Thank You, Nation! The #RIPDOD Party is Sold Out

As you guys know, we’re throwing our biggest party ever at the Pint Downtown presented by Cornerstone Insurance and we sold out again because of your amazing support. As you know, we donate proceeds from our parties to charity and the Alberta Alzheimer’s Society couldn’t be more excited to put this money to good use. We couldn’t make these parties happen without you and I can’t wait for your guys to get to the Pint tonight to take part in the evening and also to check out the mountain of prizes that we’ll be giving away.


To all of you Nation fans that bought tickets to tonight’s party we can’t say thank you enough and I look forward to meeting as many of you as humanly possible. I also want to thank our sponsor family that stepped up to the plate in a huge way and provided us with all kinds of swag and giveaway items. We’ve never had so much stuff to give away before and our event sponsors deserve a huge round of applause for making it happen.

For the 100th time, I want to salute all of you for sticking with us through the tough times and I look forward to what the future holds for both the Nation and our community. As for tonight, I look forward to partying with you until the Pint kicks us all out. Be sure to get there early because the place is going to be absolutely slammed and we’re starting the prize giveaways as soon as the doors open. See you at 5pm.

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