Real Life Podcast Episode 61 – “That’s How Blockbuster Screwed Themselves”

Wanye, Baggedmilk, The Squire and Majeau are BACK with a brand new episode of “Real Life” (shoutout to Japa Machinery!)

This week, the boys recap the “Greatest Team in NHL History,” Baggedmilk and Wanye get fired up about trades and the “Gas Pump” gets mentioned about 15 times. The boys also touched on the Oilers’ insistence on having banner ceremonies and celebrations incessantly and why it’s not a great look during down years like this one. Are you pissed there’s now a banner at Rogers Place for the fan-voted Greatest Team in NHL History? Does it matter? Let us know in the comments!

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NOTE – We record on Monday nights, so we couldn’t comment on what Bob Nicholson said to Prime Time Sports.

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