Real Life Podcast Episode 37: Struds chirps McDavid

Wanye Gretz slid into the host chair this week. He’s been wanting to host for awhile so he ran the show, and surprisingly it didn’t go into the ditch. It did veer off to the shoulder a few times, but he was able to regain control.

Struds and his wife were the emcees at Jordan Eberle’s wedding this past weekend, and he gave us his inside report, including how he chirped Connor McDavid. They also discussed how to spot a Swinger. Supposedly Wanye knows their secret code to attract fellow swingers. Gregor wants to see Wanye put this to the test, and after listening I would agree with him. This should be tested.

And finally, Wanye shared a story about finding an Oilers track suit, how he wore it in public and kids asked him if he was an Oiler. How do you think he replied? Hint: it did not go well.

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We have to admit this might have been the funniest episode thus far. Enjoy.

0:00 Wanye opens up the podcast as the host. He says his friends tell him he sounds like Seth Rogan. Do you agree?

4:00: Struds tells the story of his emcee job, chirping McDavid and Taylor Hall and which NHLer was a top-notch dancer.

18:00: Somehow they transition to talking about Swingers. They went from switching dance partners at the wedding to swingers and Wanye surprises the boys with his in depth knowledge on how Swingers try to attract other swingers…In the Grocery Store.

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23:00: Struds is irate. He discusses the biggest Television farce in recent memory and how he wasted an hour of his life watching this “sporting activity.”

31:00: Wanye pretends to be an NHL player. He dresses in Strudwick’s tracksuit to do it.

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  • RyanCoke

    Can I access this podcast on Google play music? That is my podcast app and I can’t find it searching for real lif or real life podcast. Should make sure you can be seen on all podcast services.

    • geoilersgist

      best way to find it on your android phone is to go to the website on your phone and click the link to it. just have soundcloud installed. once you are there add the station. then next time it is released it will be right there!