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Avalanche 4, Oilers 3 (OT) post-game Oil Spills: “SHOOOOOOT”

The Oilers battled back from two goals down with a last-second goal from Connor McDavid to force overtime, but the Avalanche ended up getting the win. There were some things to like about this game, but ultimately, they came up short against an Avs squad without Nathan MacKinnon.

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After Colorado went up with a 2-0 lead, Leon Draisaitl found Connor McDavid for a tap-in goal. McDavid tipped the pass and Jonathan Bernier made the original save, but McDavid managed to smack in the rebound in mid-air.

It seemed that the Oilers had tied the game just before the end of the second period when Drake Caggiula forced Jonathan Bernier’s glove into the net. The refs went upstairs and checked to see if the puck crossed the line, and it clearly did, so they called it a goal. Then immediately after, Jared Bednar challenged the call for goalie interference, and the goal was overturned.

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The Oilers got a power play after the play, but Blake Comeau buried a short handed goal to give Colorado a 3-1 lead.

Caggiula ended up getting his goal in the third period. Matt Benning got a puck on net from the point and in deflected off of him and past Bernier. I honestly thought, given Edmonton’s luck, that this was going to be overturned. But it wasn’t!

With about 30 seconds to go and Oilers down by one, Connor McDavid forced overtime. The Oilers moved the puck around at the point for a little while as the crowd yelled at them to “SHOOOOOOOT.” Finally, Leon Draisaitl took the advice and got a shot on net that deflected off the boards and right to McDavid who buried the puck into the open net.

In the overtime period, though, the Oilers didn’t listen to the fans’ shooting advice. They skated around in the offensive zone and turned the puck over, then Tyson Barrie got a shot on goal and J.T. Compher buried the rebound for the winner.

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By the numbers

The game was played evenly at five-on-five last night. The Oilers had 49 total shot attempts to the Avalanche’s 47. While Colorado came out and had a stronger first period, the Oilers put on the pressure in the third, which is predictable given the fact that Colorado came out of the second period with a two-goal lead and retreated into a defensive shell. The difference in the game yet again was special teams. Colorado scored a goal on their only power play, and they also scored a short handed goal on one of Edmonton’s three power plays. The Avs are one of the league’s best teams at drawing penalties and the Oilers managed to stay out of the box, but Colorado still scored on their one chance while the Oilers’ power play couldn’t even get itself set up.


  • Connor McDavid had himself a vintage Connor McDavid game. Him and Leon Draisaitl were back together and they formed a dominant line that could drive offence against whomever Colorado put out against them. Unfortunately, the depth scoring just isn’t there. When McDavid and Draisaitl weren’t on the ice, the Oilers weren’t getting many high quality chances. They could hem the puck in the Avs zone, but Colorado had a pretty easy time keeping them to the outside.
  • Matt Benning and Oscar Klefbom had a very strong game offensively as a pairing. When those two were on the ice, the Oilers got a whopping 31 shot attempts for (in comparison to 11 against) at even strength. Klefbom hasn’t had the same season he did last year, but I like the chemistry him and Benning are developing as a pair who can move the puck and really compliment the team’s top line.
  • This lack of depth was especially noticeable in the overtime period. McDavid and Draisaitl came out and flew around, but when they went off, the Oilers put out Drake Caggiula and Ryan Strome. They wheeled around the zone and didn’t get a shot on net, then Caggiula turned the puck over, and Colorado went down and scored. Watching the game, as soon as McDavid and Draisaitl went off the ice after their first shift, I was nervous.
  • Let’s jump back to the disallowed goal for a second. It was the right call, clearly, but why on earth wasn’t that concluded when they went upstairs the first time? Why wouldn’t the review be all-encompassing? If they’re looking to see if the puck crossed the line, could they not also say “hey, uh, this is goalie interference,” and not waste a bunch of time and get everyone’s hopes up? On TV you can clearly see it wasn’t going to be a goal, but it’s annoying for the fans in the stadium to have to endure a five-minute rollercoaster with two reviews, a goal called good, and then disallowed. It’s just a terrible look on the league. As Patrick O’Sullivan says, less booze at the GM meeting, more discussion about rules.
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  • Glencontrolurstik

    I personally think that Nuge would have been the point of difference in this game…
    It just needed that extra bit of “skilled-tenacity”…
    Get better Ryan & leave him alone, Pete…

    • Bittersomfan

      Well, I wouldn’t call it fair, but I think many players would prefer a tight schedule, in particular when you are in fight/grind mode like the Oilers are. You can often read in the GDB’s that “the Oilers are rested and should come out strong!”. But it rarely turns out that way, in fact, rest seems to make teams play worse; the timing seems off and there is no energy. I honestly think that the 33 in 66 schedule will benefit the Oilers. It’s playoff hockey all the way now!

  • OilersBro

    The mention of our OT line up is scary. Without Nuge, we have one line that can produce. That just shows the lack of speed and skill that we have on our team. After Strome and Cags, our next best option is Cammellari and JP

  • OnDaWagon

    I watched the Boston – St. Louis game last night. I watched because Boston has been on such a tear over the last 18 – 20 games, that I had to see what was about this group. I didn’t even recognize a lot of their players, but holy frig, are they ever tenacious. And they are well coached. Like starving dogs fighting for a bone. Seems like it didn’t take long for Bostons GM to retool that team with young, cheap, quick, fast and determined players. Last time I watched the Bruins(before last night) Claude Julian was coaching, and it was boring.

    Then I watched the Oilers – Colorado game, and it was dysfunctional. Peter and Todd has done zero over 2-1/2 years to turn this into a group of exciting, fast, quick tenacious players.( I’m not including McDAVID. Everyone of us would have made that pick. So, no credit for that). It has been, for the most part, an absolute failure. I don’t see any future for this organization, with these men making the critical decisions.

    I came here from Newfoundland in the early 80’s. Saw every cup they won. It was exciting. The city was alive. Confident. Happy. Eager. Not now. This ship is still sinking

    You will always notice, all of the top competitive teams are fast and tenacious. We are decades away, with these people running the team. It is very disappointing. Seems to be no accountability in this organization.

    Katz got his man = Bob Nicholson

    Nicholson got his man = Peter Chiarelli

    Chiarelli got his man = Todd Mclellan

    Todd Mclellan got his preferred assistants.

    Anybody see a trend here?

    I do. They have all failed. It’s likely not going to change, unless the team is sold to someone who renovates the house.

    In this country, with an NHL franchise, you shame this city when you are a continuous loser.

    Cam believes he will make the playoffs. Will, actually, you might. You might get traded. I doubt it, but you might.

    • RJ

      More than the L-R imbalance is their lack of drafting for puck-moving defencemen.

      The Oilers have cornered the market on 80s-style defensive defencemen when the game is now based on moving the puck.

  • Oiler Al

    The Overtime presentation makes it very obvious why the Oilers are where there at.After 97 and 29 got off the ice the pickings were very slim. The cupboard is bare!What a friggin mess.Nice work Pete.