GDB 69.0 Wrap Up: We hate you Mike Smith, Oilers lose 1-0 in Calgary

Mike Smith, I hope you bang your shin on a table later. Final Score: 1-0 Flames

For as bad as this season has gone, one bright spot has always been the Oilers’ ability to beat the Flames. For the past seven straight games, the Oilers have done a good job of sending the Flames and their fans home with sadness in their eyes and a loss in their hearts. Needless to say, I really wanted to see that kind of Oilers-induced disappointment for an eighth straight time. Not only did I want to see it, I was living a beet free life for the past week and it was a beautiful experience. To start, both teams had some chances but neither was able to get anything done on the scoreboard. But that’s how most of this game played out. The Oilers and Flames played the kind of game where it came down to whoever blinked first and made the first mistake.

Unfortunately, it was the Oilers who forgot what the point of defence is, as they left Johnny Hockey wide open in front of the net to not only embarrass themselves but allow the Flames to open the scoring. Despite having plenty of chances of their own, the Oilers couldn’t beat Mike Smith, who was apparently playing this game to save his own life. No matter what got thrown at him, Smith had an answer for it, and that resolve ended up being the difference on a night when the Oilers got shut out but probably didn’t deserve it. But when 60 minutes passes and only one goal is scored, then the game essentially turns into Al Pacino’s “football is a game of inches” speech from Any Given Sunday. The problem, of course, is that the Oilers made the critical error that resulted in a loss and weren’t able to bounce back (disallowed goal aside).

To make matters worse, the goal they allowed was completely gross and it makes this loss to the Flames even more annoying.

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The wrap.

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  • Connor McDavid is on a rocketship to the stars in this latest point run and I just don’t see how anyone will be able to stop him… unless, of course, your name is Mike Smith. Broken point streak aside, Connor was great tonight and certainly deserved more than the donut on the scoreboard.
  • Cam Talbot usually seems to show up for the Flames and tonight’s game was another chapter in that story. Dadbot was great, and he was able to hold down the fort even when the foundation started to show some cracks. Unfortunately, a defensive lapse ruined a solid effort by the goaltender as the sole goal to go past him ended up being the winner. Talbot finished the game with 31 saves and a .969 save%.
  • McNuge created all kinds of chances tonight and I really hope that Todd McLellan keeps them together. The problem, as is the case with every line, is who plays on the right wing.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi was second on the team with four shots on goal despite getting only 11:45 worth of ice time. Why doesn’t Todd have any love for the big fella during this garbage time run to the finish line?
  • Kris Russell had a solid game for the Oilers and ended up leading the defence with 24:26 worth of ice time to go along with two blocks, three takeaways, and one shot on goal.
  • I like seeing when Oilers stick up for their teammates and Darnell Nurse did that tonight when he threw down with Travis Hamonic in favour of Mike Cammalleri early in the first period. It wasn’t the best fight but I do applaud the intent and having Darryl step in there to toss a couple fist kisses.
  • With Tkachuk not playing tonight, no Oilers hit the ice as a result of a slew foot. Great success.
  • The penalty kill was solid again as they killed off both of Calgary chances.
Ales Hemsky has officially retired


  • The Flames got way too many free shots on McDavid and no one seemed interested in doing anything about it.
  • I HATE YOU MIKE SMITH! It’s hard to win when you don’t score.
  • Johnny Gaudreau opened the scoring after the Oilers left him wide open right in front of the net with enough time to make a sandwich and enjoy it. I have no idea where the defence was on this one but Gaudreau had all kinds of time in alone on Talbot.
  • As per tradition, it’s that special time of the Wrap Up where we take a look at the Oilers’ power play:
    • 0/3 on the power play in a game where they very obviously needed it. BOOOOOO!
  • Zack Kassian’s cancelled goals/60 is sky high over the past two seasons. There should be an award for that.
  • It was a bad night for the Oilers in the faceoff circle as they won 45% of the draws they took.
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed as 11 (Oilers) to seven but I don’t know if I buy that. The Oilers were really sloppy at times and I feel like that number is being generous. Anyone else?
  • There is no rock bottom lower than a Flames-induced #BeetCast. I was having a really good, beet-free week until this disaster happened. Way to ruin my Tuesday, Oilers and also Flames. As always, you can follow along and join in over on my Twitter.
  • Why doesn’t Sportsnet make Kelly Hrudey wear the bandana when he’s broadcasting? Would add a nice retro angle to the game if you ask me.
  • Mike Cammalleri may never score again.
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No Scoring


