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GDB 1.0 Wrap Up: McDavid scores a hat trick and the Oilers shut out the Flames

Oilers win. We have Connor McDavid. Eat shit, Calgary. Final Score: 3-0 Oilers

After patiently sitting by our TVs all summer, the wait was finally over and the Oilers played a hockey game that actually mattered tonight. For me, I was so excited about the whole thing that the game itself was almost a blur. As much as I love a good round of the Battle of Alberta, my excitement made it hard to focus. It’s been said before, but the strange thing about being as excited as I was for tonight is that this was the shortest offseason that the Oilers have had in a decade, but, even so, it felt like an eternity. As for the game itself, I was having a really hard time not letting my excitement completely distract me from doing basically anything more complicated than drooling.

When the puck finally dropped, it was hard not to just stare at my TV with a big dumb grin on my face because the Oilers were playing for real again and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in months. After the tears of joy had dried up, and the tear induced clouds had cleared from my vision, the Oilers followed through on their end with a nearly perfect home opener. Edmonton came out flying, pushed the pace, and never really looked back after Connor opened the scoring in the first period. Frankly, the Oilers were just too much for the Flames to handle and had it not been for an admirable performance by Mike Smith, this wouldn’t have ended as close as it did. Edmonton was easily the better team.

For the first time this year, let’s wrap it up.


  • Who else would you expect to score the first goal of the year other than Connor McDavid? The guy is magic on ice and it just makes sense that he would get the first Oilers goal of the year. When he’s playing with Leon, they make magic. It’s really fun to watch and that first goal of the night was beautiful. As nice as the first goal was, his second of the night was an absolute masterpiece. Connor smashed the turbo button, flew past every single Flame on the ice, and beat Mike Smith high over the glove. Unbelievable. McDavid completed the hat trick to close out the night which was the first ever Oilers hat trick in a home opener in team history.
  • As you would expect, the Maroon-McDavid-Draisaitl line was fantastic again and basically did as they pleased in the offensive zone. Their cycle game was unstoppable, their puck management was stellar, and Calgary really didn’t have much of an answer for them.
  • The second line wasn’t anything to write home about until Todd McLellan switched things up and put Kassian up in Yamamoto’s spot. After he made that move, the second line was a lot more effective at generating offence. That’s not a knock against Yamamoto, that group just needed a different look.
  • Cam Talbot was perfect in his season debut and made it look easy while he was at it. Even though they were mostly kept to the outside, the Flames had their share of chances, but Dadbot was having none of it. He was sharp in the net, saw the puck well, and smothered anything that was near him. Great start for Talbot as he finished the night with 26 saves and a flawless save %.
  • Really good night for the Oilers’ defensive group. All six guys were solid when they were on the ice and they all found ways to keep Calgary to the outside and limit their access to the slot.
  • Who would have ever expected Kailer Yamamoto to crack the opening night roster? Amazing story coming into camp. Who knows how long he’ll be here (maybe all year?) but he deserves props for doing what most people thought was impossible. It wasn’t his greatest night but I’m not surprised that a teenager was probably nervous in his NHL debut.
  • HUUUUGE props to the Oilers for bringing out Constable Michael Chernyk out onto the ice for the pre-game ceremony. How this man is able to walk out there like that is an inspiration. Incredible. The guy is a superhero.
  • The Oilers finished the night with a 58.39CF% (80-57 attempts) with numbers courtesy of Corsica.
  • Gotta love seeing Kassian drop the mitts against Tanner Glass in the first period. The Battle of Alberta is supposed to be angry and I’m a big fan of getting the blood.
  • Edmonton went 54% in the faceoff circle which was a nice start for a sore spot in the stats column.


  • Making us wait until 8pm for the season opener was a dick move, schedule guy. You know it’s true.
  • Anyone else get annoyed by how often Mike Smith has to put a little Hollywood on his glove saves? I couldn’t tell if it was that or the constant hair flipping that annoyed me more but he was doing a really good job of being annoying.
  • Surprise, surprise, the Oilers didn’t get enough from their bottom three lines. I’m not saying they played poorly but it would have been nice to see more offensive pressure. Something to work on.
  • The Oilers went 0/2 on the power play but they were generating some chances. Things went decently well (shorthanded 3-on-1 against excluded) but they just couldn’t cash. I imagine that will change soon enough.
  • I had to watch a feature about Jagr being a Calgary Flame and it was irritating to watch. I’d rather not see legends soil themselves with such a horrible jersey.


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 10/04/2017, 11:06pm MST

  • West

    Isn’t the rule that if you are the best, you don’t have to tell anyone? Which is what makes all the interviews with fLames d-men where they all said “We are the best in the league ” so hilarious.

