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Everything is Happening

The great Bob Cole knows how to sum up the action of the NHL playoffs in a few words. One of his most famous lines is, “Everything is happening.”

Which sums up last night’s overtime victory for the Anaheim Ducks.

The Edmonton Oilers controlled the first period. They were fast, physical, and Connor McDavid was brilliant on every shift. The Oilers led 2-0, but missed many more glorious chances. They could have been up three or four goals.

But the Ducks didn’t wilt and they responded by outshooting the Oilers 21-5 in the second period.

Much of the post-game focus was on the Ducks’ first two goals.

Ryan Getzlaf scored 1:37 into the second frame. Corey Perry made contact with Cam Talbot just prior to the puck going in. The referees and the NHL video replay room looked at it. They determined it was incidental contact because Perry and Talbot’s skates made contact when Talbot’s foot was outside the blue paint. There is no disputing that when their skates touched, Talbot’s was outside the crease. What wasn’t 100% clear was if Talbot’s blocker was outside the crease when Perry touched it. The final decision was a good goal.

I understand if Oilersnation was frustrated by the call. There was clear contact, but under the rules if it is deemed incidental contact when the goalie was outside the crease, which his skate was, the goal will stand according to rule 69.4. You can read the entire rule 69 breakdown here.

69.4 Contact Outside the Goal Crease – If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, other than incidental contact, while the goalkeeper is outside his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.
A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an attacking player makes unnecessary contact with the goalkeeper. However, incidental contact will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such unnecessary contact.

What it doesn’t state clearly is whether the contact after the incidental contact (skate on skate) can overrule the initial contact. Kerry Fraser will join me at 2:20 on TSN 1260 to discuss the rule and decision. There was clear contact.

What I do know for certain is that if Jordan Eberle was able to get the puck out on two separate occasions, then Getzlaf would never have got a shot on goal and there would be no review. Eberle was demoted to the fourth line after the turnover, so clearly Todd McLellan felt it was a bad play.

The Ducks’ second goal looked like it might be offside, but I don’t think anyone can say with certainty it would have been disallowed if the Oilers had a timeout remaining to challenge it. However, they didn’t have a challenge. Many thought Silfverberg’s goal (the fifth goal of game) in game five was offside. They reviewed it and the goal stood.

What I hope happens this summer is at the very least they eliminate the “skate off of the ice” as a reason to be offside. It is idiotic. The player is not further in the zone, his skate is still onside in my eyes, because it is not inside the blueline. Perry’s skate was off the ice in the still shot, but still shots don’t always tell the truth. Plus we have seen numerous different interpretations of what is deemed offside and what isn’t.

What I do know is the Oilers were out shot 21-5 in the second period. After allowing the first goal they went into a shell and it hurt them. They stopped moving their feet like they did in the first period. They weren’t winning races to pucks. They had just dominated the first 20 minutes, so we know they have the ability to control the games , or at least stay even.

To their credit, they tied it up late. Drake Caggiula scored his first career playoff goal and the building was electric again.

Was the OT goal icing? I don’t think so, because 15 times a game a player is a stride from centre, dumps it in and there is no icing. It was close, but Oscar Klefbom still got to the puck cleanly and moved it to Adam Larsson. Unfortunately, Larsson fanned on his clearing attempt and it went right to the Oilers killer, Getzlaf. This morning Klefbom told Jason Strudwick he didn’t think it was icing, and he was on the ice.


I love the fact I’m in a building watching games that matter, and listening and reading to a fanbase completely consumed in the playoffs. It is refreshing. Damn rights it is frustrating for fans. Even my wife, who is usually very calm, was a bit fired up about the game. Passion is great and I can understand those frustrated with the calls, but hockey will always have some unpredictability, whether it comes from the players, coaches or officials.

Everyone will see something slightly different. In the press box, I was sitting beside Craig Button and Frank Seravalli from TSN. Button thought the goal would be disallowed while Seravalli thought it was a good goal. Neither of them had any emotional attachment to the game. It illustrates how we can view things differently, even in slow motion.

