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At Random: Trade Deadline

“Patty is not traded.” Edmonton Oilers’ coach Todd McLellan felt compelled this morning to clarify for the nosy and curious that winger Patrick Maroon had not been traded on the occasion of him sitting out for a second straight morning skate with an undisclosed injury. McLellan did not include the word “yet.”

While I think it’s inevitable that Maroon gets a ticket out of town between now and the NHL trade deadline Monday because of how circumstances have unfolded, I can’t say I’m thrilled to see the Big Rig from the Show Me State on his way out the door. For my money, which doesn’t count against the salary cap, Maroon has been a bargain for the parts of three seasons he’s spent here, especially with the Anaheim Ducks picking up part of the tab.

Maroon, who’ll turn 30 April 23, has scored 49-37-86 in the 154 games he’s played (plus 3-5-8 in 13 playoff games) since coming over from Anaheim for a ham sandwich named Martin Gernat and a fourth-round pick in February 2016. Included in that, 27 goals last season. He’s a big man who can bang some and score some, and there’s going to be teams interested in those traits. As a UFA, he’s looking to get paid – something the Oilers aren’t/can’t willing to do, given the handiwork of GM Peter Chiarelli and the make-up of the team as it stands now. So, he’ll be gone.

Two factors are working against Maroon. First, he’s looking for a home run contract. Second, he’s a big, plodding winger and the Oilers have already invested in one of those in Milan Lucic. While adding size with Maroon and Lucic seemed like a good idea two years ago, the Oilers can’t have two hulks plodding up and down the wall with teams shifting to more of a speed game – especially when one of them already makes $6 million a season.

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Since the start of last season, Maroon has scored 41-31-72, while Lucic has tallied 32-48-80. There’s not a lot to choose between the two in terms of performance and the traits they bring to the table, but one guy is looking for a big contract and the other has one for another five years that isn’t movable. So, one of them stays and the other, Maroon, is destined to move on. That’s the hockey biz. I wish Maroon well.


It’s no surprise Mark Letestu, 33, is the other UFA most likely to be moved by the deadline. Letestu has a reasonable $1.8 million ticket and he’s exactly the kind of player a team in playoff contention looks to add for depth down the stretch. He’s good in the circles, he can kill penalties and he’s got good hands – even though they haven’t produced this season like they did a year ago when he scored 11 of his 16 goals on the power play.

The other UFAs are buried blueliner Mark Fayne (thanks for coming), Mike Cammalleri, who makes only $1 million but likely won’t be re-signed and Johann Auvitu, who is 28 but makes only $700,000 and could be a nice depth option on the blueline. Might a contending team want a depth rental in Cammalleri or Fayne?

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Jan 12, 2018; Glendale, AZ, USA; Edmonton Oilers left wing Jujhar Khaira (16) celebrates after a goal by defenseman Darnell Nurse (not pictured) as Arizona Coyotes goalie Antti Raanta (32) looks on during the first period at Gila River Arena. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jujhar Khaira, Anton Slepyshev and Drake Caggiula are all 23 years old and all players I want to see more of in the games that remain to get a measure of where they might fit into the line-up next season. Is there room for two of them next season? All three? Khaira has averaged 12:40 in ice time this season. Slepyshev is at 11:38 and Caggiula is at 13:52.
  • If you put any stock in chatter around the league, the Boston Bruins and Winnipeg Jets might be the most likely landing spots for Maroon. I can see the Bruins looking to add the kind of toughness-skill combination Maroon brings in preparation for a Stanley Cup run.
  • We’ve already filled 19 of the 20 teams we’ll have in the 2018 Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament May 11, so if you’re working at or own a company that would like to sponsor a team, you can find out about it here. The opening is in the 16-team men’s draw.


  • Disappointed

    I love things that help the homeless right here in our city, province country. It will be a good deadline if we can get a first for Patrick, a secong for Mark, a fifth for Cammy and something worthwhile using our cap space to help others be rid of a salary so they can grab a rental.

  • Rama Lama

    I for one hope that the assets back are either prospects who have a real chance at cracking next year’s roster…….or draft picks that are of the first or second kind.

    These picks will come in handy when real deals are made around the draft table in June. I doubt that PC will be able to make meaningful trade/s at this time of the season. His track record is not very good and Maroon has been the only steal so far IMHO.

    Robin any scuttlebut on the possibility of Karlsson coming to Edmonton…….what do you think it would take to get him?

    • MrBung

      Chia is a bad GM. Someone from the organization should be announcing his firing or resignation this morning @ 10. I have no interest in Chia talking to the media.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      We obviously need to beef up the prospect pool & build up our talent bank… However, I am more concerned with our development team & their lack of being able to develop. I want to see McDavid & Draisaitl (and other assets already on the team) succeed with additions and tweaks that’ll make the Oilers viable now… While the aforementioned superstars are still capable… We can’t win by just adding a bunch of Jr. players without NHL experience… And we don’t have enough time to develop them & expect to build a dynasty long term.
      Our development team, as it stands now, is just not very capable. I have no confidence in this management team…
      Off topic: Why didn’t we grab Kuemper???? He would have been perfect… And please don’t trade Nuge,… please…

  • The Future Never Comes

    This is a illustration of why bloated terrible contracts (Lucic) handcuff your teams chances in the future. We could have taken Maroon on at a 4 X 4 maybe two years back before the Lucic signing. We would have had him in his prime playing shotgun to McD, acting as his guardian and also pot some goals along the way. We would have had his functional toughness and ability to play alongside 97 unlike Lucic. He could have been signed to the age of 32/33 before he fell off of a ledge in terms of play. But now we say goodbye as a measure of Lucic’s contract, that is looking abysmal in year 2 of 7. Mismanagement at it’s finest.

