Oilers Fans Sing the American National Anthem

Can we take a quick second to talk about Oilers fans singing the American National Anthem before tonight’s game against the Anaheim Ducks? That was pretty spectacular.

Every year, there are always stories that seem to come out where pockets of people boo the Canadian or American National Anthem. Tonight was not one of those nights. Rather than boo the USA anthem, the fans at Rogers Place did they complete opposite as they sang the entire song from start to finish. When Brett Kissel’s microphone died, the crowd had his back, jumped in and knocked the anthem out of the park without the help of any lyrics. That wasn’t a planned thing, but that was just some high-quality improv by the Edmonton faithful and a proud moment for the city.

You’re going to want to take another look at this one.

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The owners of the Anaheim Ducks released a statement congratulating Oilers fans for their passionate rendition of the American National Anthem.

    • Oilerz4life

      In ’06 the Americans booed the Canadian national anthem, so fans in Edmonton turned around and cheered the US anthem when the series came north. They didn’t boo our national anthem after that.

      • Devolution

        Watch the video. It was working just fine, even when he said, ‘Hey, is this thing working?’ you could hear it. Pre-planned, scripted, like 90% of all reality tv. If you google it you can see that his name has gone viral, which of course was the point of the whole thing.

          • Cheap Shot Charlie

            I’m not saying it’s wasn’t cool, but watch the video. He tries twice to get the crowd to get into it (see 0:13). Kissel is a better singer than actor. I give full credit to the fans and Kissel for doing this, but don’t tell me that the “sound issues” weren’t put on. Why would the mic work on the broadcast but not in house? Saying that the mic wasn’t working and that’s the reason Edmonton did this was a cop out. Just give the fans credit and don’t dramatize it.

    • Connor's Better

      They had audio issues all night. Warm up music cut out which was weird so everyone started chanting lets go oilers. Then for both anthems the mic wasn’t working and the first stoppage. Quiet an odd night at Rogers for audio. Issues all over the place.

      • Cheap Shot Charlie

        Sorry man, I can’t believe that wasn’t all just set up. Explain to me why the crowd got loud when he starts to sing and puts up his hand at 0:13. You couldn’t hear that? Also, singers who usually sing the national anthems and have mic issues will get a 3-10 seconds in to allow the sound guy to fix issues before throwing in the towel. It’s cool Edmonton sang but we look like frauds to anyone who sees that from outside out fan base. Good on Edmonton for singing, good on Kissel for making it work, good on OEG for trusting us enough to pull it off, shame on anyone trying to sell it as the mic not working.

  • flutie

    Staged? Not a chance. The audio in the video was obviously what was heard for the broadcast – not in the arena. It bums me out that people are trying to downplay this amazing moment of class and sportsmanship. A huge amount of credit should go to Brett Kissel for the way he handled a potentially awkward and embarrassing moment. And the fans…and us…just wow. I thought I was proud to be an Oilers fan before. But holy jumpin’ jahosafats, we just stepped it up a notch.

  • Lucas McDavid

    To the conspiracy theorists; why would they want to risk leaving the singing of the US anthem, to the crowd? I know if they were relying on me, I would have had to hum about half of it. (no disrespect to the Star Spangled Banner!) That would be a BOLD move, indeed.

        • Cheap Shot Charlie

          I disagree it was a risky gamble. I bet over 80% of Edmonton fans know the anthem. And if we didn’t he would have just gone back to the microphone and they could have kept it cut out. Then the “mic didn’t work” story would have held water. Now we just look like a bunch good fans who can sing the American national anthem with an anthem singer who lies about why we did. Give the fans credit, they did good.

      • Seriously Bored

        You need to explain exactly how he managed to stage that. He does not set up his own mic or have any control over whether it works or not. I am not a fan of country but from what I have heard of his interviews and him I seriously doubt he would do that.

        • Cheap Shot Charlie

          Here is how it works…The sound board upstairs controls the volumes that come out of the mics and from the played music. It would be easy to fade the music in warm up or better to unplug (slowly) the input. This would cause a faulty signal that everyone could hear and know that “something isn’t right”. You’ll notice that Kissel doesn’t have a ear bud in, which often musicians will have as a monitor (to monitor their voice/instrument). When he goes to sing the anthem, you’ll notice he quickly sings “O…” 2 times. As he pulls he looks at the crowd. He returns to the mic and says “Is this working?” He checks the back of the mic but the on/off switch for the Mic is not there, it’s 1/2 way up the mic. I’m not sure what he’s doing but he’s not checking the mic. You’ll also see that he doesn’t play his guitar or sing to give the sound guy a chance to fix the issue. Usually, the guy working the board can deal with faulty mics within a few seconds. Also, it’s common practice to have a back up mic on hand (within a few feet) if the microphone stops working. Anyone who believes the fans sung the national anthem because a mic wasn’t working is uneducated on the production side of musical entertainment. Anyone who believes the fans couldn’t carry this out is uneducated on how great Edmonton Oiler fans really are. The fans should get credit for this, not a faulty microphone.

          • Bagged Almond Milk

            OEG is trying too hard to make a gimmick… I wouldn’t be suprised if it continues and it’s Edmonton’s new “Thing” in the playoffs….. Honestly, having the crowd sing the Canadian anthem is cool, but it’s borderline on “trying too hard” by OEG…..

  • KHR

    Good God, there must be run on Tinfoil in the city right now. I’m pretty sure that everyone who thinks it was faked watches that Ancient Aliens TV show as if it was National Geographic. I was at the game . . . not faked, not staged, just a moment worth remembering.

      • Cheap Shot Charlie

        Sorry baggedmilk, but knowing how the Oilers’ head office have worked in the past I don’t think we can trust them. We actually might not even be in the playoffs and they just have players look-a-likes playing in opposing jerseys. Whatever it takes to sell a jersey…and it works!