The range of emotions in the Oilers dressing room varied as well. Talbot, who is usually very calm, was slightly irritated. He wasn’t seething, but he obviously didn’t like the call.

“It try to play with integrity in my game, I’m not a guy who is going to flop and dive and try to get calls. But if those are the goals that are going to count when I’m trying my best to make a save, then maybe I do have to flop and dive and get those calls like all the other guys,” said Talbot.

McDavid said. “I thought there was contact, but there is nothing we can do now. We just have to come put and play like we did in the first period. They are a good team, but so are we, and we have to avoid major mistakes.”


May 3, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf (15) looks for a rebound beside Edmonton Oilers goaltender Cam Talbot (33) during the second period in game four of the second round of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Experience is hard to define, and each player will use it differently. Getzlaf has been the best player in the series. He was incredible last night, but he hasn’t always dominated in the playoffs.

“I love the playoffs. There are no guarantees. I’ve been on the losing end and it sucks. What I’ve learned now is to not try and do too much. I can’t control if my linemate will do this or that. I used to worry about doing everything, and that got me into trouble. I’ve learned to only focus on what I can do and I think it has helped,” he said last night.

He played his 112th playoff game last night and it was his first ever multi-goal game in the postseason. I asked him when he started worrying less and he laughed and said, “I honestly can’t say which year, but I know it took me a long time. I knew I should only focus on myself, but your emotions are so amped up in the playoffs, that in any game I could find myself reverting back to trying to do too much.”

So even with ten years of playoff experience, Getzlaf still has to battle to stay within himself.

Many of the Oilers best young players are experiencing the emotional rollercoaster of the playoffs for the first time and we’ve seen drastic changes in their play. They’ve proven they can play disciplined and dominate. They’ve also had games where their emotions got the best of them and they became undisciplined, and other times they were overwhelmed by the opposition.

Even a veteran like Milan Lucic has let his frustration show. It happens. Of course you want to stay composed all the time, but when emotions run as high as they do in the playoffs, the unpredictability of a player’s actions or decisions is what makes the postseason so intriguing.

“We’ve got to find ways between periods to adjust, recover, and get back out there and push,” said McLellan this morning.


Honestly, I have no idea. The Ducks are feeling great, and the Oilers are frustrated, but once the puck drops in game five it is a completely different game and there is no carry over from games three and four.

Last year the Ducks lost game one and two at home to Nashville. Then they won games three, four and five. Everyone thought they would win the series, but the Predators came back and won game six at home and game seven on the road.

The exact same scenario — lose two at home, win three, then lose the final two — happened to the Ducks versus the Kings in 2014.

Will history repeat itself?

Fourteen of the Ducks’ current roster lost to the Predators last year, while Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan Kesler, Cam Fowler, Hampus Lindholm, Rikard Rakell, Andrew Cogliano, Jakob Silfverberg, Sami Vatanen and John Gibson were on the 2014 team.

Their core guys have lost both series. Maybe they will learn from it, or maybe it creeps into the back of their minds. Who knows how it will impact them, but if the Oilers want to win two of the next three, they need to find a way to contain Getzlaf. He is crushing them.

They also need to avoid long stretches of poor play. They’ve proven they can control the game, as have the Ducks. The Oilers need to try and eliminate the glaring mistake — they led directly to four Ducks goals the past two games. Mistakes will happen, but when they are five-star errors it usually results in Talbot fishing the puck out of the net.

Make sure you hydrate. You are in for another wild, emotionally-charged game Friday night at 8:30 mountain time.

Are you having fun yet, Oilersnation? I hope so, because from my seat this is a hell of a lot more exciting than watching a draft lottery on TV.


A shout out to the two fans sitting behind the penalty box who were wearing “White Gloves.” Someone should set up shop selling white gloves outside the arena before game six. You’d make a killing.

