Hello out there, I’m on the air, it’s Hockey Fights today. This is a weekly feature where we will take a look back at the best tilts of the week that was, a fond look back at the fights that were, and a strong finger wag at the worst fight of the week.
Week two of your fight recap brought to you by Hockeyfights.com. It was a slower week by the numbers in fights. Only 11 bouts this week, with the boys opting to settle a lot of their issues on the ice. Some great responses to teammates getting hit hard and beat up, and one absolutely hilarious whiplash affair between two guys who just wanted to sit for five minutes. Also, if you missed it, Robin Brownlee of Oilersnation took some time to address the fights and fighting culture in the game today, worth a read. Onto the tilts!

No. 3:

Now, I know that some people in the comments last week (shoutout to the fan who said I sound like I have taken shots to the frontal lobe).. and admittedly always won’t like fighting. The hits in this game leading up to this fight are the reason this happened. Virtanen greased Oduya into the boards, and then Borowiecki just took an absolute run at Burmistrov (who is lucky he had his head up). That’s when enough is a enough. Sure, the ref was giving out some penalties… but Borowiecki shouldn’t get away with that kind of action. So they dropped the gloves. Not so much of a great fight as Dorsett just standing up for his teammates.

No. 2:

The Oilers haven’t been very good. This one is mostly staged as a chance for Lucic to light a fire under his team’s ass (Mission not accomplished as his team went on to lose 6-1). Mark Borowiecki is a name that has shown up three times already this year on our fight log. These two fighters exchanged some heavy blows with Lucic coming up the 80.6 per cent victor in our completely scientific voting system at hockeyfights.

No. 1:

You are losing the game with minutes left. You watch Wilson smoke your captain in a dangerous spot along the boards and Coleman took his second fight of the period, his first coming against Burakovsky. Wilson just takes to disposing of Coleman in a fashion that if this was the UFC or boxing would have been stopped earlier. Wilson the clear winner here, as were his Capitals on the night.

Classic Fight of the Week:

This week, we as a part of the Nation Network welcomed in the newest member to our family of team sites. Flyersnation.net is now a part of the network, and this week we wanted to give a little shout-out to them by way of picking a Flyers classic fight. In this one Behn Wilson of the Flyers gets rocked by Terry O’Reilly. In this day, you would have a teammate stand up for Mr. Wilson, but “lying in bed like Bryan Wilson did” is just not in Behn’s vocabulary. He popped up and the two went toe to toe.

Finger Wag of the Week:

This is where we feature the one fight that probably deserved two minutes for occurring, rather than a major.
Just wild and crazy guys, trying to give each other whiplash. That’s what fighting it all about, right?
If you want to see all the fights from the week, and indeed the season, you have only to visit us over at HockeyFights.com
So that’s the fights that were the fights. What say you citizens of the Nation? Did you like my picks? Did I miss a fight you thought was better or worse? Do you have a suggestion for the classic fight you want to see next week? Hit me up on twitter @TheNationDan or send it in the comments below.
Square up and protect your head.