Pearson to have a hearing for Davidson hit

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced Monday that Tanner Pearson will have a hearing for his illegal check to the head of Oilers defenseman Brandon Davidson.

During last night’s win over the Los Angeles Kings, there was a scary moment just over halfway through the second period when Davidson got shouldered in the chin thanks to a late hit by Kings forward Tanner Pearson.

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Tyler Toffoli was in the neutral zone when he threw the puck towards Davidson who was along the right side of the Oilers defensive blue line. Pearson charged towards Davidson and ended up catching the Oilers blueliner in the chin with his shoulder.

Davidson went down on the play and was on the ice for a few minutes getting looked at by Oilers’ trainers. He was clearly shaken up and did not return to the ice. Last night, Todd McLellan said that Davidson was “day-to-day.” 

Here is the play in question: 

Last night, the Oilers also lost Iiro Pakarinen to a knee injury after he was hauled down awkwardly by Matt Greene behind the net. The two players went into the corner and Pakarinen’s leg twisted awkwardly as he fell. Pakarinen remained on the ice for severals minutes until he was helped off by trainers and teammates. 

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McLellan also said that Pakarinen would be out for “at least a month.” With the injury to Pakarinen, it now opens up the bottom-six a little bit more for players like Drake Caggiula, Kris Versteeg, Jesse Puljujarvi and maybe even Anton Slepyshev.

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The latest from Laing:

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  • AussieOil

    Dirty Play – totally unnecessary in preseason and regular season.

    Hope Davidson is back soon – very solid third line D who can move up the depth chart as required.

  • boil-in-the-oil

    I don’t really have a lot of faith in the group of ex-nhl-thugs that run the player safety department, to assign an appropriate penalty/suspension. We’ll see what the hearing reveals about the character of this year’s group.

  • Randaman

    Seriously, are we tired of this crap yet? Intentional or not, the NHL could learn something from the NFL. Doesn’t surprise me though considering Bettman’s pathetic stance because owners might have to look after their players.

    Rant over…

  • giddy

    There should be extra penalty assigned to Pearson for pulling this type of garbage in a meaningless preseason game. Ridiculous. He’s probably lucky he was ejected from the game.

    • FISTO Siltanen

      I 100% agree with this statement.

      Anything stupid in the preseason players will be suspended for the rest of the preseason and their suspension begins once the regular season begins.

      On top of that the NHL should handicap a team with suspended players. Tanner Pearson is suspended fine. The Kings play with 22 players. Some AHLer wants to make a name for himself with a stupid play tomorrow night. Fine. Now it’s 21.

      Teams would be VERY quick to start policing this crap on their own teams

  • OriginalPouzar

    I’m still extremely angry inside about that hit – it was such an unnecessary hit – a predatory hit – so dangerous.

    Sure, suspend Pearson, he absolutely deserves it but I’m more concerned about Davidson’s health and the impact this could have on the Oilers.

    I know he’s stated as day-to-day but that was the “diagnosis” right after the game and the full extent of concussions are generally not know right away.

    I don’t believe they practiced today as there was no media avail with McLellan and therefore no update.

    I’m anxious to hear the update tomorrow and I really hope he won’t miss any regular season time – his ability to play the right side is integral to this team’s success early in the season.

    Sure, suspend Pearson, great, but that doesn’t take away Davidson’s concussion.

  • Scootsy Doubleday

    I’m positive that his number was taken..
    Filed away for reference for a future date.

    I’m also positive they didn’t want any blood on the ice at a Kraft Hockeyville game.
    The hit was shabby… Looch gripping and ripping… while fun to watch…would have been a black moment..

  • Oiler Al

    So much for “harder to play against!Henbdericks is the only guy on the team that would have done something about it, if he was in the line up.

    Gryba.Lucic,Nurse, where were you…. oh ya joining the cup cake parade.

    Aside from the hit on Davidson, the entire team played like a bunch softies.

    • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

      In defence of Nurse, he turned his head to watch his man (toffoli) right before the hit happened.