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  • Gravis82

    There are plenty of goals that are not scored that players make awful plays on, that we dont talk about at the same frequency or detail. There is a bad play every minute of a hockey game where someone out competes someone else. If 100 calls a game were all awful calls, you could technically deflect the narrative in each bad call to the fact that someone should have just made a better play. But the fact remains that it was a bad decision by the NHL, so lets call a spade a spade. There is always someone that should have made a better play at any moment on either side, and that is not relevant to the discussion on the goalie interference.

    I would be ok with this call unfortunately and agree with the reasoning here, if the NHL had not reversed goals on weaker infractions during the regular season. They did not have the courage to make a reg season call in the playoffs, as usual. McLellan challenged because there was every indication that this would be successful based on past experience. Because of this, we were not able to challenge a more blatent offside call.

    NHL should own up to this, for the sake of their fans and the integrity of the game. But it wont happen.

  • geoilersgist

    I’m loving the ride, but sweet baby heyzeus the officiating has been awful. When all the sportsnet guys were even saying it would be disallowed there is no way. Sure Eberle shouldn’t have made that poor choice, but had that goal not counted the crowd would haven’t have been taken out of it let alone that 5 minute break that ruined the flow of the game. I can’t stand blaming the officiating, however the officiating is dictating the outcome of the games. Weak calls against the Oilers yet Getzlaf is allowed to interfere, trip and crosscheck guys and no calls. The NHL is a joke.

  • Randaman

    That first goal should’ve been disallowed but… Eberle is the goat here and no call out?? Again?? He was a scared little boy when he gave up that puck because he might get a boo boo. He quit on his teammates last night. Inexcusable!!!

    • Shameless Plugger

      I wish some one in the Edmonton media had the gonads to call out the officiating. Carlyle whines about calls and boom two in the first 10 minutes of the game. The Oilers had a pp late in the first then nothing until the very end of the game ( Letestu had to point it out to them). Are you telling me the Ducks didn’t commit one foul for almost two whole periods? Man up grow some balls and call out what is clearly biased officiating. It’s bordering on ridiculous now.

      • CMG30

        Clearly and it has been for a while. Sure Getzlaf is having a great series, but I’d be having a great series too if the refs would let me hook and grab anyone who came near.

        • He would have about twenty penalties if he was wearing our silks. Defending either Eberle or officiating has turned into nobody is buying what you are selling. The officials stole that game and many others during the year and will continue to do so at their own discretion or instructions from head office.

      • Just like the 7-0 drubbing by the Sharks, Right after Pavelski had his little chit chat with the referee, all of a sudden we are shorthanded for long stretches, while they apparently all turned into Lady Bing finalists. The evidence to refute this, does not hold water.

        • oilerjed

          In the Sharks series they could at least fall back on their season average, which was in the top 5 lowest Penalties per game. Anaheim wass one of the most penalized teams in the league and the first round. What changed?

      • O.C.

        I posted this elsewhere but it fits well here. (I agree that our MSM needs to grow a pair or two)

        Dear Edmonton Media:

        Until you ask the fair, hard questions along with the cliche softballs, you are irrelevant and not doing your job. Hint: Read what a “reporter” does to fulfill their duties.

        Let me help you.

        “So Jordan, after taking a public berating from your coach with a duty to two things last game, and one of those was not to give up the puck in your own end but ensure it is cleared out, how do you explain your numerous giveaways on that shift for Anaheim’s 3rd Goal?”

        Do your job please.

        • Mitch

          This is 100% true. We were given a warning after we did it for the first penalty. They told us if we did it again they would remove us. During the intermission I spoke to security again and they were adamant that if we did it again we were out. We weren’t even touching the glass. We were just waving our hands. They told us that we were being offensive, I never saw if anyone did anything offensive but I know i was only waving my hands. They actually told me to take off the white gloves while I was sitting next to the box. I told her it was my right to wear them.

