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Evander Kane hits Benning from behind, resulting in a Sharks goal

What was turning out to be an awesome Oiler game and a pleasant night on Twitter has turned into an Evander Kane hate-fest. Why you ask? Let me show you.

The scene is set: at the beginning of the second period Matt Benning goes to fetch a puck in the corner of his own end. The play seemed pretty standard until Kane blatantly cross-checks him directly from behind, causing Benning to fall into the boards while unable to protect himself.

This has a boarding call written all over it but for some reason the official, standing RIGHT BESIDE THEM, refuses to make the call. Kane then picks up the puck and passes it to back into play where Pavelski eventually buries the tying goal. Now I probably don’t need to tell you how Oilers Twitter nearly imploded, but it did. You probably know this too, but the Sharks scored three more unanswered goals after the hit… and the game’s not over yet. It’s only the second intermission as I write this, so please pray for us.

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What’s almost as disappointing as the no-call, is that no one on the Oilers has approached Evander Kane since the play. Not a single push! Sure you might take an instigator penalty and force our awful penalty kill on the ice again, but at this point in the season who cares? I’d much rather take a boost of morale watching guys stand up for one another then worry about giving up another shorthanded goal.

Kudos to Matt Benning for going right back after Kane the next time they were on the ice together. At least he’s not taking shit from anybody!

Like I said, it’s only the second intermission. I’ll feed you baby birds again in case anything else comes up with this Kane fiasco.

  • BAWS

    Are we back to the time when nobody on this team stuck up for one another? I know Lucic can’t score a goal lately, but I’m pretty certain he could score a knockout.
    Stick up for one another and back your team. Anyone.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        If Looch was allowed to play the way he wants, he would be effective again.
        He is far more effective when he plays with an edge.
        I believe he has been told not to take penalties, because of our bad PK.
        For gods sake, let him play, that’s why we hired him, is it not.
        He’d love to beat the tar out of Kane, anybody would.

  • Buckychoy

    It’s too bad you couldn’t call a challenge on the goal like these guys do with an offside before the goal. Play would have been dead at the penalty as it would for offside. Unfortunately all the competent refs have now retired and we have the new “dumbass” wave coming in.

  • OilHorse

    1st: Cannot someone with a letter not go over and question the referee that blew that call on why the call wasn’t made? Point out the obvious to him in a discreet conversation.

    2nd: Instead of engaging Kane as he did, Benning should have just flat out speared him deep and hard in the stomach. Or, given Kane the same tap on the skull that McSorley gave Brashear.