The Gretzky Is Everywhere Instagram Walk

You  may have remembered me telling you about this awesome new exhibition our friends at the Art Gallery of Alberta are putting on. It began at the beginning of summer and is coming to a close at the end of the month. You can find my initial article about the exhibition here, but I’m going to run through the details with you again below. AND if you’re from the Edmonton area, the AGA is putting on an event this week to help you enter the contest. 

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The Deets

The AGA has partnered with a couple other art galleries in Charlottetown and St. John’s to bring us Gretzky Is Everywhere, which is running NOW until September 24th. All you have to do is take a picture with everything in Edmonton seen in the above Bingo card and submit your selfies online. Do I need to take a picture of EVERYTHING on the card? No! In standard Bingo rules,  you just need to fill one line to win. Once you have the proper pics that fill your line, you need to upload all of them in one Instagram posting with the hashtag #AGAGretzkyBingo to officially enter. Easy-peasy, right? In fact, if you wanted to enter more than once, you just need to fill in another line and create another Instagram post!

The coolest thing about this exhibition, in my opinion, is seeing the Gretzky print that was created by Andy Warhol in the Art Gallery. Frankly, I didn’t even know this cool Gretzky print existed, never mind four of them across Canada! One of the paintings in the buildings will actually have a camera set-up where you will be live-streamed with all the other participating art galleries across Canada. So when you’re busy taking a selfie with the Gretzky painting, you can also say hi to your fellow competitors in the Maritimes.

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Gretzky Bingo Instagram Walk

Whether you’ve started working on your bingo card or want to start it now, Your AGA is holding an Instagram photo walk throughout downtown Edmonton tonight at 5:30pm! Everyone is meeting at the Art Gallery, then you”lll head out to hit a number of nearby spots and cross off as many items as possible in a single trip. You may even fill up a full line! You can find all the details of the event here.

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I Took the Pictures, What do I win?

As I said before, the AGA is hooking you up with multiple dinners with Milan Lucic! Here’s a breakdown of how the prizes will go:

  • Prize One
    • Dinner for two with Milan Lucic at Zinc PLUS an autographed jersey donated by the big man himself.
  • Prize Two
    • The winner of prize two ALSO gets to have dinner with Milan Lucic at Zinc. However this prize is for AGA members only. Become a member today and you can have double the chances of winning this dinner!
  • Prize Three
    • The third draw will be made from all the remaining eligible entries of the Gretzky is Everywhere exhibition and will also be a dinner for two with Milan Lucic!

“Hold on a minute, Chris,” you might say, “So all I have to do is take some pictures of some things around Edmonton and share it online and I could be sitting next to Milan himself eating a 12oz steak?” You got it, Internet reader. You can find all the contest details here. I wish you all good luck!