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Trading Andrej Sekera for Brent Seabrook would be very bad

Brent Seabrook’s name is making its way through the streets of Edmonton today.

First, it was reported that the 13-season veteran and three-time Stanley Cup champion of the Chicago Blackhawks would be a healthy scratch from Chicago’s lineup tonight. Second, Bob Stauffer mentioned the idea of a possible deal involving Andrej Sekera and Seabrook, with the Blackhawks retaining come cash.

The first thing is actual news. The second thing is talk radio filler speculation. That said, Stauffer is connected within the Oilers organization. When he mentions these types of things, sometimes they actually end up happening. For example, he mentioned the idea of Taylor Hall being dealt for a defender before it happened, he talked about Ryan Strome being a possible return in a Jordan Eberle dump last summer, and he talked about the Milan Lucic signing well before free agency in 2016.

Couple that with the fact the Oilers had interest in Seabrook back before he inked his eight-year contract extension back in September 15 and this is definitely something worth talking about. Both Sekera and Seabrook have no movement clauses on their deals. I wouldn’t expect Sekera to waive his, but after being a healthy scratch, anything is possible for Seabrook.

Brent Seabrook used to be a really good player. He was selected 13th overall by the Blackhawks and has played 13 seasons in Chicago. Him and Duncan Keith anchored the team’s blueline through all three of the team’s Stanley Cup victories and he won gold with Team Canada in Vancouver in 2010.

But, at 32 years of age, Seabrook’s best days are far behind him. Many expected this contract was going to become an albatross back when it was signed, and, well, that’s exactly what’s happened. The Hawks are on the hook for Seabrook for six more seasons after this one with him costing them $6.875 million against the cap.

I mean, obviously a 32-year-old defenceman who’s played nearly 1,000 games in his NHL career is going to decline. I’m not taking anything away from Seabrook for his excellent career, but there’s no reason for the Oilers to be helping Chicago out of this mess they’ve created for themselves. Even with salary being retained, there really isn’t any reason the Oilers should be interested in Seabrook at this point. Add in the possibility of giving up a valuable asset in Andrej Sekera, and this makes no sense at all.

Without Sekera in the lineup for the first few months of the season, Edmonton’s blueline was in flux. Oscar Klefbom struggled in increased minutes, the top power play unit lacked a competent option at the point, and it became evident just how valuable Sekera was to the team. Seabrook, on the other hand, has seen his average time on ice decrease for the second season in a row. In the past, he logged difficult minutes against the other team’s top forwards, now he’s facing middling opposition on the team’s second pair.

The Oilers do need help on the blueline, particularly on the right side. But not in the form of an old, expensive, shutdown defender. They need an offensive defenceman who can quarterback the power play. Also, Andrej Sekera is part of the solution on this team and isn’t somebody they should be looking to move to fill other holes.

What say you, Nation? Is Seabrook a player that would help the Oilers? Is Sekera somebody that the team should be looking to move? 

  • camdog

    With the beating Seabrook has taken over his career I’m surprised he’s stayed healthy. Between big hits and long playoff runs he’s got to be pretty close to done. Sekera might still have a few good years in him, If I was the Oilers I’d try and dump his salary as well, not convinced he isn’t close to running out of gas himself.

  • Cletus Spuckler

    Trading for Seabrook, would be a worse idea than paying Lucic for winning a Stanley Cup with the team you used to manage. Probably gonna happen because Chia. *Weeps*

  • Oilers_1978

    PC’s talent recognition is even worse than an ordinary person. That can be taken as the single reason for his firing. Rienhert, strome, letting go osterle, pitlick…the list goes on and on

  • Dapper Dan 3099

    Sekera may struggle a bit, but that’s should have been expected since he’s been out with an injury for so long, but a trade for seabrook would be catastrophic given his cap hit, term left, and given that he’s already starting to suck….we already have a 6 mil contract that’s too long in the form of lucic that is on the verge of crippling us…