05:18 Calgary Johnny Gaudreau (22) ASST: Sean Monahan (32), Micheal Ferland (17) 0-1


No Scoring


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 03/13/2018 – 11:00 pm MST

  • GK1980

    Smith played well but that Kassian goal should have counted. Overall the rest of the team not named McDavid need to step up. Where is Sleppy? Guy is disappearing again.

      • TruthHurts98

        Oilers were all little fluff balls that didn’t want to really engage. Lucic and Kassian refuse to hit or fight after Connor is mauled shift after shift. Sure the reffing is bias and sucks but we have to expect it. Then of course they get a PP to end the game and don’t do crap on it. #becauseOilers

      • oilerjed

        Couldnt be more wrong. From the one, that’s right one , replay the flames broadcast crew showed of this “non goal” what I saw was the puck sticking halfway out from under Smith’s pad. No where near covered up. There for it should have been a good goal.

  • KMA

    At one time I thought the federal government were the greatest rip-off artists the way they waste money. Now I think Mr. and Mrs. Lucic little boy has become a real threat to that reputation.

  • Señor Frijoles

    Lucic hit on Gaudreau was a little dirty, which I did not mind considering the crap McDavid endued all night. In fairness to Connor’s linemates who were maligned by the Calgary panel in between periods, RNH went after the guy that knocked McDavid down but was cheap shotted himself with a cross check from behind while he was engaging. Kassian was a bit of a lame responder, however.

      • Clayton

        I hate the whining that the Oilers (and some of their fans) keep doing about non-calls. I’m an Oilers fan and saw the give and take of it all night. Lucic hit on Johnny was dirty and could have been a penalty. How about Leon’s crosscheck from behind to Hamilton’s neck. Should have been a penalty. Looked to me like the referees did a good job calling the game. Maybe if Connor stopped whining for penalties all the time he may actually get some calls. Yes, probably 75% of the time he is right, but he is pissing the refs off when he whines because the D-Man made a good play (it does happen sometimes…even against Connor) or when he loses control of the puck all on his own.

        • Anthony Harmon

          How is this getting trashed? This is the most honest post that’s ever been submitted, and we all need to open our eyes and realize that the calls and non calls go both ways. I’m sure this this will get trashed too, which just further proves my point.

        • oilerjed

          So what your saying is that 75% of the time McDavid is right about the refs not making pretty obvious calls against him and yet you are also saying that his whining is what is causing the non calls. Non-sensical. Chicken or the egg?

  • What-a-Mike

    I know Smith madfe a couple of great saves tonight (one off of Nuge) but I absolutely hate the Flames. Why was Kassian playing so little tonight as I never saw him much ast all….especially after he scored a goal (should have counted, I could see the puck sitting on the side of Smith’s pad). And….when I kept seeing Smith out of his crease playing the puck, over and over, I wanted an Oiler to hit him hard …. so bad. Goalies have the most padding and when out of the crease they should count as players that can be hit… just like the good old days…. Damn…. Damn…. Damn… Well, tomorrow its the Sharks

    • T&A4Flames

      Seriously!? What Neanderthal you are. Hitting the goalie is a penalty that’s why they don’t do it. And yes they have the most padding which also makes it harder to position their bodies to take a hit properly and avoid injury. F’n Oiler white trash… right here!

