McDavid named first star of the week

After an impressive first week to open the NHL’s season, Connor McDavid was named the NHL’s first star of the week.


McDavid came out flying to start this season by going 3-3-6 in the Oilers first three games. The Oilers opened their season with back-to-back wins against the Calgary Flames. In the first game of the regular season last Wednesday, McDavid did what he does best and put the team on his back carrying the Oilers to victory. 

He scored two goals, including the game-winner, as well as adding one assist in the teams 7-4 win. On Friday night, he again helped carry the Oilers to victory by posting one goal and two assists in the teams 5-3 win.

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Last night, McDavid was held pointless against the Buffalo Sabers.

With the loss came a decision by the team to postpone Monday’s CBA mandated day off to Wednesday and will instead practice on Monday. The team clearly needed it, and according to the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson “after talking to the captains, it was cancelled, with their input.”

Next up for the Oilers is a Tuesday night matchup against the Carolina Hurricanes. I would expect the team to come out flying, led by Connor McDavid who said after Monday’s game “We came out flat. It started with me, I sucked.”

Last season, the Oilers had two stars of the week during the season as Taylor Hall was named the third star of the week for the week of Nov. 2, and Taylor Hall was also named second star of the week for the week of Dec. 14.

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  • Kepler62c

    Great response by the coaching staff and the leadership group to whatever that was on Sunday.

    And a great job by Connor this week! First of many First Stars.

  • A-Mc

    Before the score got out of control, i was shaking my head at the effort the Oilers were putting forth. The 6-2 result comes as no surprise; I’m sure we all felt it coming within the first 10 minutes of the game.

    Todd was pissed. They better come out flying on Tuesday or else i can only imagine the chew session that will take place afterwards.

    • CMG30

      Never got to watch the game but I from what I understand, the Oil still haven’t shook the tendency to take games off. Too bad. I had hoped from the all the talk of the new attitude and swagger, that this was going to be a thing of the past.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    Louie Debrusk mentioned something in the Friday Pre-Game that players hate afternoon games because it messes with their routines/rhythms. 5PM MTN is 7PM Eastern – maybe that has a little to do with how relatively good Buffalo looked?

    Not making excuses as they are professionals after all but how much more do we drag our asses at work on days we have to start at 4AM when we’re used to working at 6AM?

  • BlueHairedApe

    Meanwhile, over at the Carolina practice, the coach had his players spending the entire time bouncing pucks into the net from the opposing blue line. A cardboard cutout of Talbot was placed in the net which, oddly enough, posted a .750 save percentage.

  • testyesty44

    Talbot has to be better and the rest will take care of itself.
    Pouliot HAS to stay out of the box. those offensive penalties are killing us
    That being said I think we are all better with Poo on the ice then inside of us