  • Where's the Lamb Sauce

    Doesn’t Sekera have a No move/trade? If Chiarelli can move that out I would actually say go for it as Sekera has been terrible since returning and will only decline, but I don’t know how Chiarelli would pull that off nor do I trust him to do it without giving Seker away

  • jultz=2cups!😂😂

    Lol. You guys are hilarious. Here’s my impression of oilersnation. “Waaaaa waaaa!! We need a right shot defenceman!! Why did chia sign Russell when a right shot is what we need most!! Waaa waaa!!” Right shot defenceman becomes available and is same age as sekera. Here’s oilersnation. “Waaaaa waaaa!! Don’t make a trade for a right shot dman chia!! It will ruin the team!! Waaaaaa waaaaa!!” Lolololol. You guys are too funny. This team is imploding right now and has been worse since sekera came back. I do not see how this is a bad trade. I’d do but I’ve always liked seabrooks game. I don’t understand oilersnations logic that at 32, seabrook is too old but at 31, sekera has years left. Oh right. If you guys aren’t complaining, you’re not happy

  • Rock11

    The only way you consider this deal is Chic retains the max of 50% and its Russell going the other way. This saves Edm some short term cap dollars. Doesn’t really improve the D that much but at least it wouldn’t be going backwards.

  • TKB2677

    I have been a fan of Seabrook and would have liked to see him in an Oilers sweater but not when he is 32, turning 33 in April and not when he is making 6.875 mill for the next 6 years.

    If Seabrook was 28, then maybe but not now, he’s too old.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Listen, I don’t want this trade to happen and I don’t think it will. Everyone’s taking Bob’s ruminations as some sort of organizational “tipping-of-the-cards” but I don’t really see it that way. To me, it’s more like Bob’s got air-time to fill and a fair amount of editorial “leeway” to pontificate, speculate and just plain BS his way through the day. Nothing wrong with that – it’s talk-radio and when you’ve got a season that’s turned as miserable as this, Bob’s got to find a way to get people to tune in. Hot Stove 101.

    Put it this way: I don’t think yesterday’s “suggestion” from Bob was a trial-balloon or anything of the kind. And if you’re going to use past examples of talk around trading Hall or Eberle or signing Lucic as examples, then I’d suggest to you that you’re engaging in confirmation-bias. I also remember when the Calgary Flames media and colour guys thought Paul Kariya was going to sign in Calgary years ago and that never materialized.

    The bottom line is I think it would do this fandom a lot of good to take a breath and chill out a bit because, right now, this team has all of you in full-on fever-swamp mode. Every trade rumour is met with a level of anxiety that it’s almost malarial. It’s the return of Lowe Derangement Syndrome and it doesn’t bring out the best in us.

    Obviously, none of us are in the boardrooms and hallways at Oilers HQ but my feeling here is that there’s no way on God’s Green Earth that Chiarelli trades Sekera for Seabrook. He knows what Seabrook is now and he knows what he’s got with (a healthy) Sekera. He also knows this season is done-like-dinner and he really doesn’t need to make any move involving Sekera right now anyway.

    For one thing, it wouldn’t make sense. We can re-litigate the Hall and Eberle trades all we want, but they were defensible moves (desperate need for RHD, urgent need to dump a $6M salary) at the time that, IMO, can still be defended. Trading Sekera doesn’t fill any organizational need or address any issues (other than Chicago’s). Sekera’s got some good years ahead of him; Seabrook doesn’t.

    For another, Chiarelli’s got bigger fish to fry. Over the next few months, his focus will be moving out guys like UFAs ,like Maroon and Letestu, scouting college free agents and, obviously, another high first-round draft pick (sigh).

    One thing I’d really like this site (and all of us, really, myself included) to start doing is to stop the “reporting-of-reporters.” There’s way too many people in this market who will take something that they hear or read and run their own story on it, regardless of whether the original source was reporting something imminent or factual or, as Bob was yesterday, merely filling air time with an idea out of his head.

    Ten years of the fever swamp was enough. Let’s try to drain this one early, shall we?