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Bruins 3, Oilers 2 post-game Oil Spills: Third period meltdown

Despite carrying a 2-0 lead into the final frame, the Oilers got dropped 3-2 after a third period pounding by the Bruins. Their one-game winning streak is over.


Ryan Strome opened the scoring with a four-on-four goal in the first period. Since beating the crap out of that water bottle, Strome has had some good luck offensively. He has goals in back-to-back games and nine for the season.

I rolled my eyes when I saw Anton Slepyshev making a pass. I groaned when I saw it was to a trailer with a Bruins back checker present. But it turned out to be the right play. JJ Khaira got the puck in the high slot, fumbled it around for a second, and then fired a perfect shot off the post and past a screened Anton Khudobin.

And then there was the third period. Woof. It started with this weird goal in which Noel Acciari wrapped the puck around the net and banked it off of Ryan Strome and past Cam Talbot.

The Bruins peppered the Oilers net relentlessly, then, finally, they tied it up. Charlie McAvoy got a point shot towards the net and then Oilers legend Riley Nash got the puck and dished it to somebody named Matt Grzelcyk who buried it into the yawning net.

If you’ve watched the 2017-18 Oilers, you knew this was coming. The Bruins worked the puck around down low, the Oilers got caught chasing, David Krejci got left alone at the side of the net, and he made no mistake. Boston took their first lead of the game, the Oilers got a power play with under a minute to go, but couldn’t get it back.

By the numbers

The first two period were played at a pretty even level. But in the third, the Bruins totally took control. Boston had 26 even strength shot attempts in the third while Edmonton only had 10. They also had 14 scoring chances while the Oilers had five. It was pure domination in the third, which is a shame because the Oilers actually played a solid game in the first 40 minutes. But damn, how on earth do you get flattened in the third period by a road team who had just played the night before?


  • The Oilers were winning 2-0 at home heading into the third period against a team who played in overtime yesterday but ended up losing 3-2. That’s, well, I just don’t even know anymore. This one really looked like it was in the bag, but in 2017-18 Oilers fashion, the team completely disappeared in the third period. The effort and energy to close this thing out simply wasn’t there and as soon as Boston grabbed the game-tying goal, you just knew they were going to come out with a win. At this point… That’s about all I’ve got.

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  • TruthHurts98

    Why do any fans expect anything but losses? We have the worst coaching staff in the league, the Oilers rarely come out ready to play. Worst special teams too, so when you get that badly outshot you don’t have much chance of winning. This organization is not committed to winning. If they were, coaching changes would have been made a long time ago. GM too, but now we get to watch in horror as PC will most likely make more bad trades at the deadline. It’s almost as bad as the Cleveland Browns organization. Pittsburgh wasn’t winning, so in came Sullivan and 2 more cups. Not saying a coaching change wins cups here, but something needed to be done a while ago. Most of the players have checked out and don’t want to give that extra effort, shot block or backcheck. Because the playoffs haven’t been a reality for months. The Oilers have the worst record of any team since New Years. But stay the course right?!? It’s insanity what happens with this management team. I wasted my time watching the last half of the game knowing they would lose no matter how well Talbot played. No chance on all three goals and he was in the zone. Too bad, this game epitomizes the season and last decade plus.

      • crabman

        Chiarelli has turned this lineup over almost completely since he arrived here. Only 6 players on today’s team were here before him and he already resigned 4 of them. At this point The players have been changed and the GM and coaches have been here for 3 years. After some of the trades Chiarelli has made and our coaching staffs lack of ability to get this team to play defense and special teams it is time for a change in coaching and management.

      • TruthHurts98

        Hall shipped out and now scoring at the same pace as the Connor. Schultz was the problem and then won two cups. These players that need to be ‘held accountable’ flourish with good coaching. Yes there is a lot of turnaround but the management continually hires the wrong people. Leave the coaching and GM, then keep embracing losing. DOD #2 will be far worse and Connor and Leon will eventually both demand trades. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Oiler organization defines that perfectly minus last season which was a fluke. Keep tanking for the high picks, then blame them when the team keeps losing. Makes perfect sense right?!? SMH

  • ubermiguel

    As is my habit now I checked online in the middle of the 2nd period for the score. “2-0? They have a chance!” I foolishly thought, forgetting momentarily that this team never fails to disappoint.

  • Retired Secret Agent

    I watched the entire game, I think I’m obsessed or broken….. sigh. Also, I have no idea what is or isn’t a penalty is anymore. That’s not fan bias, but from a guy who’s been around this game for over 55 years.

