The Weekend Report

It’s not the weekend anymore, Dan. Gahhddd.

I know, but in case you were tired of having your face melted off with the awfulness that was this weekend away from sports, here is what you may have missed.


On Saturday the hockey world lost one of the best minds in the game. Bryan Murray passed away at 74.

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His battle with colon cancer was inspirational and hard-fought. His legacy will always be one of greatness in hockey and his memory will serve to remind everyone to get tested early. The whole NationNetwork sends it’s condolences his family and friends.

A lot less sad news came from NHL.com and their month of 31 in 31, daily looks at each of the 31 NHL teams. August 12th was Edmonton Oilers day.

Dan Rosen, who you will remember when asked last year during this same time was asked: “Is this the year that (playoff) drought finally ends”, said this:

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“No I don’t think this is the year that the drought ends *evil chuckle*”

Ol’ Mr. Rosen had to eat his words a bit this year and did a full 180° (even if he didn’t mention it) this year:

“legitimate Stanley cup contenders”

“Multiple stanley cup championships”

“Strong defence”

“Strong goaltender”

“Todd McLellan is a winning coach”

“They are on the cusp”

Show of hands, who thought we’d be hearing this after only one full year of Connor? A year removed from the NHL.com laughing maniacally at the Oilers missing the playoffs for 11 straight years, they now have our lovable band of kids and men winning the Pacific division and in a fight to win the entire Western conference. They did stop short of picking Edmonton to represent the West, but they’ve been wrong before. What do you think?

Oilers Prospect Update: Evan Almighty


Something that started surfacing on the day of rest.

The Sports Forecaster put out their pre-season magazine and within it, a point projection for the entire league. Now let me tell you, this is a disaster. A lot of things that just look funky in here. Oilers wise we have:

Ryan Strome improving by 42 points from last season.

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Recently departed Eberle scoring 78 points in his first season away from the league-leading point-getter.

Neon Leon’s point total jumping 14 more points on a Strome/Leon/McDaddy line of some sort I suppose?

(Not pictured) They also have Maroon getting 32 and Slepyshev jumping up to 49. (???)

And worst of all, Connor McDavid, in this third season, once removed from his sophomore slump year of 100 points, regresses back to T-2nd with 50 goal scorer Kucherov at 97 points. Evgeni Malkin all of the sudden tosses down another 30 more this season to lead the way with 102.

This all while the general predictions indicate about a 20% increase in overall scoring for the league (AND THE ONLY GORD DAMN PLAYER YOU HAVE REGRESSING IS CONNOR??? and Brad Marchand but that’s what you get Brad… that’s what you get). That’s 681 more goals to be scored. So I mean I guess that’s awesome? They also have two 50-goal scorers (despite the fact there have only been six in the last seven years) and five 40-goal scorers. I mean, there’s being hopeful about scoring increasing, and then there’s being ridiculous.

Now, I know predictions are not easy. This is a league of unknowns/injuries/slumps, but when you set out to do something like this, take a minute and figure out if your article makes sense (Do as I say, not as I do). What say you Oilersnation? Think Connor is in for a down year? Is Strome going to be better than Eberle? What is your most egregious part of this list for you? Leave it in the comments below.

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