Will the NHL call Roussel for this apparent kick on Klefbom?

I’ve been complaining about the refs a lot this season but, let’s be honest, they’ve been brutally inconsistent. As the season progresses, we’re all left guessing as to what counts as a penalty and what doesn’t. The case at hand: this apparent kick by Antoine Roussel on Oscar Klefbom. Apparently, nobody saw it. Will the NHL? I’m not holding my breath.

Check out the gif below and tell me that it doesn’t look like Antoine Roussel tries to kick Oscar Klefbom. What else would his skate be doing flying around like that? There ain’t no soccer ball down there, homie, so what else could you be doing? Why else would Matt Benning go Hulk-mode on him if it wasn’t a kick?

What do you think? That definitely looks like a kick to me. Shockingly (sarcasm font) there was no call for a kick on the play because either the refs missed it or didn’t think it was worth two minutes. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering they also missed a clear shot to the pills on Adam Larsson. Apparently, being able to reproduce in the future is not a concern nor is it worth two minutes in the box.

Who needs a rulebook anyway?