          • Orm Nullman

            That is so pathetic. Thirty-five years ago game 2 of the Camb
            ell Conference final, in Chicago, Vancouver’s coach Roger Neilson felt the refs were unfairly penalising the Canucks. He got a white towel put it on a stick and started waving it around in mock surrender and was subsequently ejected from the game. Game 3 back in Vancouver and thousands of fans were waving white towels starting a tradition we still see today. I wonder if we would see the same thing nowadays or would the powers that be just try to stop it like they seem to be doing according to Mitch. That is pretty sad if you ask me.

            I think it would be great if all the fans going to game six took white gloves and put them on at the start of the game. They would look really good holding those orange pom poms and the Roger’s Place glove police couldn’t kick everyone out. Also chants of – White Gloves Randy – or something similar would be pretty cool too.

  • Mo-Larr

    Are we having fun yet? You ask….

    Well, let’s see:
    Creativity and skill are both coached and officiated out of the game
    Tickets are a trillion dollars
    Game times are prohibitive for my kids to watch, so they don’t care (and that’s sad)
    Ref blamers are normally goofs, but I mean COME ON
    The Coach or GM needs to pull a Gretzky and go off, but …crickets
    And Calgary fans are laughing their buttocks off.

    So my answer is …No.
    this is frustrating.

    Lose to a team that outplays you? I’m ok with that.
    Lose on misinterpretation of rules? Fak

    • Coheed

      I don’t believe that Shames fans are laughing at us, but even if, they can laugh all they want while they are watching our team still competing for the Cup.

      If you are having so little fun, why not watch golf or baseball? Seems more your speed.

    • corky

      Oil make it to round three there should likely be some earlier games. …..but ticket prices will go up again. I dont think theyre laughing down in Calgary. They still cant sit down from the ass whuppin Ducks put on them.

    • Nick Khron

      Most of the rest I agree with. We are losing to a team that’s outplaying us though. The refs blew calls but 3 or those 4 goals were also our players making big mistakes.

      • MrBung

        Exactly. The Ducks have outplayed the Oilers for the majority of this series. Bottom line is that the Oilers don’t have the depth and experience to win this series.

    • Dean Martin

      We lost because we didn’t play,… simple.
      UR right, “ref blamers are goofs.”
      Usually, you play hard, score, please the fans, you don’t get called as much.

  • granger

    First, I was shocked by the first Ducks goal. Couldn’t believe it didn’t get called back. That being said, the goal counted and there’s not a thing that will change yesterday’s outcome. Now it’s cliche time – win every battle within a shift, every shift within a period and every period within a game. The series, though it doesn’t feel like it, is tied 2-2. Like Gregor said, momentum doesn’t transfer game to game. Get back to the speed game – the Ducks can’t keep up. Win that first shift on Friday, then the second, create some momentum and speed, and don’t look back. Back here for Game 6 with the Oil leading 3-2…the atmosphere will be what we’ve all be missing since ’06. This has been a helluva ride, let’s keep it going another couple rounds.

  • GinYCC

    I’ve seen a lot of posts in the past 14 hours saying that regardless of the bad calls, the Ducks just dominated in the 2nd so the Oilers deserved what they got. That’s generally my opinion on things as well. Getting a bad call is relatively easy to mentally overcome, it happens many times a game. Had there been no video review and that first Duck goal just happened and the play continued, I think the team would have mentally recovered. But while that review was going on, it seemed so obvious that the goal should be called back, that when the ref announced “call on the ice stands”, it was like a dagger in the heart. That was no longer a bad call, it was clear and obvious confirmation of officiating bias.

