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Oilers recall Puljujarvi, place Slepyshev on IR

Oilers fans rejoice.

Friday morning, the Edmonton Oilers announced via their twitter that the team has recalled Jesse Puljujarvi. They also announced that Anton Slepyshev has been placed on the injured reserve.

The 2016 fourth overall selection has played in 28 NHL games scoring one goal and seven assists in that time.

This year, Puljujarvi has played in 10 games with the AHL’s Bakersfield Condors in which he has scored one goal and four assists.

Last season, he spent the majority of his time in the AHL where he scored 12 goals and 12 assists in 39 games.

Puljujarvi has a unique opportunity with the Oilers right now. With Slepyshev injured, it gives Puljujarvi a real shot on the Oilers right wing that has been lacking depth.

Like Puljujarvi, Leon Draisaitl had spent six games in the AHL. His stint came in 2015-2016 where he put up a pedestrian two points in six games.

Afterwards, he blew the NHL up scoring 51 points in 72 games. Needless to say, the Oilers have high hopes that Puljujarvi can replicate even a portion of that offence in his second tour of duty.

A really good spot for Puljujarvi would be on the Oilers second right wing alongside Milan Lucic and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, so it looks like he’s going to get a chance to play in an offensive role.

While unknown, it has bee speculated that Slepyshev re-injured his groin in last nights 3-2 win against the New Jersey Devils.  Following his second period goal, Slepyshev only took four shifts of 1:02, :21, :44 and :49, respectively.

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 11/10/2017 – 9.59am MST

  • morsecode89

    He needs to get playing time with McDavid and also needs time on the power play. He skates well, his shot is above average, but he needs to be coddled. Don’t Yakupov this kid Todd. Let him get his confidence. He’s going to make mistakes, but the Oilers need him to develop his offense by getting offensive opportunities. That’s going to mean gifting him minutes and zone starts.

    • tileguy

      I guess that’s the Oilers way, gifting minutes. Is mngt hoping for another Draisaitl, or do they know he will produce. I’m guessing this move is all about hope and will end in epic fail.

      • Coheed

        Is he supposed to “earn” his minutes playing his way up from the 4th line? I don’t understand the idea that playing him in the top 6 is gifting him minutes. The Oilers need to know if he can play a top 6 role. If he cannot produce after a reasonable amount of time, and still gets minutes, that is a different story.

        • tileguy

          I just made that comment based on his AHL numbers. I was thinking there there was somebody more deserving down on the farm. Silly me, I didn’t drink my new flavoured koolaid before reading the article.

          • tileguy

            Take the next comment from rivid for example, he HOPES he can bang in a few pucks, although nothing in his North American playing history suggests he is ready to do that. I hope we don’t kill his confidence and have to trade at his low value instead of his peak value like we have with so many other first rounders.

      • oilfan4ever

        Do you think that maybe Chia discussed with Fleming whether Jesse was ready or not?? You have an opinion and from your previous posts you seem to have a personal agenda which is usually negative.

        • tileguy

          I am just worried we might ruin a prospect. You know, the limited english speaking, teenage kid that is struggling right now. His compatriot was able to grasp the golden handle, which is putting even more pressure on. I would like to see this big, fast talented kid develope properly, not rushed. I guess we will see in the next few weeks how this turns out. I hope it is for the better.

  • rivid

    Well let’s just hope he can bang home some goals, because this team sure could use the help. He has size, speed and the ability to score but has he gotten stronger?

  • Roberto

    Games like yesterday was why Ebs was traded. Sure he can put up pts, but in tight games (see playoffs), 2-1 or 3-2 games, more often than not, Ebs seemed to make a small defensive lapse that would end up in the back of the Oil net. If Ebs was on the team yesterday, the game probably wouldn’t have made it to OT for the magic men to finish off. Sure, he’s skilled offensively and could have given the team secondary scoring for the Oilers advantage, but a goal prevented is just as good as one scored, and more often than not, Ebs seemed to make a gaffe rather than get a big goal. It seems this team is built to stay even with other teams by being sound defensively, until McDavid makes the difference…. I think this might work decently in playoffs (with a deadline addition of James Neal or the like), but the Oil need to get there first.

    • btrain

      Every goal against every night in every rink, if you want to, you can find a goalie, player, and/or players who were at fault. Where you choose to focus the blame is often the result of bias. He is no defensive wizard, but Eberle is not this horrible liability when he is on the ice either. Compared to the offensive minded wingers around the league, he is just as likely to score as he is to be scored against. Fact is, a winger has less opportunity to directly prevent goals as its only the first and least responsible line of defense. So on a sound team, it should take a rather significant mistake for a winger to be the only responsible party for a goal against. Quite frankly, if a team relies as heavily on their wingers to prevent goals against, as you seem to be suggesting, then there is a much larger problem. .