    • BringitbacklikeSlats

      Oh according to the Corsi Rel Nerd Herd Mark Fayne’s a second pairing NHL’r … just ask Alan Mitchell and he’ll tell you how much better Fayne is than Kris Russell.

      TFNC Do you get tired of listening to your tiresome narrative of he “should of” all you have to contribute on here or do you have an original opinion on anything happening right now? Love all the hindsight clarity you provide ad nauseum though…it’s awesome.

    • Dan 1919

      I think your comment is pretty valid (although I don’t think the Lucic contract is as horrid as many do if he continues to post his typical stats.) The fact of the matter is Chiarelli bet on Lucic, and that bet not only means we are bound to Lucic and have to hope he delivers, but it also means we have to watch a solid player like Maroon leave town because of that prior bet… Man does Chiarelli have a lot of pressure on him next season(if he’s around).

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Lucic has 30 points thus far on a very bad team with no PP…
      I think he has actually improved his speed and possession, & leaned up a bit over last season.
      He brings alot to this team & is a very good member of it. He also accounts for much you wouldn’t see, that is needed on a team like, media deflection. A great veteran to have on your side & well worth his pricetag.
      You pretty much have to pay 4 – 6mil for this type of player. Looch has also won every championship in every league he has played… We need that…
      You “copy & paste lemmings” that follow the trolls have no thought provoking ideas whatsoever…

  • 24StanleyCups

    While Cammalleri is now a regular season loser, the best hockey in his career has been in the playoffs. He could possibly help out a contending team on the 3rd line so I wouldn’t be giving away too easily.

    • Hemmercules

      Seriously? The guy probably wouldn’t even be playing if the Oil didn’t sign him to an almost minimum contract. Take anything for him. If they can actually find a trade partner that wants him I will be surprised.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      You have a very good point… How many years have we seen Cammalleri score a winning playoff or overtime goal?
      Kinda reminds me of Linsman, Burrows, Gelinas, Gagne type… He is definitely will be worth something to a playoff team.
      You are right, we should get something back.

  • QuitForRealThisTime

    Question for Oilers Nation. Would you have traded last years playoff run to not have Chia make the following so called “terrible” moves he did. Lucic signing, Hall trade etc.? (Yes I know that if many of you were the GM or the Oil had a so called good GM, the team would be winning the cup every year because many on this site are hind sight geniuses). I for one appreciate the success we had last year and although this yea is disappointing I am not ready to fire the GM, coaches, trade all the under performing yet very young plays for what? To start over again? Because that worked so well for 10 years with constantly changing coaches and GMs and players.

      • crabman

        Coaches win the Jack Adams one year and get fired at the end of the following season sometimes too. The winners of these awards are often teams that have a big jump in points from one year to the next. And sometimes those teams suck the following year and get coaches and GMs get fired for people that are a better fit for the organization.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          Yeah, I get it…
          Ted Nolan, Buffalo coach comes to mind.
          I also agree with everyone about Chiarelli.
          I have never been so nervous as an Oiler fan.
          Except maybe game 7 against Carolina in 06?

    • crabman

      We wouldn’t be constantly be changing coaches and GM. They have been here for 3 years and are no better than they were when they arrived. Last year many of the players had career years, there was no injuries to top players and everything seemed to go right. When everything didn’t go perfect this year we are right back to where we were 3 years ago. Things fell back to earth this year and often when a team is underperforming a change in Coach is what is needed to turn things around. And the GM has traded down in talent 3 years in a row that is enough for him to be shown the door.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        I agree with you, especially regarding the coaches. If the worst PK in league history wasn’t a clue, what was?
        However, regarding our GM and getting rid of big contracts not being replaced. How much of that action was demanded by the GM’s boss? The keeper of the $$$, if you will… So much of the success & failure on this team revolves around the decisions made by the owner. Totally out of the control of the positions you would think.
        The successful teams seem to have ownership that hires the right people & steps away to let them do their job.
        Here, it seems, for a very long time that has not happened. It has to change in my opinion, in order to have any sustained success…

  • Quoteright

    I keep hearing about how we need to find wingers for McDavid and I’m not sure that’s a good move. Personally I think he plays best with the puck on his stick and the support staff to keep it simple, get the puck, give it to McD, get to the net and wait for it to bounce off of you. McD is sooo creative he can carry others and increase their value. Like Sid, he could be surrounded by one year contracts that can hopefully be ditched for future assets, instead of inflating already valuable players. Hence why we are paying Leon a kings ransom. at 12.5 he needs to carry some value contracts not an 8.5 mill winger.
    Nuge Leon and lucic would be a good line as they play the cycle and grind well and at least you can’t run up any of their value.
    Lucic is here, I’ve heard for 10 years people covet him, and now that he’s down and lacking confidence, he’s the horcoff.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I totally agree with you… Esposito (within himself) couldn’t control the ice & score.
      Yet he won so many scoring titles & accolades, by just skating up the ice & standing beside the net.
      He’s the first one to say that he was just an average player if not for #4…
      The latter being the first big money contract in the NHL ironically.

  • Consultant

    Oiler Nation Quick Bits for today:
    Chiarelli says team needs speeder players.
    Chiarelli says team looking to resign Letestu and Maroon.
    Chiarelli sounds smartest just prior to speaking.