Oilers Announce Rookie Camp Rosters + World Cup Viewing

After being drafted fourth overall by the Oilers, in this springs’ NHL Entry Draft, Jesse Puljujarvi didn’t skate in the team’s summer orientation camp due to a knee injury. Now, his knee has recovered and Puljujarvi will be playing in the team’s annual young stars tournament. 

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While playing for Karpat in Liiga, Puljujarvi suffered an injury to his left knee on March 4th, 2016, and underwent surgery to correct the issue in May. The injury held the star prospect out of participating at the NHL combine, and, as mentioned above, also held him out of the Oilers summer orientation camp. 

While he was unable to participate in on-ice drills with his potential teammates, he tagged along on the trip to Jasper and ensured that he got in on the classroom instruction and team building exercises. Although Pulujujarvi has missed time, it sounds like the minor surgery shouldn’t be an issue for him moving forward. 

“He’s in the video meetings. He’s watching the practices. He’s in the coaching meetings. He’s understanding what it takes to be an Edmonton Oiler one day. This is all going to help him when he goes back home this summer. He’ll have some things to work on and hopefully come back and take a stab at being an Oiler.” – Oilers senior director of player development Rick Carriere to the Edmonton Journal in July.

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With Puljujarvi now healthy and able to participate in the Young Stars tournament, it will give the Oilers and their fans a chance to see him skate as an Oiler for the first time.

It is clear that Puljujarvi will factor into the Oilers’ plans this season, but it will be up to him to decide whether or not he wants to play in Edmonton or in Bakersfield. That being said, his skill set is one that has been lacking in the franchise for some time.

Rookie Camp


Wednesday morning, the Edmonton Oilers announced their rookie camp roster as they get set to head to Penticton for the annual Young Stars Tournament, running from September 16-19th. 

Camp will open on Thursday with medicals and fitness testing at Rogers Place before the rookies head across the border to Penticton. The camp will wrap up on September 21st, with the Oilers rookies taking on the University of Alberta Golden Bears in an exhibition game at the Clare Drake Arena. 

Among this year’s rookie camp rosters are several notable Oiler prospects including Jesse Puljujarvi, Tyler Benson and recent NCAA signings Drake Caggiula, Patrick Russell and Matt Benning. 

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Rogers Place to host WCH viewing party


On Sunday, Rogers Place will open its doors to the public and allow for a viewing party so Oiler fans can watch Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Connor McDavid and the rest of Team North America take on Team Finland.

Tickets to the game cost a mere $5 where you will watch the broadcast on the new scoreboard, which is the largest true, high-definition centre ice scoreboard in the National Hockey League.

Interested fans will be allowed into Rogers Place via the pedestrian portal (103 Ave./103 St) at 5:30 PM for the 6:00pm puck drop. Concessions will be open.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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  • Bennyboy

    The FIST thing I want to say is, this is my FIST time posting the FIST post!!

    What I really want to say is, can we not have any morons yapping about MacT and Klowe still running the team and that Chiapuppet is just the face…

  • Shredder

    Zach, you wrote: “That being said, his skill set is one that has been lacking in the franchise for some time.”

    What skill set has been missing? I guess I’m interested to know what his skill set is as much as I’m interested in your evaluation of the Oilers combined skill set. I kind of think of our team as a skilled/speed type of team. If it’s backchecking, we have a little of it with Nuge, and could certainly use a lot more, but overall this comment left me curious. Please elaborate.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I’m of the belief that there has been a lack of right-shot, right-wingers who are of Puljujarvi’s size and skill set. Would it be fair to say the last RW that was like him in the franchise was Jarri Kurri?

          • FISTO Siltanen

            Fair comment.

            My response would be:

            Guerin played 213 games (quick math, may be off by 2 or 3) for the Oilers. He scored 79 goals and 82 assists for the Oilers.

            Same number of games out does JP do the same for Oilers?

          • Oil drop

            In bill guerins brief time in Edmonton he was at his professional peak. I believe before injuries the weight guerin Smythe line was the highest score line combo in the league. If I remeberence correctly it was an issue for the oilers as a full 48% of team points come from that line.

