Canada’s Team?

This morning, our very own Chris the Intern joined CTV’s Ben Mulroney to talk about why the Edmonton Oilers should be Canada’s team.

When asked why the Oilers should be Canada’s team, Chris covered a range of reasons from being able to sell out watch parties when the team is out of town, high-fiving strangers in the street, and seeing car flags and jerseys all over the city.

Check out the full video:

What do you think, Nation? Who is Canada’s team? Do you even care?

  • fisherprice

    No. There is no Canada’s team. Just as I would never cheer for the Flames or Canucks in the playoffs, I would never expect fans of those teams to cheer for the Oilers. To suggest otherwise is to misunderstand sports fandom altogether.

    • Gravis82

      Agreed. Even the term ‘Fan’ is based in ‘Fanatical’. We are irrational beings who only care about our own sports related interests. The media and casual fans find a “Canada’s Team” to cheer for because they don’t have one or need something to write about.

  • Hemmercules

    I refuse to cheer for any team that isn’t the Oilers, unless I have money on another team and even then I dont care much for that certain team other than wanting them to win me some money. I have to say though, an all Canadian matchup in the final would be awesome.

  • blark

    According to the mainstream media it seems like the Penguins are Canada’s team. They get primetime starts broadcast free across Canada on CBC whereas the Oilers get the unbelievably late start times (especially for East viewers) and only on a paid subscription channel (I’m not sure what they Sens situation is). Seems a little uneven.

  • DarknessMyOldFriend

    There’s no such thing as Canada’s team, sports are meant to breed intense hatred of rival teams. I will cheer for anyone playing Calgary or Vancouver. If Calgary or Vancouver play each other, I cheer for Team Sweet Meteor of Death.

  • YFC Prez

    Canadas senior team plays very soon in the iihf. We also have the iihf juniors every year where we can chear for Canada’s team. The Olympics ( granted will not be the same next go around) worlds etc. There are many chances to cheer for Canada’s team.

    If the habs were in and Oilers out I could get behind them. But the leafs flames and Canucks not a chance. I don’t expect division rivals fans to cheer for our team just because it’s in a Canadian city.

  • A-Mc

    “Chris, Why should the Oilers be Canada’s favorite team?”
    Chris: Our captain was actually born in Canada!??!. Theirs isn’t even from this CONTINENT. Secondly, Our best player DADBOT, was born with a maple leaf in his heart, and beer in his veins. That scrub Craig was born in a bum town of 34,000 people down in Illinois. We have more fans crammed into Rogers and in nearby bars, than Park Ridge illinois has citizens.”

    *drops mic* (or) *cracks a beer*

  • Gravis82

    Why do we need a Canada’s Team? I am fine not cheering for teams I don’t like, even if they are in Canada. I am a fan of the Edmonton Oilers and not a fan of their opponents. I guess this makes me an Oiler fan, not a hockey fan, which I am fine with. I dont watch any NHL hockey games of other teams, no time and no interest.

  • 916oiler

    I think Canada’s team should be whoever is going deepest in the playoffs in any given year. The Flames are the exception – never will they be cheered for, ever.

  • Frank Rizza

    I hate all other Canadian teams. Of course I hate the Flames, Canucks, and Leafs most but I could never cheer for any Canadian team. I’ve always liked the Rangers so I would say they are my so-called second favourite team. If the Oilers aren’t in it, then I’m usually cheering for the farthest team away and like this year when the Oilers have a chance, I’m just cheering for injuries to every other player on every other team, just in case we play them.

  • corky

    This Canadas team is time filler for a fluff morning show. Cheer for who you want. Are the Raptors Canadas b-ball team? I dont hear jack about them and their stories are buried in the sports pages. Sports is more global than ever.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Don’t care. And I’m not sure why so many others do.

    Maybe it’s my age. If you’re like me and you grew up as a teenaged Oilers fan in the 1980s, this whole notion of a “Canada’s team” is still a bit strange, even decades later.
    Back then (wow, I sound like I should be in a rocking chair), NHL hockey in Canada was wonderfully tribal, especially out west. There were four Canadian teams in the Smythe Division and, because they saw each other a lot during the regular season and playoffs over the years, there were lots of rivalries. It never occurred to us that we’d ever cheer for Winnipeg or Vancouver or Calgary (obviously).

    But it wasn’t just a regional or divisional thing, either. I hated Montreal almost as much as Calgary, mainly because I was brought up that way by my Dad (he grew up in New Brunswick, where you rooted for the Habs or the Bruins; my father fell in the latter camp). I didn’t mind the Nordiques, but that might only be because I hated the Habs so much.

    The Leafs? Thanks to Harold Ballard, they were more laughable than hate-able in the 1980s. Oh sure, we all saw way too much of them on Hockey Night in Canada, but I don’t ever recall much hatred for them.

    But there sure was a lot of hatred for the Oilers back then.

    I’ll never forget Game 7 of the Oilers/Flyers series in 1987. At the time, there hadn’t been a Game 7 in the Cup final in, like, forever, so the CBC decided to send reporters out to bars and taverns across the country to see what kind of a “unifying” event this was. As I recall, they went to bars in Vancouver, Regina, St. John’s and maybe even Toronto to ask the patrons bellying up in front of the TVs, beers in hand, who they were cheering for.

    The results were hilarious. No one … and I mean NO ONE … was willing to say they were cheering for the Oilers. For this one night, it seemed like the only hockey fans across our great Dominion were Flyers fans… and in places where there shouldn’t have been Flyers fans at all.

    The Oilers won Game 7, of course and the next day, the Edmonton Sun’s Stanley Cup pullout tab had an article from its TV/entertainment reporter noting that if there was one thing the CBC’s bar-hopping venture proved, it’s that the Oilers were almost universally hated in Canada, from sea-to-shining-sea.

    So yeah, every time I hear people say they’re cheering for the Canadian team that’s left in the playoffs, I think of May 31, 1987 and CBC’s decision to explore the hearts and minds of hockey fans outside of northern Alberta.

    The lesson is this: You’re under no obligation to cheer for other teams because they’re in Canada, and their fans are under no obligation to cheer for yours. Canada’s team is the one at the Olympics, not the NHL. Never forget that.

    • I'm too tall for this @#$%

      Right there with you bud. Whole list of teams I could never cheer for, with Calgary and Vancouver up at the top. Don’t want their fans cheering for the Oil either. That’s just wrong. You never cheer for the division rival.