The boys were rocking out at Jordan Eberle’s wedding

Former Edmonton Oiler, Jordan Eberle (still weird to say), got married this weekend and a bunch of the boys were in attendance, ripping up the stage and having a good time.

My friends, this is what a good wedding is all about. Having a buddy get married is a great excuse to get liquored up with your crew, blast the tunes, and belt out your own version of Wagon Wheel that you probably thought sounded pretty good at the time. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve gotten completely blasted any time one of my friends has ever gotten married. Those weddings are always the best and I say that as a guy with three dollars. Imagine being a 20-something-year-old millionaire? I’d bet a few of the boys were feeling like a truck hit them this morning.

A big shout out goes to having rebuilds 2.0 and 3.0 up on stage with mics in their hands and songs in their hearts. Despite having guys like Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle being traded away it shows just how tight this group of guys were, but that’s the business when wins matter more than friendships. Fortunately for the sake of this video, hockey business doesn’t have anything to do with getting down with the boys at a wedding. From the short clips I’ve seen, I’d bet that the hangover was worth it. It’s back to work on Monday.

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Honourable mentions:

  • I like the right side of the frame where Pat Maroon and Darryl ‘Atta Be Darryl’ Nurse are belting out the chorus like they’re paid to be there. The effort, the projection, the passion — it’s all there.
  • Is Connor there? Damned right he is. Celebrate and do your thing, son. You’ve got a $100 million reasons to party at your buddy’s wedding.
  • Hallsy, I see you. Taylor Hall had multiple reasons to celebrate as not only did his former roommate get married, Jordan Eberle also got traded in his neck of the woods. Let the bromance continue.
  • Luke Gazdic looks like he was in the mood to party and I like that. I imagine that the tough guys always know how to party and tell great stories. A few of us from Nation HQ were once doing an event with Luke Gazdic and he told us a story about NHL players that are currently in the league that play without cups (not him, though, for obvious reasons). I know that story has nothing to do with Jordan Eberle’s wedding but seeing him in the video reminded me of that story and it’s the type of madness that you guys should know about.
  • Nuge needs to let loose out there — he looks pretty stiff up on stage. That said, I like that he partnered up with Connor on this one. Maybe they spent time talking about Nuge being a new scoring winger?
  • Congrats on getting married, Jordan. By the looks of it, your wedding was a blast. The hockey thing didn’t work out but maybe we can still be friends. All the best in New York.
  • Not one guy had their tie around their head so it must have still been early.