Real Life Podcast Episode 36: The Three Amigos

It’s recommended by the International Podcast Association that after a giant show with epic guests, you take a breather and don’t go too crazy the next show* And so take a break from guests they did and instead the Boys got to talkin’ some unscripted sh*t.

The boys got it going and discussed their Top 5 Athletes of all time,

They tried to keep it light by asking who everyone’s dream guest on the show would be. Wanye unshockingly blurted out Elon Musk and for real shockingly Jason Strudwick didn’t know who Elon Musk was. This caused Wanye’s brain to fry live on the air and he spent the next few minutes berating Struds while giving a hurried bio of Musk’s life and career to date.

After Struds’ eyes glazed over from the nerd lesson of the day he silenced the room by telling everyone he was going on a ballers fishing trip with Jarome Iginla, Jamie McLennan, Pope Frank I** and other ballers he didn’t care to name. That silenced Wanye but good – and the show went on for another week.

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*No such Association

**No such Pope

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