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The Leafs are in on every trade rumor, Canucks taking calls, Nyqvist somehow only gets 6 games, the Jets still have holes, Flames aren’t sure if they are buying or selling but March-Andre Fleury is not the answer in net, breaking down the potential moves in the Pacific and Central divisions and plenty more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.


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(Via the hockey

Report: Leafs in play on Landeskog and Duchene

Rick Nash could be a deadline fit for Leafs

How good are the Leafs January edition

Trading William Nylander is not a good idea

Assigning goal value to Toronto’s faceoff takers

See Pittsburgh: Does defence actually win Championships?


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Pat Quinn statue to be unveiled February 18

Lebrun: Teams ‘called on’ Hansen

It’s time to stop calling the Canucks ‘D’ a strength

Canucks: Fun with the CBA

Shocking: Ryan Miller struggles when he is overplayed


Wings deadline edition part 1

Wings deadline edition part 2

Deadline wish list

Nyqvist suspended 6 games for vicious slash on Spurgeon


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How to address organizational needs?

By the numbers: Jets have holes to fill at forward

By the numbers: Jets have holes on defense

The bye week can’t come soon enough

Pavelec’s poor play is actually his best asset


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Marc-Andre Fleury is NOT the Flames answer in net

Are Flames buyers or sellers?

Are the Flames actually progressing?

Nearing deadline, Flames goalie situation isn’t any clearer

Rookie season: How does Tkachuk stack up to Gaudreau, Monahan and Bennett


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Fire, brimstone and Milan Lucic

An Oiler Valentine’s day

The McDavid effect

Letestu: Mr. Versatile – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

Trade deadline: Pacific division

Trade deadline: Central division

Recapping the Nation’s Scandinavian adventure

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    • Arminius

      Ya had a decent NHL scheduling gifted week playing 2 teams on back to backs did ya? Cuz ya lost 4 of 5 before that right? Ooohh here they come. *slow golf clap* Congratulations lol Coilers ?

      • Jakethesnail

        Did you see the game last night? That’s how we need to protect our stars in Calgary and that doesn’t happen here.
        That’s what we need more of in Calgary!!

        • Arminius

          You mean the way no Oiler made Tkachuk pay all year long for putting Davidson on the shelf for who knows how long? Yeah that was something alright.

          I guess Davidson isn’t a star though so no one really bothered eh?

          Why didn’t Maroon do anything in Philly when McDavid got hurt? Wasn’t till McDavid cried about no one sticking up for him that 2 meetings later Maroon finally did something. Had to get shamed into it.

          • SSB1963

            Your such an A$$hat as far as not addressing Manning in Philly. Maybe you should go back and watch the game Kassian was all over him but he wouldn’t go.

            Go back and tend to your sheep.

      • Boom or Bust

        You still trying to spout crap…we swept you idiot!! Plus your far behind us in the standings and your star players suck. Go back into your hole Arminuass

  • freethe flames

    As we wait for deals to be made at the trade deadline one can only speculate as to what are favorite team will look like come March 1. Will the Flames address our glaring needs? Will the Oilers find a back up goalie and address their needs if they want to try and make a push in the playoffs? The team I think that could make a big splash is Anahiem; with their depth on D and their need for some more talent upfront they well could add a high end forward and if that happens they could be very hard to handle.

    Also see the Leafs have made some cap space available; are they going to try and make a big push?

    Personally I can’t wait for some of the Dominoes to fall.