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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Talbot Injured

Is it a coincidence that as I’m writing this week’s injury report, news has broken out of the Oilers dressing room that Cam Talbot is injured and is questionable for Thursday’s game against Toronto? Why us? Why me? 

Cam Talbot

You can find Oilersnation’s initial news story of the Talbot injury right here written by Baggedmilk. If this is as bad as some media members think, it will be a devastating blow to an already devastating season. Just as the Oilers win two in a row and begin to look like they know what they’re doing, the backbone of the team gets hurt. Let’s try to remember that nothing is confirmed right now and that he’s just getting looked at today. So there’s still hope!


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In positive news, what if this injury causes the team to rally together for Talbot? What if this is the turning point in the season when the boys piece together some wins and make a big push for a playoff spot with whatever back-up goaltender they choose? Then Talbot will return healthy as ever and lead us to the cup final. I can picture it now! *wipes tears from cheek*

Jujhar Khaira

JJ has been in and out of the lineup for the past few weeks now. If you remember, he missed a game in the middle of November due to an upper body injury. NOW he’s been out of the lineup since Sunday with a lower body injury. I don’t know what’s going on over there in the Khaira household, but somebody’s got to start eating their veggies and do their stretches so that no more injuries happen. JJ missed the game against Boston on Sunday and was out of the lineup last night against Arizona. He’s skating with the team today so I expect he’ll be playing in the next game….. unless he’s scratched again.

Andrej Sekera

This past week was a quiet one in terms or Andrej Sekera news. There was no real update from anybody which means we can only assume he’s been skating as normal and is working his way back to the lineup at a regular pace. What is regular pace you ask? Frankly I have no idea. I’m still crossing my fingers it will before Christmas because if Cam Talbot’s out we’re going to be even more desperate on the back end.

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