WWYDW: Sacrifice For .500

The most stressful and frustrating things about watching sports is our complete lack of control over the outcome. We don’t have an influence on the player personnel decisions made by management, the line combinations the coach puts together, and, ultimately, the execution of the players during games.

But if you aren’t superstitious, you might not be a hockey fan. It comes with the territory.

Remember back during the playoffs when you would organize your day and do things in certain patterns because the team was winning when you did it? Sure, logic will tell you that your actions ultimately bare no consequence on the outcomes of events involving people who are completely unaware of your decisions, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Back in 2006 I wore the same green Quicksilver jacket to school during the playoff run. Everybody else was wearing jerseys and I badly wanted to rock my autographed Georges Laraque sweater, but holy hell, I certainly wasn’t taking the risk of being responsible for the team losing because I didn’t wear that green jacket.

It’s November and the team is playing poorly. With last night’s win in Brooklyn, the Oilers moved into 29th place in the league’s standings. The playoffs seemed like an inevitability during the summer as we were all drunk on optimism. But now? We’re going to have to bust out some of those old superstitions and make some sacrifices just to get there.

Today’s What would you do Wednesday? question is what sacrifice are you going to make until the Oilers reach .500?

This all started when local lunatic Nation Dan said he would wear shorts and a t-shirt every day until the Oilers reached .500. He probably wasn’t expecting winter to arrive this early, but gutsy nonetheless.

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Our boy Baggedmilk is going to eat a tin of beets until the Oilers reach .500. For someone who drinks a bottle of ketchup before bed every night, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Chris The Intern said he would sacrifice writing the Injury Report, but that isn’t allowed because he’s the intern.

Kendall, thank you for your service.

McFan, I wish you the best of luck during your battle. Thank you for serving the greater good.

My goodness, McMVP. That’s a terrifying thing to do to yourself but be proud of your sacrifice.

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So, Oilersnation, what sacrifice are you going to make? As we all know, the performance of the team entirely comes down to the actions of us, the people, and we need to make something happen.


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  • Gravis82

    not have traded a 1st and a 2nd in one of the deepest drafts ever for a top 5 pick who to that point had not shown he would live up to expectations. Not traded away another pick in that draft as compensation for hiring our GM when we could have deferred. Not traded away and chose not to protect a top4 dman we found in the seventh (?) round for literally nothing. Not traded a non-replaceable elite top line LW for a good, but likely replaceable top pairing d man who brings no offence. Not traded a second line RW who is a proven scorer for a top pick who at that point had shown no indication he would live up to expectations either. Not signed a bruising LW who appeared to be regressing. Not placed tremendous expectations on our top 3 pick walking into the NHL as a top line player. Not used the money saved by trading away our second line RW to improve the team in any way. Hiring a coach without a proven track record of taking a cup calibre team to a cup win (sure he won, but was he winning more than the team would have been expected to if instead another coach had been coaching?) Not re-signed two fairly useless defenseman because one has grit and the other has heart, when we let one D man go earlier who clearly had both and was a better player (Davidson again).

    I was not intending to be this negative, but I am just going back over all his moves, and I cant seem to find a good one except for finding Talbot. In fact, I bet any improvement we have seen is simply due to Talbot and McDavid and Draisaitl…and I don’t even give Chiarelli credit for Talbot as slats flat out said he was doing his former team a favour by trading Talbot here. Can someone tell me what Chiarelli himself has actually done to improve the team? And dont say Lucic. He was a decent addition but the contract will be ugly soon, if it is not already.

    I also think we made the playoffs last year mostly because we were healthy all year, that will not happen again.

    I also know that each one of these moves I hated when they happened, and I have yet to like how any of them have turned out either.

    What is the common theme here? Management has an idea of what they think the player will be, and make a risky bet. Rishag said today on Gregor that they were betting on JP, Caajulla, Slepeshev or Strome stepping up and taking over at least one of those right wing slots, and they got unlucky that none of them have. That is bunk. None of them showed last year they were ready for that type of promotion, so this is all fairly predictable.

      • Gravis82

        Maroon was good. I will give him that. Sekera was an easy play that anyone could have made. Benning was a one of those moves that randomly works out. I am more concerned about decisions that are made when there is a clear strategic play with some prior information available to base your decision on. It never seems to make sense. Chiarelli must be a frequentist. Don’t get me started on frequentists.

    • OilersGM

      Honestly I agree with you 100% and I’ve said it many times over again Chiarelli is so overrated that you can’t even say his name in a nagetive way in any sort of way or you will be trashed like no ones business. Honestly trash me all you like but Chiarelli is biggest donkey, dummy out there as a GM. I’m sorry but it’s true. You got schooled on the Reinhart trade so what so do you do for an on core you go trade away your best RW for some one that had not proven any thing before just like Reinhart and you do it with the same team what an idiot. Teams build around their core players. This idiot trades them and over pays free agents. If anyone wants a scary Halloween costume just find a Chiarelli mask. Please anyone tell me your not scared that his next move is trading JP for some hockey pucks. The sooner this organization realizes their mistake the better we are that goes for McLellan as well. He left SAN Jose what happened Pete Dabour took them to the finals. What’s so concerning is not to many people see the obvious and the worst of those are the guys running the Oilers from the top so sad.
      Thanks for reading my rant
      Ps miserable oilers fan.

    • Big Nuggets

      yeah I basically agree. Although I believe Chia signed Sekera and he also got Benning. many of his other moves were questionable. The one thing I personally like is that he seems reluctant to trade Nuge. Im sure others will think that is another negative