    • Hemmercules

      Its the easy solution. Its hard to flip an entire team via trade/buyout/demotion/signings. Just scapegoat one or two guys and fire them. Its even easier when the GM makes terrible moves and the coaches have the worst special teams in NHL history.

      That said, I don’t think it will happen. Both Chia an McL will be here in October with their final chance to right this ship.

    • Dougie_Sharms

      Players have been held responsible — Hall, Ebs, Yaks, Cogliano, Gagner, Schultz, Petry, etc. The top dogs of this organization, esp those that either pay the bills or won cups in the 80s, refuse to move on from the past and understand they are not the ones who will bring a Cup back to YEG. One or even two elite players alone won’t remove this organization’s ingrained woes. Glen Sather has been our only successful GM, even in the late 90s, who knew what he was doing. I’d rather hire his old ass to fix things up then have Chia pet around for another season.

  • Homer

    I was at the game with my bruins friend and we where brutal all game not just the third. They outshot us , out hustled us and as was inevitable as the tides scored more then us. This team was destined to fail with the summer we had. Strome was no replacement for Eb’s goals, Sekera injury with no replacement, free cap space never spent to bring in someone to play with McJebus and TM’s one trick of loading up a line has run its coarse. Worst PP I’ve ever seen and we have Conner and D?!? Pathetic coaching and a GM who seems to be building a team for 2010 NHL not 2018s speed game for sure. Whole organization seems clueless and Katz just keeps throwing parties for the 80s man is soooo stuck in the past it’s ridiculous.

  • oilerjed

    And next season when things right themselves even a little bit? Is Chia looking better then?
    A bit of puck luck and half of our posts hit go in, Pk and PP is even 15th in the league or Klefbom and and Talbot find a way to right their games, which will most likely happen. If even two of these things happen our point total goes up by 10-15 points, putting us right in the hunt. Upgrade a Benning and a Cagguilla and that could be 15-20 pts.
    Im thinking that since MacL is messing around with JP on the LW he has probably been given some kind of cue to try it out from above, which to me signals that at the least T Mac and Chia will be back next season. The assistants need to go to fix the special teams. Chia needs to get a RD and at least one scoring winger for the top 6 and a better effort from the start and this team will take a “hige stride” next season.
    And no I am not sipping any koolaid, today anyway

      • oilerjed

        I disagree. The probems other then benning and Drake are with players who stand a really good chance of seeing there game go back to their norm rather then regressing further. Except Looch. His off seaason will determine how many NHL seasons he has left and at what level they will be at. Talbot, Klef will come around. They have shown that they are better players then they are now. and this alone will make the Oilers a much better team. Finding some complimentary scoring wingers (if Maroon isn’t back) will put them that much further ahead

    • Hemmercules

      I wish I felt this ^^^^ good about the team going into next year.

      Im thinking more along the lines that Klef and Talbot just has really good seasons last year and the same guys that run the special teams will be doing it again. A “RE-tooling year” I’ve heard it called, just coverup slang for a rebuild without using that dreaded word.

      I think they can acquire a D and a Winger like you said but its going to cost Nuge and probably a nice draft pick or two. That still leaves a need for a goalie that can actually play and maybe push Talbot little. Is Montoya that dude? Im not feeling it. With Nuge out they will need a centre too. Do they sign Strome back?? Meh. At least we got Looch for 100 more years!

      Most of their tradeable assets create another hole if they get traded. The farm is pretty dry for forwards and the D down there aren’t playing big minutes in the NHL anytime soon. This team is cooked for at least a couple seasons. I will be shocked if they make the playoffs next year unless unprecedented changes happen.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        I can’t figure out why oilersnation has given up on talbot. He was lights out for the rangers when the king was hurt, posted a .917 save % for the oilers the year Connor got hurt and was a vezina candidate just last year. I’m not saying he’s great this year, but I have no doubt in my mind, if the special teams improve and the defence is upgraded that cambot will bounce back strong next year. It is possible for pro athletes to have a down season followed by a good one. Not sure why you guys never see it that way.

      • oilerjed

        Didnt say anything about trading Nuge. That would be a major step back. FA wingers will be able to be found for a fair price that are more then capable of replacing Drake and Sleppy production wise. The first will be a pretty high draft pick this year and could be a big fat carrot for a trade with some other add ins.

  • Bobnett

    I read on another site that a priority is to find a Jari Kurri to play with McDavid.
    Kurri – Sound defensive skills, could skate to keep up with Gretzky, could read the play almost as fast as Gretz, quick shot release…. Better trade RNH for that guy (yes that is sarcasm Sheldon).
    I have been yelling at the TV all season to put these 2 together. With Nuge returning soon maybe it will happen.

  • Kneedroptalbot



    1h ago

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