    Now I’m no professional athlete and fully recognize that these players are at this level partly because of their mental makeup and ability to overcome adversity. But I am older and wiser than those same players yet that call rattled me (as a fan) something fierce, far more than just being upset at a random questionable call. I can only imagine how that affected some of those young men. It also happened early in the period so there was a long time to go before an intermission to mentally reset. What they needed after that call was a timeout, but that was gone too. That call had a far larger impact on that game (and perhaps series) than just awarding a single goal to the Ducks. That call had a huge mental effect on the game and swung the momentum hard toward the Ducks. If that goal is called back I’m fairly confident the Oiler’s do a better job in holding things together and don’t get cratered for the rest of the 2nd period to the tune of 21-5 in shots. I’m sure the Ducks still push, but the Oilers would have had more push back.

    This Oiler team has been surprisingly and refreshingly resilient compared to years past. Here’s hoping they have another surprise in store for us and can find a way to turn this series back in our favor.

  • smiliegirl15

    I don’t get how they can be so amazing in the first period and come out in the second period and be completely disengaged and flat. I can get that the Ducks would come out more fired up but the Oilers can’t seem to play 60 minutes to save their lives. That and their inability to win faceoffs just kills me as a fan. Today I am sad.

  • DolphinsFan

    NHL is the only professional league that changes the rules during the playoffs. You don’t see extra holding in the NFL because its playoffs. Why can’t the rules during the regular season be the same as playoffs. This isn’t a Ducks thing it’s league wide. The stars of the NHL get abused this time of year and its awful for the game. I love battles in front of the net or along the boards but this anything goes crap has to go.

  • Butters

    The ducks were the better team but 2 possibly 3 goals were the result of bad officiating. Carlyle publicy questions the iaantegrity of the refs and they are only too happy to oblige. Bush league. When the oilefs are out i am done with this garbage until October

  • Randaman

    P.S. Fourth line for #14? Who is the leader in that room that will take Eberle to task? Just wondering. Maybe it’s time for a players only meeting! Call out who needs it amongst themselves. Let’s move on…

  • CaptainCanada94

    Everyone can agree the Oilers got hosed at pivotal times during the hockey game. I agree with three blown calls as much as the next guy.

    Every mistake we made that game seemed to end up in the back of our net, and we had no answer.

    I also think we can all agree on Eberle being the instigator of the terrible second period with two of the softest plays of the year. Guy more scared to take a hit then Yokazuna is of the Undertaker. (WWE reference)… Guy is a bigger buzzkill then buzzkillington. Perhaps they need to reunite Hall and Ebs and their big boy beds.

    I also think that McLellan is getting out-coached in this series big time. (Don’t get me wrong, I think he is deserving of the Jack Adams, however this series has been all Carlyle.)
    Here is why:
    Explain to me how Carlyle got his match-up on the road from the second period on of that game? Carlyle also rode his thoroughbred Getlzaf to a W. Anyone else notice that in OT the Ducks started both Kesler and Getlzaf, and when Connor doesn’t touch the ice, there goes Kesler to the bench… I think it is a very tough pill to swallow when we lose in OT and Connor doesn’t see the ice. Meanwhile, Getzlaf ends the game.

    Carlyle is also clearly winning the media battle as well. Who really knows how much stock the Zebras put into pre game comments, but why is Getlzaf getting away with murder? I dont buy into the whole Bettman conspiracy against Canadian teams, but I do put some onus on McLellan to try and change that tide.

    And how about his set plays… #lombardi

    At the end of the day the bounces and calls should benefit the better team, so the onus is on the players. We still have a tied series with lots of hockey to play. See you Friday with Road Ice Advantage!

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Ebs made about 3 mistakes on the first goal, all lack of effort, and the puck wound up in the back of the Oilers net, and let the Ducks back in the game. He had 3 chances to make a play on that goal, and he didn’t. Ebs, again, almost single handedly cost them this goal. Then again, on the 3rd goal, his positioning was questionable for the initial shot in the slot… questionable backcheck positioning somehow led to a guy wide open in front and Ebs not really covering anyone (before the puck was on Nuge’s Stick). I was upset after watching and re watching the goals….. I’m not really any more, it was obvious this would happen…. Many people have said he’s a liability for years, and costs the team much more than he helps. This is on the management….. I agree that their hands have been tied as no one wants to take a 6 million dollar player off their hands, but the team has been winning despite of EBS. He needs to be traded. Without him, the series would be 3-1 heading back to Ana, and that’s non-negotiable

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Don’t agree at all Gregor. That was incompetent refereeing. When Fraser and McLean both openly disagree, when it results in a team being vulnerable to more missed calls, combined with willful ignorance of the garbage going on in the middle of the game (although Lucic was called for his crosscheck).

