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Oilers trade Jordan Eberle to New York Islanders for Ryan Strome

Well, there it is. Jordan Eberle, the final remaining member of H.O.P.E, is no longer an Edmonton Oiler. Eberle has been dealt to the New York Islanders for Ryan Strome.

Strome, a right-handed centre/winger, was drafted fifth overall by the Islanders back in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins draft of 2011. It took him quite some time to get going, spending two seasons in junior after being drafted, but after a 17 goal and 50 point season in 2014-15, Strome appeared to have found his footing in the NHL. But over the next two seasons, Strome struggled, scoring 28 points in 71 games in 2015-16 and 30 points in 69 games in 2016-17.

Eberle also fell out of favour in Edmonton recently. After cementing himself as a perennial 60-point player and elite scorer, Eberle’s production took a massive dip the last two seasons. His 47 points in 2015-16 was his lowest total since his rookie season, and he only managed 51 points in 2016-17 despite spending a lot of time on Connor McDavid’s wing.

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A big reason for Eberle’s struggles this year in terms of production can be chalked up to poor puck luck, as his 9.6 shooting percentage is far and away the lowest of his professional career. That said, his poor showing in the playoffs, no goals and two assists over 13 games, ultimately seemed like the nail in the coffin for Eberle as an Oiler.

Strome can essentially fill in Eberle’s role as a right winger, but can also provide a little more versatility in the lineup as centre is his natural position. This is obviously a big cap savings for the Oilers who need to not only upgrade at a few positions, but also give Leon Draisaitl a raise as his entry-level contract expires on July 1.

Eberle is signed for two more years at $6 million, while Strome has a $2.5 million cap hit for one more season before hitting restricted free agency for the second time in his career. Strome also has three more years of team control before he’ll be able to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Edmonton’s salary cap situation can be viewed at NHLNumbers. 

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  • SeethingRed

    Russell, Foo, Shattenkirk, Oshie…..hah! All this tells me is that you are backing up the Brinks truck for McDavid and Drai….there will be no big signings….you need the cap space for those two!

  • Shameless Plugger

    Eberle’s down year of 51 pts. would represent a career best for Strome.

    That being said it was time to move on and Strome is bigger, younger and cheaper. We will see if he can produce. I had doubts about the Hall trade last year and it made us a better team. So I’ll trust chia on this one.

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Now trade nuge for faulk and sign Hanzal? Or possibly Oshie…. I grow leary of FA contracts, but I don’t suspect Oshie to slow down that much.

  • Clayton

    Should the Oilers be concerned with all the draft picks the LVK’s have accumulated? Are they lining up to do something crazy like sign RFA Leon Draisaitl to a huge deal? A multi-year $7.3 Million Dollar offer would only cost Vegas a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick. They have plenty to give up! Or throw in another 1st and they can offer up over $9Million per season. With the picks they have stockpiled and the cap space they have…may be a worthy venture!

    • Shameless Plugger

      Vegas can offer whatever they like. Draisaitl has to sign it. And that falls into the highly unlikely category. Mcdavid is his best bud and Vegas is gonna suck for at least three to five years. Not going to happen. I’d give it about a 0.0000000000000000001% chance.

      • Clayton

        And what makes you think that he won’t jump at a deal that could be 3+ million more per season than what the Oilers are said to be offering? Multiply that over 7 seasons…thats $21 Million. Really think he would leave that on the table to be Connor’s #2 rather than be THE guy in Vegas?

        • Oilerchild77

          Yes. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we think. He’s not signing on with a dung-dwelling expansion team when he can resign with a team on the verge of challenging for a Stanley Cup for the next 10 years!

    • Clayton

      Really? How in any world is this a good deal for the Oilers? This is a salary dump. The Oilers got a guy who in a career best year will likely never come close to Eb’s worst career year. The only win the oil get on this one is cap room.

      • Oilerchild77

        This is a fine deal. A salary dump and trade for a younger, bigger, and stronger player that can shoot the puck and probably produce 45-55 points on McDavid’s or Draisaitl’s wing is a solid deal my obtuse little troll.

  • Ron Burgundyz

    Great trade. For those hung up on “Ebs still scored 51 points and 20 goals”, don’t forget that 3 goals were in the last (meaningless) game, 6 of those points were in the last 4 games, and 2 were empty net goals. This despite being force-fed powerplay minutes on the best team he’s ever played on. I’ve been calling for him to be traded for 3 years, and am a very happy camper today.

    In return we get at worst a 3rd line winger, but the potential for much more. Based on his numbers in junior Strome has elite scoring potential, and a bit of an edge. He’s gotten off track the past year or two, but injuries played a role there, as did some curious Islander coaching decisions (like keeping him away from Tavares). That raises a red flag, but T-Mac will straighten those out in a hurry. AND WE GET CAP SPACE!!

    Again, great trade.

    • Hemmercules

      Lots of people mention “Ebs still scored 51 points and 20 goals” and I think those 51 points are a little misleading. I watched almost every game this year and Eberle would struggle for 3 or 4 games, then get a few points against Colorado or some other non playoff team and then back to 3 or 4 games with no production. I think the majority of his points were against non playoff teams. His production against Calgary will be missed though, he always showed up for those ones.

      I had a chuckle today when Snow said “Eberle has scored some big time goals in some big time games”. The only goal that really came to mind was in his junior days or that first goal Vs the Flames. Those were a long time ago Garth.

  • nuge2drai

    Updated Roster Alert

    Chia looking at Marleau.. wants a veteran scoring winger.

    Maroon McDavid Foo/Jesse P

    Cagguila Draisaitl Strome

    Lucic Nuge Marleau

    Khaira Letestu Kassian

    Klefbom Larsson

    Sekera Russel

    Nurse Benning


    You are looking at a forward group that is 4 lines deep.

    You are looking at a defensive group that will be together for the next 5 years.

    I guess that is how a Harvard graduate builds a hockey team.


    • SeethingRed

      You are delusional! What money are you going to sign anyone with? Are Russell, Foo, and Marleau going to share 6 million!? You don’t even come close to Marleau for less then 4 mill if not more…McDavid gets 10-11million in the next two weeks maybe slightly less if he signs for five years (which you don’t want). Drais’ contract will be the contentious one as I don’t think Chia can or will low ball him so think 7-8 million. You are not signing any “first tier” free agents so forget it and I’ll tell you your next whipping boy for free…he rhymes with slucic!

      • nuge2drai

        We are only at 51 million in salary today. (After the Eberle trade)

        We have 24 million in cap space.

        You do not think that is enough to resign Draisaitl, Russel and Marleau?

        I think calling me delusional before looking up the facts is a poor way to spend your time.

        Furthermore, I don’t think Marleau signs for more than 8 mil on a two year deal. If he takes a discount to play on a contender and his former coach… Than great… if not Justin Williams will be looking for a max two year deal.

        • SeethingRed

          I’ll slow it down for you and use your math…you have 24 million in cap space 10 of that is going to Conner..that leaves 14…Drai on the low end takes 7 …seven left …do you think you can sign Russell and Marleau for seven?!
          Marleau made 6.6 last year by himself! Rim it Russell will want 4 himself! Those are the facts maybe you should have looked them up!

          • SeethingRed

            This bullsh*t of maybe they will take a discount to play for a winner drives me nuts…WHAT HAVE YOU WON exactly!? Ya and Marleau will take less money to play for the guys that knocked him out of the playoffs because he’s a great guy…like I said delusional!

    • WSO

      In what world is Spencer Foo anything more than a career 3rd line winger? This is why forum hockey dweebs should be screened before being afforded an opinion. Your post is absolutely a fail