Happy New Year!

From all of us at Oilersnation, I wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Hopefully, whatever you got up to last night hasn’t resulted in a death-blow hangover that will keep you in bed until the early hours of the afternoon. It’s crazy to think that the Oilers-rollercoaster that was 2017 is in the books and now we’re hurling face first towards 12 more months of who the hell knows.

As is the case with any year, there will be plenty of questions and answers that will leave us thrilled, confused, spiteful, filled with hatred, or any combination of the emotions that make hockey exciting. Who will be traded for what? Who will be re-signed to an overpriced contract? How will Darryl’s big year affect contract negotiations six months from now? Who will be the next player to come out of nowhere and surprise us all the way Jujhar Khaira has done this season? Who will SIUTBOHC? Only time will tell, but we’re all fortunate that we’re able to navigate those waters together.

In closing, I wanted to throw out a few New Year’s resolutions for the boys in the hopes that they will have not only an excellent 2018 but also a productive one. Happy hangovers, everybody!


  • You will show for every game on time and be ready to play BEFORE the game starts
  • You will not NOT give the puck to Connor McDavid
  • You will refrain from allegedly punching your teammates or something something
  • You will support Dadbot with adequate defensive zone coverage
  • You will not be surprised when your favourite childhood movie/TV show is remade because there are no more good ideas apparently
  • You will look for breakout options before rimming the puck around the boards to no one in particular
  • You will discount or subsidize the Rogers Place beers to save us all from having to phone our banks and ask for a mortgage extension
  • You will not be alarmed when more big box stores close because Amazon is taking over the world
  • You will get back to making backup goalies your bitch
  • You will still be down with O.P.P.

  • Opi

    Word on the street is that thangies are sooooo bad in Oil land that Chiarelli will soon be unceremoniously dismissed even before a semi-decent replacement can be found … they are THAT angry in Edmonton & just aren’t going to take it anymore, lolo … anyway, the interim plan is to promote the current Vice President of Hockey Operations, Craig MacTavish to G.M. It is projected that Mac-T will appoint K-Lowe assistant G.M. with Scott Howson assisstant to the assistant G.M. …

    This is remarkably eerily similar to the ole’ daze … when …

    K-Lowe, Mac-T & Howson created such a mess in Edmonton that they had to bring in Timid Tambi to clean that all up … well, he left even a worse mess soooooo … wait for it … K-Lowe, Mac-T & Howson re-appointed themselves to clean up Timid Tambi’s mess …

    You can’t make stuff like this up …

    • TruthHurts98

      Playoffs?!? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Not with the 3 stooges behind the bench. Only 4 teams have less points than the Oilers and fans think they will pass the likes of Anaheim, Minny and Chicago. Not happening, they can’t even beat the tired Hawks with a goalie that had never played an NHL game for crying out loud. What’s going to be even more depressing is the upcoming trades PC gets fleeced on before the deadline. Has he ever made a big trade that turned out well for Edmonton or Boston? I can only think of the ones he got fleeced on. Back to the DOD sadly after he trades Maroon and Nuge for basically nothing then signs Thornton to a high dollar multi year contract next summer.

  • Ted

    Homer says it all! Tongue out with no satisfaction! Draisaitl needs a new contract! Oh too late he’s already on cloud eight … more years! What on Earth allows that kind of contract for this kind of performance! Thunder buddies unite!!!