales countless times. Being raised in Calgary surrounded by Flames fans, her basement adorned with #99 jerseys, signed Stanley Cup banners, and plenty of photos of Oiler team euphoria after FIVE championship wins, it all seemed strangely historic to her.

    But there was that one unlikely 2006 Cup run! FINALLY, a father could show his daughter what it properly FEELS like to be an Oiler fan. It was magical, but sadly came up short. Surely there would soon again be a return to former Oilers glory that we could share together, no? No.

    So in 2010, with our first, first overall pick, hope sprung eternal. We of course bought our tickets for the first Oilers/Flames game at the Saddledome that October, and sat amongst a sea of red, me in my well worn Oilers jersey emblazoned on the back with “Stanleys” and “5” underneath, and her in her shiny new Hall #4 jersey. She also held up a clever home-made sign she had worked on all that day. It simply asked “Can 4 turn 5 into 6?”. We lost that night, the first of many.

    My now 18 year old daughter was devasted when she heard Hall had been traded. But over a couple cold beers sitting at the bar in her Dad’s favorite watering hole, she came to understand that although the answer to her young Oilers fan question some six years ago turned out to be “No, no he can’t”, she’s closer now then she’s ever been to seeing a young man in a blue and orange jersey hoist a Stanley Cup over his head. That jersey will have a #97 on the back and capital “C” on the front.

    Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, I’ll be in front of the TV at my daughter’s student-apartment to share together the beginning of the next era of Oilers greatness…against the Flames no less! Let the games begin!!! We’re back, baby!!!!

  • Oil City Roller

    I head Chia yesterday talking to Staufer and he made it sound like this might be the roster the Oil ice come October. I hope I’m wrong but there is no way this team, as it stands today, makes the playoffs next year.

  • Mitch92

    Anyone who is still butt hurt over the Hall deal needs to do a comparison with the Leafs Kessel trade. The Leafs basically handed a Stanley Cup to the Penguins while supplementing Kessel’s salary and in thanks Phil is going to parade the Cup around Toronto to show his gratitude. The Leafs also gave up Tyler Biggs, Tim Erixon and a second round pick in the deal. The rest of the return included Nick Spaling, Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, a first round pick and a third round pick. At the end of the day, Kessel netted the Leafs Kasperi Kapanen, who may never play a regular shift in the NHL and potential starting goaltender Frederick Andersen (acquired for the Pens 30th overall pick). The Leafs will continue to pay Kessel 1.2 million a year until 2021-22 while he continues to collect Stanley Cup rings with the Penguins. Of course it can be argued that the Kessel trade also helped the Leafs net first overall pick Auston Matthews but they messed that one up too because they scared the REAL big fish, Steven Stamkos away by drafting “their future franchise center”.

    Then in free agency The Oilers went out and immediately brought in a game changer in Lucic, a tough as nails winger who changes the entire dynamic of the team. What did the Leafs do? They signed Matt Martin, a fourth line pugilist who will protect their stars by yelling at offenders from the bench because he is not good enough at hockey to play a regular shift with any of the players he was hired to stand up for. Better watch your back the next time I get out there!

  • Oil diehard

    Glad to see change to the Oilers roster. We have been close to the bottom of the league for far to long not to make changes. As for the Hall trade I for one like the deal due to many things. One being that McDavid is going to be captain and I believe Hall even though he said he would be fine with this deep down wouldn’t have been. Second is we needed to change the complexion of the top forwards from all small skill to forwards with some grit and heart. Larsson is going to turn out to be a minute eating defenseman that is going to be worth every penny. We just have to wait and see over time as honestly no one knows what is going to happen in the future. As for the Lucic term being to long he is only 28 not 31, let’s just take this one year at a time. If in the first 5 years we win a cup I could give a crap about the deals length.

  • Derian Hatcher

    When I watch Hall play, there is no doubt he is a world-class talent. His skating alone is enough to drive defence back. But for me, there was always something missing in Hall. As stated many times, he would attempt low-percentage plays over and over. His unwillingness to even jump into a scrum to get his body between his team mate and an opposing player. Don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor Hall as a player but I can’t help but wonder if there is something else at play that is not obvious to the fans but is obvious to those on the inside.

    On another note, these moves by Chia (whether right or wrong) only further highlight how bad those “hockey people” before him were. I have to give him credit for even being able to look at MacT in the eye, let alone talk to him about the business of hockey, knowing that MacT was one of the many incompetents that created the mess that Chia is trying to clean up.

    I once had a boss that was so utterly incompetent but even more oblivious to that fact. I guess it would be nice to go through life thinking you are doing a great job – and not knowing any different.

    Welcome Lucic, Monster and Larson – Good luck in NJ Taylor Hall

  • Oil diehard

    Oh also I’m sure the coach was asked about the Hall trade and had his input taken into account. I think this trade maybe a good thing for yak also as from my eye no one seemed to pass him the puck for his one timmer. I noticed this early on in his career. I am not a yak or hall is better guy just about the Oilers team being better. Did anyone else notice this in the past?

  • Mitch92

    I see that Demers has signed with the Florida Panthers for five years $22.5 Million. Sounds like an overpayment that the Oilers should be happy they missed out on.