            JarI KurrI was/is a legend guerin was during his time here arguably top 10 in the league certainly top 5 at his positiob*** when he was here peak form and all that

            Pulliarvi is an exciting and intesting prospect.


          • Bill Guerin:

            1263 GP 429G 427A 856PTS 1660PIM

            I like Puljujarvi and his trillion dollar grin. But this is a very high bar set by Bill Guerin – you can’t just wave a wand and say a player with zero games under his belt is going to blow past this mark.

      • The Dave

        I’m not sure Poolparty is a Sniper type of player though. Kurri could go inside or do tap-ins, but he could also rifle it in from range. Watching footage of JP in Liiga, U18s, and World Juniors I wouldn’t say I’ve seen him score too many goals with the big snipe (he has a couple but that’s it). I was actually most blown away by his passing, which is top notch. His shot is good but not great though – he can bomb it if he has space but really he’s more of a wrist-shot-from-in-close kind of guy than a trigger man.

        I think the Kurri comparable is Laine. I’m not sure who JP is, but he’s still really good. If he doesn’t make this team it will be because the Oilers have the option of sending him to the AHL, which is a more gradual transition. JP is really, really good.

  • TruthHurts98

    I don’t think JP will disappoint at camp. Can’t wait to see him play in the rookie tournament and this season. If they don’t have a RHD PP QB at the season’s start, I’ll bet they try him at the point. Not the worst option, but I’m hoping PC has a good trade coming to help shore up the D a little more. This summer seemed to drag on and on so I’m glad hockey is finally starting!!!

  • bazmagoo

    Is JP playing in Europe a possibility this season instead of the AHL? Seems like it might make sense for him to earn decent $ in Europe as opposed to $70K in the A. Thats never a popular option, but money matters.

  • Arod

    Man, if hockey doesn’t work out for Jesse P, he would look extremely realistic dressed up as the Joker in the next Batman movie!
    Frick, he should paint his face like the Joker for his first NHL game…

  • Oilerz4life

    Matthews looks more than NHL ready and man McDavid can sure control the play on the ice, even if he’s been snake bit so far. Mrázek looks like Scrivens when he made 59 saves against the Sharks and Polak is being a douche for a Worlds tournament. No reason to cross check McD head first into the boards.

  • @Hallsy4

    1. Great Article. Keep up the good work.

    2. I think if JP is as good as Guerin I’d be pretty happy. And if he’s better that’s unreal, the McD effect will help his pts. So happy we got him, exactly what we needed.

    3. Pretty sweet deal on the game, great idea. Us peasants are appeased.

    4. @BennyBoy, welcome to the brotherhood, brother. F!st of all, I do think Mac T and Lowe still speak with Peter Rabbit about hockey, I just don’t think he listens to the puppeteers anymore. I am pleased about the Jultz and Hall trade, cause MacT and Lowe would not have done that. He’s presenting a play to us sh!t puppets, and the sh!t winds are swirling, good times ahead. bLock, savour the mall. EVERYONE TO THE MALL

  • madjam

    Draisaitl on fire in the Europe Sweden match up tonite . 2 great goals already and he is flying out there .

    Sekara playing well also . Now to get McDavid going on team NA .

    Make that a hat trick for Leon with 1/2 a period left !

  • Redbird62


    I am a little late posting, but I would think Ales Hemsky would be the last RW with a similar skill set. Between 2005-2011, Hemmer was the 11th most prolific point producing right winger in the NHL on a points per game basis, and 8 of those ahead of him are likely headed for the hall of fame. If you say Hemsky is too small, he is listed at only 5 pounds lighter than Kurri and the same height, so neither is Puljujarvi’s size. A young Hemsky playing with McDavid would have been fun to watch!

  • Going to the viewing party here in Calgary at the Saddledome.

    BAAAAAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAA just kidding guys. The day people care about hockey here, to that extent, will be a cold day in Hell.