The 2018 Trade Deadline Live Blog

The NHL Trade Deadline is upon us and, as I do every year, I’m parking myself at my laptop to bring you up to date news on all things Oilers as we navigate our way through this year’s garage sale. Unfortunately for Oilers fans, the team is expected to sell off expiring assets again and it will be interesting to see who gets moved and for what return.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, most of the larger trades happen near the draft and not often at the deadline (Senators meltdown aside), but even so, that doesn’t mean the Oilers don’t still have some housekeeping to do as they are unexpected sellers this year. On Friday, Peter Chiarelli gave a rundown of what he was looking to do at the deadline and I’ll be curious to see how much of his to-do list gets checked off. When last year’s trade deadline rolled around, the Oilers didn’t do too much apart from some tinkering which was the right move at the time.

Despite being out of playoff contention, I don’t see the Oilers being overly busy today apart from clearing out some expiring contracts. That said, Peter Chiarelli has shocked us before so you also have to prepare yourself for something bonkers happening. All I’m saying is that there are some significant names being thrown around out there that could turn into something — you never know. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be here all day long to cover it all, so keep refreshing the page and join in with your thoughts in the comments section — we’re all in this thing together.

Let’s get to the trade board.


Looking through the contracts at NHLNumbers, the Oilers have a few pieces they could move depending on what Peter Chiarelli is looking to do. One would expect that the unrestricted free agents will get moved but you never really know what will happen on deadline day. Below, I’ve listed the players that need new contracts that are still around and took a swing at the likelihood of each guy getting moved. Do I know anything? No, don’t be ridiculous, but I’m going to do it anyway.


Patrick Maroon – Since coming over from Anaheim, Patty Maroon has become a fan favourite and frequent running mate for Connor McDavid. Personally, I think he should be sticking around and Lucic should be the one that goes but that’s not how the cookie crumbled. Apparently, there are seven teams after the Big Rig which means that the return could be more interesting than previously estimated. Does he get a prospect back in return?

Mike Cammalleri – Mike Cammalleri was brought in on a trade for Jussi Jokinen 145 days ago, and has been most ‘meh’ since getting here, recent hot streak notwithstanding. I mean, it didn’t really matter what they got for Jokinen considering he was invisible while he was here, and has since moved on to a third team, so the trade ended up being a wash in the end. If Chiarelli can get an asset for Cammalleri today I would be pumped. If he does get moved I’d guess at a fifth or sixth round pick.

Yohann Auvitu – To be honest, I would have expected Auvitu to get traded before Brandon Davidson but what the hell do I know?


Ryan Strome – They wouldn’t trade Ryan Strome, would they? I mean, the guy was the sole return for Jordan Eberle in a salary dump trade that left a lot to be desired. Would Peter Chiarelli really move on less than 12 months after the acquisition? I gave my thoughts on this one a little while ago where I bet that they sign him to a two-year deal worth less than his $3 million qualifying offer.

Drake Caggiula – Drake Caggiula was one of Peter Chiarelli’s bets that didn’t pan out exactly as planned. I think the Oilers assumed Caggiula would be able to chip in with more offence to help fill the Ebervoid but it didn’t really happen that way and that’s not necessarily Caggiula’s fault either. I doubt he gets traded, but it would have been really nice to see him get a year in the AHL.

Anton Slepyshev – Slepyshev’s name has been in the rumour mill for a while now after Mark Spector wrote about Slepyshev being available over at Sportsnet.

Iiro Pakarinen – I can’t imagine that Iiro Pakarinen would have a laundry list of suitors but you’d move him if you can, right? I like the guy and everything, and Little Buttcheeks is a great nickname, but if you can get a pick for Pakarinen to take it all day. Likelihood of a Pakatrade seems low. BM2.

Darnell Nurse – No chance. Not in hell. Move on, Darryl’s not going anywhere. What he gets for a new contract this summer will be an interesting story to follow, though. If they do move him then it had better be for a very healthy return.

