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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Yamamoto down

For the first time in the 2017-18 season, the Edmonton Oilers have a healthy roster. Is this a sign of things to come? Or is it too little too late? Although things are good in Oil Country, things aren’t looking great for the team’s top prospect, Kailer Yamamoto, who went down with an injury in the World Juniors semi-final. 

What looked to be a pretty innocent slash to the back of the leg (I never thought I would call using your stick as a weapon an innocent situation), Kailer Yamamoto was left unable to put any weight at all on his right leg as he was helped off the ice.

What scares me the most, is that the kid is only 154 lbs which means at any given time of the day he isn’t putting that much weight on his feet to begin with… so this injury must be that much worse. It’s tough to say exactly what’s hurting Kailer as there’s been no official word on his injury. Could potentially be an ankle injury? Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a stick to do damage on the bone if it hits the right spot and misses padding.

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Yamamoto didn’t have the best World Junior tournament (no word yet on if he’ll play in the Bronze Medal Game) and certainly is falling short of his WHL season expectations. Hopefully, this injury is nothing but a bruise and he can get right back to work to try to build up that hype again.

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Other than that on the Oilers side of things, it’s sort of nice not having to worry about any injuries. McLellan has a full lineup to choose from which gives him a few different lineup options. If an injury was present, Todd might have to force someone into a position or lineup spot that they would otherwise not be playing in.

There’s not even any real NATION HQ injuries to report, and there’s ALWAYS something weird happening here which results in injury. We can, however, all agree that everyone’s currently suffering from bad Oilers-related emotional injuries. It’s not easy cheering for a sub-.500 hockey team and it can really do damage to a person. We at the office have tried to counter the hurt feelings with long conversations about our happy places as well as back rubs. How do you usually handle Oilers’ related depression?

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No, the Capilano Rehab Centre cannot fix all of our emotional issues due to the current Oilers season but if you ACTUALLY need some good, friendly physiotherapy services please visit them. You can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website! 

  • Spydyr

    On a positive note it being a lower body injury he will have plenty of time to work on building up his upper body strength that he will need if he he wants to be successful in the NHL.

    • Jojuro

      You’re absolutely right that hes not a sure bet, while being very small though, hes one of the best skaters in his age group, very elusive and quick on his transition. I’m a firm believer that a small player can succeed based on 2 things, number one can he skate exceptionally well, and two does he think the game at a high level. and I believe Yamamoto has both those elements. And I wouldn’t call him fragile, hes never really missed an extended period of time at any level yet.

    • LAKID

      Bad pick again. I thought Yam would fall out of the first round but NO……… the Oilers or Chia blew another pick! My guess is Chia trades the first pick for an aging RHD and the price turns out to be Dahlin.

  • Connor McFly

    My pain is directed not at the players so much. For me it is the on- going and utter incompetence of the GM, scouts and coaching contingent. The squandering of draft picks and bad judgement of the GM has got me very nervous. What sort of a cunning stunt will Chia attempt to save his job. Mclellan has morphed into a complete bonehead. That probably what explains his failure to get it done in San Jose with a more talented line- up than he has here. Other than my Oiler-based angst I’m centered and in my happy place. Yeah right !