  • hagar

    Flames fans… you can beat them ten straight times, but they will still claim victory before the game while reaching back in their pants for a load of crap to fling around.

    How many times do y’all need to get knocked the f..K out before you start realizing your place?

    I am looking forward to the battle of alberta again, but so far you guys are bringing absolutely NOTHING!! Like just total and complete failure! Lol!! MA!!! More meat loaf!!

    • hagar

      The only thing Mcdavid did different tonight was actually care to take a shot. He would have pushed modern day records last year if he got down to the business of scoring instead of the business of making others look good like the nice guy he is. 30 goals and 70 assists when 30 sure thing set ups missed the net by Eberle alone says a lot. He put his time in playing the good teamate to not come off greedy, but things are changing. Everyone witnessed how many goals mcdavid could have achieved last year if not for the prime chances he dished off to lesser players. He would have destroyed the point leaders last year if he took the points they all took without a second thought.

      He is getting the bigger picture this year that he is being paid to get points, not feed Eblerle a saucer of milk for him to spill because he feels like the new guy in.

      Truly the first year it is Connors’ team.

  • Rd oilers fan

    Does anyone know where I can get a list of songs that were played at the game tonight? There was song at the end of the 2nd intermission / start of the third that I really liked but can’t seem to remember. Thanks in advance.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      It was nothing short of awesome…
      However, should we at all be concerned about the other 3 lines???
      Maybe it’ll take a game or two to find some legs…
      It was a great win,… really great. Baggedmilk described my pre-game emotions to a tee…
      I am so glad that Calgary gave us a game, for the most part… Smith was spectacular…
      I am a little concerned, as I said though, about the other 3 lines…

  • Mcjesus97

    I was sitting in section 122 during the game and during a tv timeout Connor picked up something from the ice guessing it was some kind of garbage or peice of plastic or something and he stuck it out the little hole where the photographer sits and a fan grabbed it out of his hand and starting screaming in joy looked like she was in a backstreet boys concert in 2001 lool he looked back at her and started laughing hahah great moment

  • Anton CP

    A few thoughts about the PfffffftLames:

    Well, looks like that they have finally found a real starting goalie. Too bad that he may only have couple of years left as being solid in net. Smith is getting old and also very banged up, if PffftLames truly believed that Smith is the answer to their goalie then they better pray for him to have a longer career than Kiprusoff.

    That PffftLames defense…lololololololol. Are the PffftLames fans and managements not knowing how overrated they are? Right after the first preseason game that I said: Giordano and Brodie both were too small to compete in Western Conference and the only thing that carried them was their offensive games. They are easily exposed to physical games from other teams, which was the reason why the Ducks just beating them for fun with their bigger forwards. Hamonic is overhyped, he was never a good D-man during the time that he was with the Isles. The only reason that he was so hyped because the Oilers wanted him 2 years ago. Hamonic was physical enough to compete the east but he will get dominated every night against west. The PffftLames better pray for some “Norris potential” in Hamilton or they will have a long time sucking to come.

    Burke and Treviling both need to stop being so obsessed with the Oilers and start concentrating on building a solid team. Almost all the recent acquirement are out of spite toward the Oilers (Hamilton, Hamonic, Versteeg, even Foo). They have no decent prospects, no draft picks, and no depths up front. Gaudreau will take them nowhere with his stats-padding one-dimensional game and Monahan will only be a solid two-way player in their dreams. Sam Bennett is quickly becoming a bust and made MacT looked like a genius by choosing Draisaitl ahead of him.

  • GK1980

    Great game but need a little more from Nuge. He started making more plays towards the end once kass was on his line. D was solid not giving the flames ziltch! Johnny who?….

  • Rob19

    I thought Maroon had a great game. It was fun to watch him agitate the Flamers (especially drama queen Smith) plus he held his own nicely skating and moving the puck with 97&29. Best line in hockey might not be an overstatement. Kudos to Lucic on the last goal too.

  • jultz=2cups!??

    Wow! Classic oilersnation! Planning the parade after game 1 of 82….. and you guys don’t believe in karma at all do you? I know I’ll be banned again after this comment but you guys are way to cocky and most of you predicting that the flames defence is garbage will be eating your words for sure!! I’ll keep reading tho because it’s hilarious to see all you guys crying to the moderators when flamesnation comes over here and defends their team. You guys are the worst fans in the league and it’s embarrassing reading the garbage you guys spew out!!

    • HockeyGuru

      Jultz, looks like someone lost his soother and has poopy pants. Why don’t you go back into the pond and finish evolving?
      Or just get on the Oilers train and enjoy the ride.

    • Tonto

      How does the fans cockyness have anything to do with the oilers winning and loosing? He players are the ones playing the game not the fans.
      You’re an idiot ?, if you’re so embarressed the get lost.