    I can’t remember a sporting event with such one-sided officiating.

    If only the NHL were as well officiated as the NFL. Read about how much scrutiny their officials receive here: http://mmqb.si.com/2013/12/04/peter-king-spends-week-with-nfl-refs

  • Defense gotta step it up. Ducks were shooting at will, seemed like they had a wide open opportunity every minute. Denis Grebeshkov and Nikita Nikitin aren’t on the roster anymore but you wouldn’t have guessed it.

  • Heschultzhescores

    If I have the power to call a penalty or allow or disallow a goal at the time I choose during a game, I believe I can influence the outcome of the game…no doubt about it. It’s all about the timing of things. The Oilers had completely dominated the Ducks up to the point of the interference goal. The delay and the fact that Talbot was set off-balance by the contact was clear grounds to disallow the goal, when they gave it to them, and YES they gave it to them…it changed the game. It made me, and I’m sure many lose focus on the game ahead and wonder how the F did they not overturn that goal? Yes, outcomes can be changed by crushing momentum for one team and giving it to the other.

  • Thumby

    And to think I got reamed (except for Spyder and Randaman) early in the season when I said Eberle is soft and someone else has to be on the top line with McDavid. I suggest Pitlick, too bad injuries killed him again. I would take anyone over Eberle right now and I would expose him in the entry draft and PRAY Vegas takes this 6 million dollar cupcake off our hands. Asset management? Pffft – there is no playoff asset here….move along unless you like your players soft and lazy.

  • ET

    Once again McLellan is out coached, it’s no wonder that he has won exactly diddly squat as a head coach. A good coach, like Carlyle who has actually won as a head coach, will play the media and officials to try and keep some heat off his team and send subtle messages. Hence the white glove comment and if you don’t think that had a bearing on the way last nights game was officiated then you have not been paying attention. McLellan should have ripped those refs a new butthole after the game last night and just clearly and plainly said that they were brutal and should be embarrassed. But our millionaire coach seems to be more worried about fines that actually COACHING in the playoffs which is so much more than line combinations and line match ups. Heck, he even lets the opposition dictate when McDavid plays, you have got to be kidding me!!! Ya let’s not start the greatest player on the planet cause they are starting Ryan, boo hoo. Nope all we will get from Todd is the usual clichéd rhetoric. It’s too bad McLellan, you are missing a hell of a playoffs! Anyone who thinks there is a conspiracy by the league to not let the Oil win, I think you are misguided but I do understand why you would be led to feel that way. Fact of the matter is that Bettman and his cronies are not smart enough to scheme that, the real problem is that even the guys who run our league think that the rules need to be changed come playoffs. While I do believe last nights refs were incompetent fools and called a brutally one sided game it must he hard to have to change the way you have been told to ref al year once the playoffs start. Ya the refs didn’t lose us the game last night, Eberle and the Nuge are just plain useless with NO playoff push in their games, but they certainly had a very big say in momentum switching moments, made the wrong call each and every time. It’s ok NHL, you are 4th in NA and fading fast……

  • Dirtbag Daddy

    Eberle is what the team needs now more than ever. It is a best of three series and we need to get him going but don’t everybody put a piano on his back by making it such a negative situation. His mistakes have been pointed out and now we can get on with the game. If we are close to winning a game with his blunders can one imagine he got a fire lit and he now produces, offensively and defensivly? If we can make him feel important he may play like he is important. Cheer them on. Be positive Lets go Oilers.