Matt Benning – There’s no doubt that Matt Benning hasn’t been as good as he was last year and that’s put him in the sights of some Oilers fans. For me, Benning was handed too much responsibility too soon and what we’re seeing is a young player trying to navigate his way into the NHL. Ideally, Benning would have gotten some time at the AHL level but that never happened as he made last year’s team with what amounted to a great season. I doubt he gets traded despite having a tough year as the Oilers have next to no right-handed defencemen.


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – Don’t you dare do it, Pete. Right now, your head coach has Draisaitl playing on the wing and Strome or Khaira playing at 2C. That’s not cool, Pete. If you trade Nuge the depth at C will not look pretty, even more so with Leon on the wing. I’m serious here. I will carry that grudge with me for the rest of my life.

Oscar Klefbom – Klefbom’s name seems to be popping up a lot lately and I have to say that I don’t understand it at all. Klefbom was easily the Oilers’ best defenceman last season and the idea of trading him because he’s having a down year makes no sense to me at all. How often are we going to watch this same movie play out? Losing trades can’t be an option anymore.


If I see any rumblings or rumours while I’m scouring the Internet today, I will put them here. For you non-social media folks, this will be a good spot to watch to get anything from the insiders, beat guys, or otherwise.


So far, what we know is that Brandon Davidson has been traded to the New York Islanders and that Mark Letestu was moved to Nashville (albeit for about six seconds) in exchange for former second-round pick Pontus Aberg. As news happens, I’ll keep the updates happening here so you have everything in one place. We’ll also have articles laid out for every transaction to make sure that everything gets covered. Let’s do the thing!

  • 8:00 am MST – Rise and Shine, Nation. Let’s do the thing.
  • 8:14 am MST – Pat Maroon’s brother is talking to us on Twitter and it’s a massive bummer. He seems like a nice guy, Patty seems like a nice guys… ahhhh I hate selling.
  • 8:59 am MST – Am I the only one that’s getting annoyed by these Klefbom rumours? He was easily the Oilers’ best defenceman last year and is having a down year this season. Why? WHY?!
  • 9:45 am MST – Nation Dan cracked open a Red Bull at 9:30am this morning and that is probably the most exciting thing that has happened today.
  • 10:24 am MST – Statsny to Winnipeg. Trades are happening. I mean, not for us but for someone.
  • 11:01 am MST – Still jealous of the Harvey’s that the TSN panel was eating. Now I’m bored and hungry.
  • 11:34 am MST – I’m warming up a burrito because I’m bored and hungry. How’s that for a deadline update?
  • 11:45 am MST – We’re an hour and 15 minutes away from the deadline and Pat Maroon is still an Oiler. Clock is ticking. Burrito has been consumed. Third coffee coming.
  • 12:00 pm MST – Last hour. Let’s do something, anything. I’m bored and have now run out of burrito.
  • 12:11 pm MST – Evander Kane just went to the San Jose Sharks, leaving Patty Maroon as one of the best wingers left available. Maybe I have my Oilers blinders on — I don’t know anymore.
  • 12:15 pm MST – Jason Chimera to the Ducks. Am I panicking that nothing will happen? No, why would you say that?
  • 12:30 pm MST – Only 30 minutes until the buzzer goes. I know deals can come in after the deadline goes but we’re getting close to crunch time. What. Is. Happening?
  • 12:37 pm MST – Great, now the TSN panel is reminding us of the Ryan Smyth trade. I’ll hate Eklund forever because of that day. He said the Oilers signed him and moments later he was moved to New York. *sigh*
  • 12:55 pm MST – Five minutes. We’re beyond crunch time. *rapid breathing*
  • 1:01 pm MST – The deadline has passed and no trades for the Oilers. I know that deals can come in after the deadline but Chiarelli really cut this one close, huh?
  • 1:15 pm MST – WHAT’S GOING ON, PETE!?
  • 1:18 pm MSTMaroon to New Jersey. No word on the return yet.
  • 1:38 pm MST – Looks like the return is Maroon to NJ for a 3rd round pick and prospect JD Dudak who is playing at Boston College. All I know about him so far is that he’s a right-handed centreman.
  • 1:45 pm MST – Bob McKenzie confirms that the 3rd and Dudek are the return for Pat Maroon.