      • ET

        Love it that Flames fans have such low self esteem that they need to spend time on ON:) If there is such a thing as Flames Nation I would not know as I would never have any reason to look it up. Having actually spent a lot of time in both cities I can say that both are great cities with their own advantages and disadvantages I can also state that as far as sports are concerned, be it pro, amateur, university or whatever Calgary sucks as compared to Edmonton. Stanley cups – Oilers 5 – Flames 1, Grey Cups – Esks 14 – Stamps 7. It would be too embarrassing and too hard on all the Calgary fans that visit our site to list all the amateur and university teams wins and losses so I will not list those. Now they have to watch us enjoy having Connor be an Oiler, just like it grated on them for so many years when we had Gretzky and they had the second best team in the league. Jealousy does not flatter you Calgary! Get over it and realize that you too have a great city so there is no need to continue to feel so inferior to your Northern neighbors:) GO EDMONTON!!!!!

  • KMA

    Don’t want to be that guy but I’m getting a tad concerned McD is following Gretzky’s footsteps and becoming known as a whiner by the boys in stripes. Whether it is justified is not the point, unfortunately if Connor gets a bad rep he is only going to have to take more abuse.

    • OTOF2

      He has to learn to quit crying every time someone touches him. Just play hockey. Don’t worry about the refs. He is already worse than Gretz was. He turns to the ref’s on every play to cry about something.

    • Anthony Harmon

      I agree 100%. With all the whining and crying we do about the stripes, are we all that dumb that we can’t imagine why they’d keep sticking it to us? Respect is earned, not gifted along with the multi-million dollar contracts.

      • Silkymits

        I hate when people get called whiners when they point out a injustice and calling the rule book should have nothing to do with respect
        How about have some self respect do your job and call the game by the book

    • crabman

      So now we’re slagging on our best player for being upset that the refs aren’t doing their job? And if a player complaining that the refs are missing calls makes the refs intentionally not make other calls that is a ref/league problem that should be fixed.

      But yeah let’s blame McDavid for expecting so called professionals to do their jobs.

  • 50 Flex

    This Ethan Bear situation is almost sad. He is up here because he clearly has some NHL talent and the Oilers wanted to see what they have in him. The problem? He is playing better than at least 4 of their supposed “NHL” defencemen. I love what I am seeing from him and excited for his future with Edmonton, but my god is it depressing to see one of the AHL guys come up and play better than the main roster guys. 0 depth in this organization.

  • WHH

    “The Flames got way too much free shots on McDavid tonight and no one seemed interested in doing anything about it.” I thought that’s one of the reasons why Lucic was brought in. Protect McDavid. Swagger. This is on TMac as well. Throw Lucic and Kassian out with McDavid for an extra shift or two. Show some emotion, anger, passion? Help protect your star.

  • Still Hate the Flames

    Take heart. As we know from experience, the closer your team gets to the playoffs without actually making them, the more it hurts. Keep those withered little Calgarian hearts as full of hope as they can possibly get. It’ll only hurt more in the end.

  • Summercrush

    Look at Leon’s linemate it’s Lucic and Cammalleri. WTH is that.
    I don’t get how it becomes either McD or Leon’s problem when a player can’t score. You don’t put them on a line with good players you put them in the press box or on the 3rd or 4th line. Especially when it comes to Lucic. Maybe Chia should fill out a hurt feelings report for when Todd benched him.

  • OilersGM

    I understand Lucic sucks and Kassian is a passenger, I understand players lose confidence and as a result their play dwindles but at this point it’s obvious those to players have lost all their pride and their cohones. Embarrassing.

  • Oiler Al

    One forward showed up for this game and it showed on the score board.If 97 cant score,nothing happens!Drissaitl didnt show and Nuge with McDavid is not happening.Everyone else report to Bakersfield.

      • Arfguy

        It’s true. I have seen so many wasted passes by Draisaitl to Lucic that it’s unbelievable. Darnell Nurse…you are an awesome defenceman and I am so happy that you play for the Oilers, but there has been so many times Draisaitl has found you wide open and you missed the net or shot the puck right into the goalie.

        I have hope for Nurse. I think the Oilers need to really push Nurse to skate and take more chances on rushes and work and work and work on his shot. Nurse is the one defenceman that I have the most faith in from the current crop (Bear notwithstanding). I think he has a lot of promise. He’s just not a shooter. Not yet.

