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Report: Oilers Unhappy With Strome Deal

Sometimes you’re just sitting there, watching Hockey Night in Canada — minding your own business — and someone says something that makes you think, “Well what were you expecting?” It happened to me when Nick Kypreos said that the Oilers were already disappointed with the Eberle/Strome trade and were thinking about moving Ryan Strome already.

As you can imagine, this is both tragic and hilarious, expected and yet infuriating nonetheless. As Nick Kypreos noted in that broadcast, we are uncertain if Ryan Strome brings back any significant value in terms of a return on this deal. It’s interesting that this comes 10 games into this season because that question has existed for much longer than a month. We know what value Peter Chiarelli will give for Strome. We have no idea what ANY OTHER general manager would pay.

Now, there are things about Ryan Strome that I am disappointed about that I didn’t know before. For example, he’s slower than I assumed. But the Oilers don’t have the same excuse that I have for not knowing that about him. They have scouts and access to hours of video. I have Google and Twitter. See the difference? I’m SUPPOSED to know less than an NHL team.

What makes things a little more frustrating on that front is that as soon as Kypreos finished telling everyone that the Oilers were looking for scoring help on the wings, Friedman stressed that the team was looking for speed. So they are looking for the exact OPPOSITE of Strome, for whom they traded Eberle.

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Outside of the speed, he’s pretty much exactly what I figured the Oilers were getting. Through his first nine games, Strome has 3 points. That’s a 27 point pace over 82 games. That’s pretty much right where he has been for the last two seasons.

Ryan Strome has been everything, offensively, that any reasonable person could have expected. Getting mad at Strome for only having three points in nine games is like getting mad at the sun for rising in the East. It’s getting a pet rock and being mad that it doesn’t do anything. Yeah, he doesn’t do anything. You knew that when you spent your money!

Is it upsetting that Jordan Eberle has nine points in 11 games and the Oilers have oodles of cap space and a need for scoring at right wing AND are reportedly unhappy with the player they traded Eberle for?


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Friedman wondered out loud if the Oilers would be interested in Chris Kreider. What about a 26-year-old, 6’3”, 225-pound winger who can skate like the wind and score between 45-55 points a year sounds appealing?

Before we get our hopes up, I sincerely doubt that Ryan Strome has enough value to be more than a throw-in for Chris Kreider unless he has severely worn out his welcome in New York. I don’t know what the Oilers do if they want to seriously go after Kreider, but if Chiarelli tries for another one of his patented One-For-One deals then I’m expecting a Nuge sized hole in the lineup.

But let’s come back to the basic concept of the Oilers being unhappy with the trade of Eberle for Strome. What the hell were they thinking? What could Peter Chiarelli possibly have expected when he made that deal? He took a perennial 20-30 goal guy and traded him for a 30 point forward. He knew it when he pulled the trigger. What could he possibly have learned in October that wasn’t available for him to know in June?

This whole thing is unreal. Unreal.

Source: Nick Kypreos, Hockey Night in Canada, 10/28/2017

  • TKB2677

    I’ve been an Oilers fans for all of my 40 yrs. I was old enough to remember watching some of the glory days on TV and my team kicking everyone ass and winning cups. But unfortunately the majority of my time as an Oilers fan has been me seeing mediocre to lousy teams. It’s been hard for sure to be an Oilers fans especially since 2006. But I stayed faithful. I still bought my gear and still went to as many games as I could because I love my team and enjoy watching NHL hockey. I am not fan like a Matt Henderson who seems to thrive on being negative and actively looks for the negative. I try to stay positive. Some call it being a kool aid drinker. But in general, I don’t see the point in being a negative person so why would I be negative towards my team when there are more important things in this world to stress about to than a sports team.

    With that being said. I see in this article Henderson mentioning a trade of maybe Nuge for Kreider of course saying a 1 for 1 would be a bad move. I looked up Kreider and as Henderson said. He’s a big (6’3, 228), physical, skates like the wind winger. The NHL is getting more and more about speed and on the wing, the Oilers are a bit slow. So not only is he big and physical, he’s fast. He’s scored 21, 21, 28 goals with 46, 43, 53 pts the last 3 seasons. So top 6 numbers. He turned 26 in April so he’s not old and he’s signed for 4.625 mill for the rest of this year plus 2 more after that. So on paper he looks like a perfect fit for the Oilers and adds exactly what they need which is speed and scoring for a good price.

    Then I look at Nuge. For the record, I like Nuge a lot. I am from Red Deer so I got to watch him in junior so I have a big time soft spot for him. Nuge was drafted to be a really good 2 way, 60+ pt, top 6 center. Nuge has scored 20 goals once, 3 seasons ago. He’s never scored 60 pts. He’s decent defensively but I wouldn’t say he’s overly good. He’s undersized and points wise, I think he’s settled into a high 40’s guy. I think he could be an excellent 3rd line center but if he is your second line center, I think you are probably lacking offensively. He makes 6 mill so probably 1.5-2 mill too much.

    So I would put this question out there. What is Nuge actually worth on the trade market? As much as I really like Nuge and would be sad to see him go, when I see a hockey blogger scoff at a Nuge for Kreider trade as not being enough coming back, it is puzzling to me because I am curious to know if you take your Oilers glasses off, what is a 6 mill, 45+ pt, low end #2, really good #3 center worth in your world?

  • @S_2_H

    Oh weird, another article by Matt talking about how intellectually superior he is PC. At least you gave it time and waited 10 games – that’s a fair sample size ??