Game Seven Stats

How often have you looked at the time today? The day is likely passing much slower than you’d hoped.

You can’t wait for game seven, so here are some stats to help pass the time.

Game 7 statistics:

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  • The Oilers are 6-3 in game sevens. They are 3-2 on the road, having won in Calgary in 1991, Dallas in 1997 and Colorado in 1998. They lost in LA in 1989 and Carolina in 2006.
  • Name the Oilers player who scored their first goal in a game seven? It happened in 1984. **Answer at end of article.**
  • The Ducks are 2-6 in game sevens. They won 3-0 in 1997 versus Phoenix and again on the road in Calgary in 2006. They lost the 2003 Cup Final in New Jersey with the same 3-0 score. At the beginning of the 2006/2007 season, they dropped “Mighty” from their name. They won the 2007 Stanley Cup, but the odd stat for them is they are 0-5 in game sevens ever since. They lost to Detroit in 2009 and 2013, LA in 2014, Chicago in 2015 and Nashville in 2016.
  • The Ducks are 0-6 when they allow the first goal, and 2-0 when they score first.
  • Home teams are 97-69 (.584) all-time in Game 7s. The Ducks, however, have lost four in a row at home. They did win on home ice in 1997.
  • The team who scores first is 124-42 all-time (.747).
  • The Oilers have allowed a goal in the first two minutes of the game four times. Murray Craven scored 1:41 into the 1987 Stanley Cup Final, but the Oilers recovered to win 3-1 and out shot the Flyers 43-20. Aaron Ward scored 1:26 into the 2006 Cup Final, and the Oilers ended up losing 3-1. Wayne Gretzky scored at the 52 second mark in 1989 and the Kings skated to a 6-3 victory. Benoit Hogue scored at 1:38 in 1997, but Rem Murray scored seven seconds later and the Oilers eventually won on Todd Marchant’s OT winner.
  • The first game seven occurred on April 2nd, 1939 in Boston. The Bruins defeated the Rangers 2-1 in triple OT.
  • The NHL has had 40 game sevens go to OT. No player has scored two OT winners in game seven. Derek Stepan with the Rangers in 2015 was the most recent game seven OT hero.
  • The Oilers have been to OT twice in game seven. Esa Tikkanen scored the winner in Calgary in 1991, his hat-trick goal, and Marchant scored in Dallas, in 1997.
  • The first year the NHL had three OT game sevens was in 1964. There were also three in 1968 and 1971.
  • 1986 was the first time we saw four OT games in the same year. In 1987, there were five for the first time, 1992 had six and 1994, 2011 and 2014 had seven, which is the most in one playoff year.
The Nation Roundup

Here is each organization’s history in game seven. I did not include records of cities they relocated from. This is only the record for franchises in their city.
Anaheim: 2-6 (play tonight)
Arizona: 0-1
Boston: 13-12
Buffalo: 1-6
Calgary: 5-7
Carolina: 3-0
Chicago: 7-7
Colorado: 4-5
Dallas: 2-3
Detroit: 14-11
Edmonton: 6-3 (play tonight)
Florida: 1-1
Los Angeles: 7-4
Minnesota: 3-0
Montreal: 14-9
Nashville: 1-1
New Jersey: 7-3
NYI: 3-5
NYR: 9-6
Ottawa: 0-5
Philadelphia: 9-7
Pittsburgh: 8-7 (play tonight)
San Jose: 6-4
St.Louis: 8-8
Tampa Bay: 5-2
Toronto: 11-10
Vancouver: 6-5
Washington: 4-10 (play tonight)
Winnipeg: 0-2 (both loses came during first version of Jets)

Columbus has never been involved in a game seven.

**Answer: Lee Fogolin**

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