Reminder: Beloved Chris the Intern to compete at Red Bull Crashed Ice

If you’re a fan of the Nation you surely know about our beloved Chris the Intern. Well, tonight, Chris is putting his life on the line as he will be competing in tonight’s goalie race at Red Bull Crashed Ice.

Yesterday, we were sitting around at Nation HQ and Chris showed me a video of his practice run down the Crashed Ice track and it was pretty hilarious. Well, actually, it was someone else’s practice run but Chris showed up for a brief second as he was taking a tumble in one of the corners. By the way Chris described it, going down this track is complete madness at the best of times and to have to do it in goalie equipment adds another layer of difficulty that he probably doesn’t need. Regardless, Chris is a man with balls of steel and he laughs in the face of danger. Crashed Ice track in goalie equipment? All in a day’s work for our man Chris.

So if you’re down at the Shaw checking out the event tonight, or even watching it on TV, be sure to keep your eyes out for Chris in the goalie race. He’ll have Nation stickers on his helmet and will likely be the guy with the greatest style and grace out there. Take pictures, send us some video, scream his name until your lungs fly out of your mouths… just give the guy some love, alright? Getting a chance to compete in an event like this is a really cool perk of the job and I wish him the best. Regardless of what happens in the race, I want to wish my man good luck and try to drum up a little support for his run.

Gord speed, Chris. Make us proud and don’t lose or else you’re fired. The Nation is pulling for you.