      I’m sure he didn’t want another Polak incident to happen where he beats the ever loving piss out of a guy who really was kind of innocent and didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Reg Dunlop

    I get that everyone is frustrated with the head shot AND the lack of response on the ice but anyone remember Messier? When he did stuff like that nobody here shed tears for guys like Berezan or Kovin. I think Oiler fans are just fed up with losing and are quick to lash out at everything, from mgmt.’s moves and non-moves to ref’s calls and Drew Remenda. No fan base is more in need of a winning team. Except maybe Toronto where soon there will only be a handful of living fans who witnessed their last cup. Like when they trot out the last 100 year old WW2 vet on Remembrance Day, Hockey Night in Canada will interview some grizzled popcorn vendor from Maple Leaf Gardens about how great George Armstrong was.

    I hope Davidson is ok.

    • Oilersrule99

      Yes you are right ,messier did take care of himself and their were many more on that oiler team that could take care of the Gretzky’s and kurris
      Yes oilersfans are tired of having a team that rolls over, I don’t mind watching the oilers lose as long as they lose right and show some fight,effort and
      It can’t just be lucid,Hendrix,nurse,maroon,kassian and gryba when the game gets rough, guys like draissityl Larson,klefbom who have some size gotta get nasty As well

  • Oilersrule99

    The oilers better set the tone early, I’m getting sick of teams like low Angela’s getting away with obstruction and dirty hits
    There are no excuses for the oilers if teams start playing them rough with Hendrix,kassian,maroon,lucid,nurse and if Gryba signs this is what these guys are supposed to do go out hit clean and hit hard and if teams like LA want to come in and start crashing our guys well we’re going to crash back if it results in broken bones so be it as long as its clean ,
    These teams will start to think twice if their strategy is to scare the oilers out of the game and the refs are going to have to start reffing consistently

  • Nothing says “Bettman’s NHL” more than having a young guy beat cancer to play at the highest level of hockey, only to have that jeopardized by a headhunter who took full advantage of a vulnerable player during a meaningless pre-season game.

    • Oilersrule99

      It’s part of teams like the kings strategy against teams like the oilers over the last 8 years, it’s so systemic in their game plan that they resort to this game plan automatically not to mention their bench boss , you know that’s the game plan,nothing wrong with it if it’s clean hitting
      It sure would be nice to have one more guy like bygflien on the oilers blue line but as is the team should look alot better against the bigger rough teams in the league this year and it opens the game up alot more for guys like Eberle,Hopkins,and mcdavid.

  • Pouzar99

    The league is still way, way too soft on this stuff. They do the minimum for legal purposes, to avoid accusations that they don’t care about head injuries, but do not treat such plays as harshly as they deserve because they think rough, tough and dirty sells tickets, and because the owners don’t like seeing their players suspended.

    I expect Pearson will get the rest of the pre-season off, and with a bit of luck, maybe the first regular season game off, but probably not. So the Kings lose nothing and we may lose a key player for the season opener. NHL justice.

    I still prefer the idea that 1) Players like Pearson who do this in the pre-season get suspended only for NHL games, and that 2) As compensation for the team whose player is injured the first two games of the suspension be served by the player in the next 2 games against the injured player’s team. If there no further games that season between the two teams than it could be served in the normal way, and if they have one game left he should miss the next game as well as the remaining one against the injured player’s team.

    • I don’t think the owners like seeing their players out with injuries either so that is kind of a wash.

      If Hjalmarsson was banned one game for charging and the remainder of the preseason, I’d think Pearson gets at least that.

  • oilerjed

    Hits like this are exactly why I hate to see our Star players play in the preseason. There are more then a few careers AHL guys out there for no other reason to to get a cup of coffee in the bugs before heading back down to the AHL for the rest of their lives and try to make a statement anyway they can out of desperation. I like the idea posted above about losing the roster spot when a guy is suspended.

    Blindside hit, first contact was directly to the head, elevated when giving the hit. Text book suspension. The only thing that might save Pearson is the fact that he kept his elbow down. Should be 10 games but betcha its less then 5 and 3 of them are preseason.