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Oilers 2, Ducks 1 post-game Oil Spills: Playoff rematch

The Edmonton Oilers played the Anaheim Ducks for the first time since losing to them in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs last season. After being tied 1-1, the Oilers had two power plays in overtime but had to settle for winning in the shootout.


Milan Lucic makes the smart decision to send a pass up to the fastest player in the world and the Oilers head the other way three on one. Connor McDavid sends a perfectly placed pass to Kris Russell for the one-time goal.

McDavid’s in all alone, but can’t beat John Gibson. McDavid was flying tonight, and maybe passing a bit too much in the early parts of the game, but couldn’t finish on the breakaway.

Mike Cammalleri is an interesting choice for the shootout, he is 31% in his career. Cammalleri slows it down and scores using the Paralyzer to put the Oilers up in the shootout.

By the Numbers

The Oilers got to a great start outshooting the Ducks heavily to start the game. They were able to kill an early penalty, but gave up a goal on the penalty kill early in the third period. Shot attempts were 50-46 Edmonton, so a pretty even affair. The Oilers finished with a 52.08% CF at even strength, and had a good amount of high-quality scoring chances, including a time where Ryan Getzlaf pushed Gibson into his net and they were fumbling trying to get up.


  • McDavid was flying tonight. You could say that every game, but tonight was different. He wound up and blew past many Ducks throughout the night. There was a point in the game where he held onto the puck at the blue line and kept it away from three different Anaheim players.
  • The Oilers made a trade mid-game! This was super weird, normally trades don’t occur during games. Edmonton acquired Al Montoya for a conditional fourth-round draft pick. The pick becomes a fifth unless Montoya plays seven games or more. This is a bit late. The Oilers are eight points out of a playoff spot, so the time to acquire a goalie was when Talbot was injured and Brossoit was starting. Montoya has been decent the last few years, but he’s coming off a concussion and signed for another year. It’s a weird time to solve next year’s backup position.
  • Edmonton won, but not in regulation. Two points is crucial for any playoff hope, but Anaheim picking up a point as well hurts. They’re eight back and they need to finish games in regulation if they want any chance.
  • The Oilers penalty kill gave up a goal at home. Drink!

Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 01/05/2018, 10:00am MST

Epcor PSA

The weather is getting warmer so here’s another friendly Oilersnation reminder not to skate on City stormwater ponds! The flow of water underneath prevents the pond from freezing all the way through which can make for a bad time if you’re looking to play some puck.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Sooooo, if we win the back -to-back games this weekend, are we officially back on the Ply-offs bandwagon?
    Asking for a friend….I believe we are still in the hunt

    • Rob...

      If that stupid one trick pony power play entry-formation doesn’t evolve then we have no chance in hell of making the playoffs. I understand that Canada’s junior team outclassed most opponents, making their power play seem more awesome than it was. That doesn’t change the fact that it hurt going from watching them perform on the PP to watching the Oilers with the man advantage.

      • The only oiler coach

        i agree, we need options! The players must be smart enough to have more than one power play formation…one break out…one pk system. every team i have watched this season knows how to adapt.

  • The only oiler coach

    I try to be as positive as I can with my $250 per seat season tickets, but its hard. I thought if nothing else last night we would outwork the quackers. We didn’t! I am glad for the win and will be more excited when the effort equals the desperation they should be feeling. I did think McD was the hardest working player on the ice last night.

  • Hemmercules

    I assume the goalie move was so LB doesn’t have to sit on his ass for the rest of the season while Talbot plays out 98% of the remaining games.

    Not an overly convincing win but a win none the less. That said, I wont get pulled back in to the belief they have a chance again after one win. 1 goal in 3 games is pretty ugly when your season is on the line and they just don’t seem to have the consistency they would need to make a Flames-like run from last season.


    The Montoya trade is just the start, more to come. Chia is treading water and he has to make a move now before the tradeline or it’s a me or them senario. The coaching staff should not be fired before Chia IMO.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    I was shocked that they actually called a hold on that McDavid rush. Shocked. He only grabbed him with both arms – figured he’d have to trip McDavid and face plant him into the boards to get the call. Yeah, i’m cynical about that. lol

  • VK63

    I went to see two things.
    Josh Manson and Lucic scrap…. didn’t happen.
    Bieksa get ended…. didn’t happen.

    Did get to see episode (several) of Connor getting molested which is simultaneously terribly sad and completely amazing.