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Around The Pacific: The League Leading Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are in first place in the NHL. The Los Angeles Kings may never win again. The Oilers are teasing their fans again.

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1st: Vegas Golden Knights

31-11-4 (66 points) / +34 goal differential 

The Golden Knights went 2-1-1 on a four-game road trip last week. They lost 1-0 to Nashville, beat Tampa Bay 4-1, lost 4-3 in overtime to Florida, and hammered Carolina 5-1. With that last win over the Hurricanes, the Golden Knights pulled into first place in the league. At this point, the conversation around whether Vegas is for real or not is completely dead and we’ve moved on to a conversation about whether Vegas is a Stanley Cup favourite. What a world.

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2nd: San Jose Sharks

26-14-6 (58 points) / +8 goal differential 

The Sharks have been rolling since coming off their bye week. They own a 5-1-0 record in their last six games and have climbed to second place in the Pacific Division. The important thing also for San Jose is that they’re getting wins over other teams in the division like Anaheim and Los Angeles.

3rd: Calgary Flames

25-16-5 (55 points) / +5 goal differential 

The Flames came out of their bye week with a 2-1 shootout loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday, but still sit in third place in the Pacific Division. The loss was their first one in 2018 and the Flames haven’t been dropped in regulation since Dec. 29 against Anaheim.

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4th: Los Angeles Kings

25-17-5 (55 points) / +19 goal differential 

The Kings have fallen off a cliff. Since beating Edmonton 5-0 to kick off the new year, L.A. lost six games in a row and now sit on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Considering how well they were playing earlier on in the season, it seemed that the Kings were a lock to make the playoffs. But their surprising depth scoring has dried up and their goalies aren’t operating at a .940 save percentage anymore. To make matters worse, the Kings will play 11 of their next 13 games on the road. Another thing to note, for some reason, Dustin Brown wasn’t suspended for that hit on Justin Schultz posted above.

5th: Anaheim Ducks

22-17-9 (53 points) / 0 goal differential 

The Ducks had a decent 2-2 week last week, beating Pittsburgh and Los Angeles and getting dropped by San Jose and Colorado. They currently sit in fifth in the division, but based on the way things are going down the road in Los Angeles, they might not be there for long.

6th: Edmonton Oilers

21-23-3 (45 points) / -18 goal differential 

The Oilers came out of their bye week with a commanding 5-2 win over the not-very-good Canucks, meaning Edmonton is now on a three-game winning streak. They’re one game into a five-game homestand right now, so if the Oilers are somehow going to do the impossible and climb back into relevance, they have a good starting point. A win over Buffalo on Tuesday would give the Oilers a four-game win streak for just the second time this season. Another interesting note: Edmonton is 9-2-0 against the Pacific Division this season.

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7th: Vancouver Canucks

18-23-6 (42 points) / -31 goal differential 

The Canucks welcomed Bo Horvat back to the lineup on Sunday, which is a good thing considering the team went into a tailspin without him. After Horvat got hurt in a 3-0 win over Carolina in early December, the Canucks won just four of 19 games. Since coming out of their bye week, Vancouver has dropped two games, one to Edmonton and one to Winnipeg. To the surprise of nobody expect maybe their ownership group, the Canucks are geared up to sell at the trade deadline.

8th: Arizona Coyotes

11-28-9 (31 points) / -54 goal differential 

Arizona went 1-02 last week, meaning they’ve earned a point in six of their last seven games. Since the turn of the new year, the Coyotes are 2-1-5, which is kind of a bizarre record. But hey, they’re gaining ground on Vancouver by capitalizing on the loser point.

  • lee

    While its good to see the Oilers put some wins together, they are not going to make the playoffs. The teams ahead of them for the wild card don’t have to be great, just average and that will give them enough points.
    There are 3 right D in the top ten of this years draft, how valuable are right D in this league, we traded for a solid Right D and it cost the team a 1st overall star player. Finishing 4 or 5 points out of the playoffs takes them out of the top ten in the draft and its business as usual as far as this team getting a point getting minute eating Right D.
    I know that sounds negative but having a great run and still not being close to making the playoffs doesn’t get you anything.
    Don’t know much about physics but I’m sure 4 or 5 months after the season is finished any momentum is lost.

    • That's My Point

      Colorado is in the last wild card position in the Western Conference. They are 8 games over 0.500 and the Oilers have lost 6 more games than they’ve won this year. If the Oilers win 14 games in a row they would be tied with Colorado for the last wild card position only if Colorado loses 14 straight games. As Ferris Beuller says: “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go.”

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    It’s my fault, guys. I spent the whole summer talking about how much Vegas is gonna suck and we’d be harvesting free points from them all year.

  • Retired Secret Agent

    Dustin Brown was NOT suspended for that dirty and intentional hit. Holy crap!
    But Cogs is a villainous guy who deserves a suspension. What a league.

  • TKB2677

    As amazing of a story it is, what kind of let down will the Vegas fans be in if they don’t keep this up next season? As an example. Karlson has 25 goals and 40 pts in 46 games this season. With 36 games left, unless he gets hurt, it’s a pretty safe bet he scores well over 30 goals and well over 50 pts. His previous career high in goals was 9 and he only has 43 total goals. He’s making 1 mill this year and needs a new contract. What happens to Vegas if Karlsson’s production drops down from 30+ down to teens in goals? The chances of him continuing to be a 35 goal man when his previous career high was 9 probably aren’t great.