    • Derian Hatcher

      You must be one of those parents who, when called by the school telling you that your kid is a disruptive and disrespectful to teachers, is all about blaming other kids and the mean teachers. Yes, there are some trolls on both FN and ON, but read your own words again…they do not come from the most intelligent of minds. You use the word embarassment…pot, meet kettle.


      I can’t speak for all of ON because unlike the posters over at FN we don’t share one brain but I actually enjoy you trolls. It just shows how scared you all are of being dominated by the Oil for the foreseeable future.
      The only whining to moderators I ever see is on your home planet over at Lames Nation.

    • madjam

      MOAN!! Your a little behind the times as usual . Oilers planning parade since last year . Big difference between the Oilers and the Flames in speed factor . Easy to spot what Flames are trying to do , but you have to put your TV on slow motion to see what the speedy Oilers are doing . Flames defence has a big problem with handling speed , i’m surprised you don’t realize it . Jagr will not help your speed game any . You come over here to yank our chains , but cry till the cows go home when Oiler fans do the same to you . You and your FN site implement your brand of censorship on your site far more often than ON . WOW , classic FN envy and excuse train , you sound like The Never Ending Story . Is it true Calgary’s garbage/sanitation days are day of , or after a Flames game ?

    • tileguy

      I think the parade should start on Jasper ave, then down the QE2 all the way to Calgary, do a lap around the saddledump and back home via the cowboy trail, working its way through Jasper, Grande Prairie and Ft McMurray showing all of Alberta what a great team can accomplish. (Should we do a little side trip to Lloydminster and Sask. as well jultz)

    • camdog

      Any blogger who trolls other teams sights with an obvious troll screen name is pathetic. I wouldn’t be surprised if you watch more Oiler games than Flames games? Keep reading and keep watching the Edmonton Oilers, Darryl Katz and the advertisers appreciate your support!

    • Hemmercules

      Thats pretty rich. You obviously haven’t read what other flames fans have written here at ON over the years. I could just as easily say that Flames fans are the worst in the league. I can’t speak for douchebags that go over to FN and talk smack because thats not my thing but I would venture to guess it happens with all rivalry teams on their blogs throughout the league and other leagues as well.

      Suck it up buttercup. See ya next game, maybe the Flames will be ready then.

  • Spydyr

    Connor being Connor, Talbot making it look easy, Larsson steady as always. I though Benning had a fantastic game after a so-so preseason. Yamamoto was invisible but the kid must have been nervous in his first NHL game. Give him another game or three then send him back to Spokane. Shep should be ready to come back up by then.

  • tileguy

    I’m a Yamamoto fan and all for giving him a shot to stick with the big team but, Is Kassian the missing piece to the puzzle on the second line? He and Lucic with bright boy RNH looked pretty dam good last night. I’d keep that experiment going.

      • madjam

        Yam only had under 7 minutes of playing time last night and not much of a factor in the game . Least amount of time of any Oiler . Does not make much sense to keep him up with main club if only getting about 6-7 minutes a game .

  • It was almost easy to think that Gaudereau and Monahan were healthy scratches because you hardly noticed them, but I guess that’s why McLellan front-loaded that top line.

    While it would be nice to have Drai pilot his own line, this top line dominated to the point where it completely eliminated the Flames’ top scoring talents from the equation.

    McLellan’s line shuffling on the other lines actually worked. Moving Kassian up with Nuge resulted in some great stuff. If McL tweaks the bottom two lines during the next game he might get something solid that he can run with for the foreseeable future.

  • Memyself&i

    Thought Nuge looked strong with the puck. One small turnover but rushed back and stole the puck back. The whole team looked great! Yes, this is only the first game but the team played with confidence. Could see that on every line regardless the lack of scoring.
    Go Oilers Go!!!

  • tkfisher

    All summer I’ve heard about how good the Flames D core is, how well they all move and that they’re probably the best D group in the league overall. Then Connor Mcdavid constantly makes them all look like they haven’t had their skates sharpened since 1996. Can’t wait to see what happens when the Oilers player teams that don’t have the “best” group of defensemen in the league.

  • chickenStew

    A microcosm of the flames vs. The Oilers:
    Versteeg takes a high stick which is missed by the refs. He whines and heads for the bench where he throws his helmet, rants and raves and honestly looks like he is going to cry!
    Maroon takes a high stick which is missed by the refs. He gets in the offenders face and tells him what’s what for 30 seconds, then laughs in his face and goes on to keep playing just as hard for the win.

  • Oiler Al

    First line was awsome at both ends of the rink. All 3 defensive pairings were solid, except Klef with 9m shots was outstanding.Need some scoring from the 2 and 3 lines. Nuge 0 shots,Khair 0 ,. Luc 1 and Cagg 1 shot.