        I maintain Draisaitl should be playing with Puljujarvi for the remainder of the season on the second line. Lose Lucic and add maybe Aberg on the left wing. Switch out any number of Cammalleri or Slepyshev or Caggiula on McDavid & RNH’s top-line (since I think they’ll do all the hard work) and then figure out the bottom six players.

        Also…FFS, play Puljujarvi on the top PP unit and lose Lucic. Utterly useless on the PP.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006


  • Mr.Snrub

    About 3/4 of the Oilers seem to be more concerned about not getting an unsightly bruise for their upcoming Caribbean holidays than they are about winning a hockey game or going to bat for their teammates. More and more i see of these clowns and it’s becoming apparent that last year was the exception and not the new normal.

    Decade of Darkness 2.0 has begun.

  • slats-west

    A few thoughts from the game

    – calgary fans are in awe of McDavid as are we he’s too fast Formula1 let alone the NHL
    – the punishment he takes every shift is brutal, Frolik and Backlund are both cheap shot Artists away from the play, an elbow, a slew foot, cross check to ribs it’s endless… First shift take the instigator and pound the crap out of one of them
    – you can call a penalty every time #97 has the puck every time effing time I’m not sure there has been such a player … he’s a freak
    – Lucic was fairly effective i though, good hits at the net cycled well etc
    – but Drai’s give $hit meter is about -ve100 he was fairly invisible
    – i disagree BM that Nuge is a good fit for #97 and i was one who was a big fan of the experiment, MCD needs a pure sniper like Neale who is slippery and gets to open spots and shoots the puck hard with a quick release.
    – smith was seeing it tonight was out of crease a lot and was in a zone you needed more Kassian and JJ in front creating havoc… there was very little
    – calgary can’t score and were content with safe hockey let Smith see the puck and run the clock out …for paying Flames fans around me that truly sucked donkey balls!!

    • TKB2677

      Question for you.

      Who’s the sniper on Crosby’s line? I took a look at the Pens lines. Guentzel and Sheary are his wingers and are there pretty much every game.

      McDavid is going to make 12.5 mill next year. So he is going to make as much as 2 or 3 really good NHLers. Putting a “sniper” on McDavid’s wing isn’t realistic.

  • Hemmercules

    The PP is so comically bad I wonder what the team thinks of themselves when they watch that on video?? Less than 2 minutes left in the game and they pass the puck slowly around the zone 10 times before they attempt a shot. And when they do finally shoot a guy is right in front of them (Hello Lucic I’m looking at you). Speed creates confusion on the PP, 2-3 quick passes and a shot. The Oilers wait for that perfect pass, the perfect shot, the perfect play. Move the puck faster, shoot more. Simple.

  • TKB2677

    Smith was unbelievable last night and stole the game.

    Does anyone know where the heart and desire of Lucic and Kassian is? They seem to have lost it for this whole season. These guy play better when they are emotional and physically engaged.

    • Hemmercules

      Kassian watching Nuge and McDavid get mauled and just coasting in there doing nothing speaks volumes. The season is basically over, they aren’t playing for each other any more and its pretty sad. Benning got buried a while back and no one on the team cared enough to stand up for him a bit. Now our stars are getting the same treatment.

  • NeverWas

    I actually dont know how the oilers are this bad…. You guys have the best player on the planet and a decent supporting cast! Plus you had great trade-able assets like Heart trophy candidate Taylor, Jordan Eberle, etc… How did you guys screw that up?!?!? it honestly boggles the mind…

  • Oilers Nation Citizen

    The most frustrating thing to watch game over game is the failed breakouts out of our own end. Ethan Bear has been such a revelation in so few games because he has demonstrated that he can make a tap to tape pass out of his own zone. H’es doing it better than any other D on our team that has hundreds of games in NHL experience behind them. It kills our offence which now almost entirely requires McDavid, Draisaitl, Strome or Khaira picking up the puck and going end to end.