Friday Fights: Juhjarring Footage

Hello out there, I’m on the air, it’s Hockey Fights today. This is a weekly feature where we will take a look back at the best tilts of the week that was, a fond look back at the fights that were, and a strong finger wag at the worst fight of the week.

Week 16 has come and 13 fights across the league shows some improvements on the season totals so far. We inch closer to the 300 total fights for the year number so highly coveted. As the playoff races heat up, rivalries and bad blood will rise as well. A grand total of 194 fights on the year, in 154 games. The overall quality of the fights this week staying above that 3/10 mark.

In this installment we have a fight right after puck drop, a fight where we wonder if the refs should have stopped it early, and we look deeper at stopping a fight.

Show me the tilts.

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No. 3:

Brenden Dillon vs Brock McGinn

What a bunch of heavy blows scored here. Pretty confident the chest protector took most of the blows (especially from Dillon) but the age-old code is followed here.

No. 2:

Gabriel Landeskog vs Brayden Schenn

This fight was better than the first one as a fight. Two middleweights going at it right off the bat. There is why I am bumping it down slightly. Not a huge fan of the staged fights myself. I realize sometimes with previous issues, the fight is just the way to get that “incident” out of the way. This was not the case, instead, Schenn lined up out of position and asked for this fight.

No. 1:

Folin vs Khaira

Really not sure how this one has Khaira only winning 95% of the time over at HF. Jujhar saw his rookie teammate get laid out by a King and responded. This season and last we have noticed a trend where the player defending his teammate usually gets his face punched in. This was not the case at all here. Half way through the tilt, Folin seemingly took a knee and hoped it would stop soon. 

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Classic Fight of the Week:

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi

Feb 9, 1992 1pd 09:37

You asked in the comments and we answered. Last week’s classic fight wasn’t classic enough. How about Domi/Probert?

Finger Wag of the Week:

This is where we normally feature the one fight that probably deserved two minutes for occurring, rather than a major. Or a player that needs to be put on blast

Linesmen (Again…)

This is a strange league sometimes when it comes to fights. The league wants to crack down on fighting because of the correlation between head injuries and fights. Fine, that’s great. But until they can figure out how to make their own calls, and how to suspend properly and consistently, we need to have the players police themselves somewhat. That said, the NHL needs to figure out when to get into these fights and when to step back. Our number one fight is a perfect example of where they don’t step in nearly fast enough (see below). A player (Folin) is seemingly begging for his life after losing handily to Khaira, and yet they stand there and watch. Then a couple weeks ago (see above) the linesmen step into a fight as it begins between two willing combatants. Just have to do some actual training, and have them look out for telltale things.

If you want to see all the fights from the week, and indeed the season, you have only to visit us over at HockeyFights.com

So that’s the fights that were the fights. What say you citizens of the Nation? Did you like my picks? Did I miss a fight you thought was better or worse? Do you have a suggestion for the classic fight you want to see next week? Hit me up on twitter @TheNationDan or send it in the comments below.

Square up and protect your head.

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