      • Armchair genius

        My major problem with Ebs wasn’t the occasional defensive lapse, it was the weak play on the wall in our own end or the plays that ended on his stick in the attacking zone. While not every time did it end up in the back of our net, it does become taxing on your linemates always trying to cover his weaknesses, and he may not be directly responsible for the goal, his weak play 20 seconds earlier did contribute.

        • btrain

          I am not a huge stats guy, and I believe observations are important but for a fan base over exposed to a particular team with the tendency to get overly sour and hyper focus on the negative, our biases can’t be denied. As far as I have checked aside from +/-, which is more so a collective stat than an individual stat, there is nothing that suggests Eberle is anything less than average in possession (+/- 1 standard deviation from the mean), etc. The difference, I feel, is that Eberle’s turnovers are intolerable because they are interpreted as the result of being soft and not caring enough (especially his board play). Nothing is more irritating than watching a guy not even engage physically. However, if Lucic wins a board battle, only to turn the puck over moments later by forcing a pass, what’s the difference? I bring up Lucic as he and Eberle have about the same number of turnovers over their career despite being polar opposite top 6 wingers, in terms of style of play.

          I believe that soft skill forwards, like Eberle, even out the result with their more physical colleagues in other ways. For example, they avoid the need for a physical battle and risk turning the puck over all together because of their skill. However, in the case of a turnover we are wired to be more tolerable of the guy who engaged physically even though the result is no different.

          You wouldn’t want an entire team of Eberle’s as balance is key, but you have to leave room to appreciate the strengths of a player and not just focus on their weakness. If people don’t think Eberle’s 12 pts in 15 games would be extremely useful for the RW deprived Oilers this season, then I am not sure they are open to reason.

        • Ryan Jones Is Still My Hero

          You don’t have to cut his minutes by a huge amount, but this way he gets to play against softer competition. And the team as a whole has 3 regulation goals in the last 3 games. The top pair needs to be split. I’d be okay with switching Nuge and Kass and moving Strome to 3C, but something has to change. Don’t let wins skew the fact that we have been relying far too much on Talbot these past few games.

        • tileguy

          Agreed, but this story is about calling up somebody from the farm to score points. I don’t think JP is ready yet and somebody like Rattie seems to be more deserving based on putting up numbers. But management is putting their money on hope. I hope they are right.

        • tileguy

          Let me explain it to you. Mr Laing wrote this article telling us about the Oil recalling JP to the bigs. He told us about how he scored 1 goal in 28 NHL games last year and how he has scored 1 goal in 10 AHL games. More importantly was how he slipped in the Leon story, about being pedestrian in the A but when called back up to the bigs he blossomed. That put a lot of HOPE into the readers. I am suggesting that the odds of that happening again with JP are slim to none and may end up doing more harm than good. Judging how I am getting trashed I would say the fans are keeping the FAITH and willing to gift/CHARITY top 6 minutes.

  • I’d go :
    Maroon – McDavid – Puljujarvi <–there was chemistry there and it'll get the Pool Party started!
    Lucic – Nuge – Draisaitl <–now a totally deadly line. Teams won't know where to put their best defenders.
    Jokinen – Strome – Pakarinen
    Malone – Letestu – Kassian <– Kass thrives on the 4th line

  • Redbird62

    The constant use of the phrase by Oilersnation faithful of “being gifted ice time” is getting a little old. Yes sometimes the coaches and GM’s make faulty decisions, based on hunches or faulty logic, but if people believe that either Chiarelli or McClellan make decisions on other than trying to ice the line-up that will give them the best chance to succeed over the season, then they have no understanding of how Chiarelli’s and McClelland’s performances are measured nor what motivates them. It is fair to question their judgement, but too many people on this and similar sites are constantly attacking manager, coaches and players motivations with no basis in fact.
    I have not seen Jesse play much at all, but even though he has only 5 points and 1 goal, maybe he actually is playing pretty well in the eyes of the coaching staff. He is leading the team in shots, but only has a 3.2 shot %, and is only -2 compared to Rattie’s 25% shot % and -5. Anton Lander was outstanding in the AHL but it never translated to NHL sucesss.
    One other possibility, since I don’t know Rattie’s waiver implications if he were called up, is whether that could have factored into the decision. If someone knows whether Rattie would have to clear waivers to be sent back down, that would confirm if this is a factor or not.

  • Golstain

    I know todd will never let this happen but id like to see this set up..

    Maroon McDavid RNH
    Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi
    Pakarinen Letestu Kassian
    Jokinen Strome Malone

    That way Pulj wont face the toughest opposition, and i love the McLeon just like everyone else but lets see what nuge can do there!