  • Spoils

    eberle had his game going at the end of the season. 4th line 2nd line doesn’t matter, I predict he steps up next game. i also see Getzlaf falling off and Gibson laying an egg. Oilers win a big game tomorrow. 5-1. Then we come home. And we win at home.

    Oilers in 6.

  • toprightcorner

    The first two missed calls were frustrating but didn’t cost the Oilers the game, they had half the game to turn things around. The blown icing call is the one that pissed me off and I will explain why it was definitely not icing, it should not have been waved off and the linesman did not do his job when when he waved it off and caught the Oilers by suprise.

    The last goal was an icing for exactly Gregors point that it wasn’t. Sure, most times guys a step from the redline dump it in without the being an icing, but in this case, the trailing linesman who makes the decision if the players shot could be icing, put is arm up, indicating that the ducks did not control the redline before dumping it in.

    Sencondly, the forward linesman waved it off as the puck crossed the hash marks of the Oilers zone. The problem is that there is no chance whatsoever that Klefbom could have reached the puck before it crossed the line and he wasn’t skating slowly cause he had a Duck right on his tail. There was also no way that the Duck chasing Klefbom could have beat him to the puck, Klefbom got to the puck a full step and a half before the Ducks player got to him. Based on the 2 possible ways to wave off an icing, neither occurred so there is no way the icing should have been waved off.

    To add insult to injury, anytime a linesman waves of an icing for either of those reasons, he ALWAYS yells NOOOOOO when he does it so the chasing player is aware. You hear this yell many times during the game. In this situation, Larrson was following the play and as far as he is aware, it is going to be an icing because the deep linesman raised his hands and the Oilers bench yelled out icing. Larsson was not watching the other linesman waving off the icing on the opposite end of the rink as he was looking the other way towards the play. Since Larsson was all but certain it was icing, he did not adjust is rout accordingly and go to the front of the net so he would be between Klefbom and the net. Instead he was following Klefbom and when the whistle was blown, he was in no mans land and he had no chance to get to the from of the net so he went to the boards to try and get the puck. This allowed Silbergerg to stand in front of the net all by himself. Why the linesman waving off the icing didn’t yell out is the head scratcher, why he waved it off at all is mind-blowing. About 20 years ago, the opponent dumped the puck into the zone and one of the linesmen put his arm up to signal icing and so the close linesman put his arm up to also indicate icing. The Oilers got to the puck first, thinking it was icing and just kind of shot it against the boards, the puck came to the faceoff circle in front of Joseph I think and the opponent shot the puck at the net and Joseph just stood there, against the post facing the shooter and didn’t move or attempt to make the save and the puck snuck between his pad and the post through a 4″ gap.

    They called it a goal because the back linesman put his arm down thinking the Oilers dman could have gotten to the puck before it crossed the line, but the other linesman kept his arm up. Joseph thought it was icing so didn’t attempt to make the save and the goal counted. After that season they made it clear that the back ref calls the icing if they did not cross the red line and only the forward linesman can wave it off and in doing so has to yell it was waved off so all players knew the call was changed if they were looking away.

    I can handle the errors on the 1st 2 goals cause the Oilers still had half the game to turn things around, which they really never did until the last 3 minutes for the tying goal.

  • QuitForRealThisTime

    I can’t understand why I like the emotional roller coaster but I do..Super Happy, super scared, super angry, super annoyed, super happy again, super sad,annoyed and angry. And that was just one game.

    Now that I have had time to let the rage subside and look at this from a birds eye view 2-2 against the Ducks is still pretty good. Yes the way things went down last game sucked but hey playoff hockey right?

    The Oil are a high skill high risk hi emotion team, makes for entertaining hockey most of the time. The Ducks are an experienced, savvy, consistent team. The styles are sort of a contrast and hey the drama is kind of awesome.
    Have you watched the Blues/Nash or Ott/NYR series…yawn.

    Best of three! Go Oilers Go!